Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Uranus Stationing, a Plutonic Mercury Rx, and Jennifer Jason Leigh in a Pixie Cut

We're currently experiencing a highly Plutonic Mercury retrograde in Capricorn/late Sagittarius (December 19 to January 8).

Mercury retrogrades, in general, bring us newly-uncovered information and perspective to process. But this one, infused so greatly with Pluto energy from the Mercury retrograde station conjunct Pluto on December 19, is truly hell-bent on exposing certain things that have been hidden from view.

There is really no holding back the tenacity of this Mercury placement, infused with intense-and-otherworldy Plutonic drive. It will leave no stone unturned.  

The information Mercury is digging up now is molten lava. It gets right to the point. This information is potentially traumatic, potentially triggering, and potentially disgusting.

But it is also empowering. It's always empowering to finally have something exposed that has been going on beneath your nose. 

Mercury is digging things up, in particular, to expose illegitimacy, dishonesty, and nefarious practises (especially business/financial practises).

This process of exposure, of bringing certain (potentially gross) information to light, is working its magic layer-by-layer but will not be complete until the exact Mercury-Pluto conjunction on January 29 (17 degrees Capricorn), the exact Mercury-Uranus square January 31 (21 degrees Capricorn/Aries), and finally the Mercury ingress of Aquarius (February 7).

In addition to this Plutonic Mercury retrograde digging around in the muck, Uranus is currently stationing direct at 20 degrees Aries (December 28), which indicates the potential for shocks (Uranus) related to our identities (Aries).

And boy, did I just get one of those.

Yesterday, I discovered that a patron of my site has been ripping me off on her own site. I would go so far as to say that she is patterning herself after me in many ways.

She has lifted obscure astrological information, concepts, article ideas, and even biographical information without a lick of acknowledgement.

It's more than just ripping off my ideas and concepts, though. She is going so far as to rip off my entire style and identity. This is some straight-up Single White Female shit.

As far as I know, I'm the only astrology blogger out there who publicly characterizes herself in certain ways - until Jennifer Jason Leigh in a pixie cut showed up. Her biographical information and information on readings reads like a fleshed-out cut and paste.

Finding out that a years-long patron to your site has been siphoning from you without due credit or acknowledgment, that she has built an entire astrology practise as a watered down imitation of you, is a pretty big shock to digest.

A fairly healthy group of article subjects and analysis has a strong whiff of "Willow's Web Astrology" about it. Even her "opinions" about astrology and the practise of astrology are often regurgitated versions of my own. Hell, she even uses the same obscure email service I use!

As a writer, to see your words and ideas being passed off by another person is a truly surreal and horrifying experience.

But to then realize that the person has adopted your very style and identity? Creepy doesn't begin to describe it. I hope I never experience something like this again. 

This isn't flattering. This isn't "being influential." This is theft. It's a version of identity theft and a form of fraud.

Just one example of many: in February 2016, I sent out two patron videos talking about how I would be writing an article on a particular subject matter for Hexagon Astrology Magazine. I had been assigned this brilliant article topic by the editor, and as with much of the content in Hexagon, I have never seen it covered by another astrology blogger or publication.

Mere days after the second patron video was sent out, guess who had slapped up an article on her site on the exact same topic?

All I can say is, it must be sad to be a pale imitation of an original...

This woman is skipping steps. She is passing off my observations as her own and coming across as a "seasoned pro" when she is far from it.

She has built her astrology blog and practise on the energy, work, and talent of another astrologer without giving a lick of acknowledgment or due credit. This a false foundation, not something that has been painstakingly earned every step of the way like Willow's Web Astrology.

So I've done what I know to do. I cancelled her patronage, of course. I called her out in multiple places on her blog, though she has since deleted my comments. And I've compiled a list of instances where she has ripped me off for my own records.

I really do feel sickened by this heap of Plutonic-molten information I uncovered. But I also feel that it has helped me get rid of some rot that desperately needed to go.

This woman (and any of her fans and cohorts) are not welcome at my site.

I would love to name this broad publicly. She deserves to be shamed for what she has tried to pass off as her own original style, identity, and work.

But I will leave it up to the universe to deal with her.

Obscure reference alert (which may subsequently be lifted): You can't pass fake Willow off any more than you can pass fake Sassy Magazine off to discerning teens circa 1994! I remember being so crushed, bewildered, and angry when I received that first watered-down version of Sassy in my mailbox, the one now owned and published by the makers of superficial and brainless Teen Magazine.

Just know that there are people out there desperate for an astrological platform who will do some pretty messed up things to get some attention and play.

But whatever Mercury is working on uncovering and exposing in your own life at the moment, be grateful for it, even if it feels like a sucker punch to the gut (like this does). It's ultimately making you smarter about something. It's changing dynamics that need to be changed. It's making you more protective and wily and cunning. It's making you more successful.

But under this Uranus direct station in Aries, you may have to stand up and fight for what's rightfully yours in order to get there.

The Sun and Mercury form their interior conjunction at 7 degrees Capricorn tomorrow, as Uranus stations direct. We have come to a moment of clarification in the Mercury retrograde process.

This is followed by a New Moon conjunct Mercury at 7 degrees Capricorn later tomorrow night (10:53 p.m. PST).

The information coming to light now may change our entire emotional stance on something. It may force us to take control in certain ways. And take control we certainly will during the following lunar cycle and the rest of Capricorn season - or we will surely suffer the consequences.


Anonymous said...

Your work has been literally life-saving for me over the years, and as you probably know better than I do, life-saving astrology, true astrology, not BS, is how can I put it? Not always Xmas cheery. Often truth comes in retrospect and it hurts. I plan on becoming a patron as soon as I can afford it which is either soon or never (never if the Cipro I had to take last summer kills me. I've taken Cipro like ten or twelve times. I'm at the can't hold solids stage, liver failing.. but I have faith I will come out stronger after reading your post).

Willow said...

Oh my Gosh, I am so, so sorry you have been poisoned by those devil drugs. God, I'm so sorry. The doctors still prescribing these things in non-life and death cases need to have their medical licenses revoked!

I don't know if you have seen my recovery videos on YouTube or if they would help at all, but at least it is someone who knows what you're going through. And I do. Please hang in there and take immaculate care of yourself!

WillowMoondance said...

Amazing Willow. Wow. I am gobsmacked! I cannot imagine how horrifying this discovery must have been. It is a major violation. I am also struck by how desperate and sad this person is...as you are so unique...the charade is impossible to pull off (as we all now know)! Stand in your truth and know there are many of us who honor, respect and celebrate YOU.

Willow said...

Thank-you so much, WillowMoonDance! It really is horrifying and hard to get off my mind. I am losing sleep over it. I just keep hoping she will get her comeuppance and soon. I appreciate your support more than I can say on this issue.

Teresa said...

So sorry to hear that you are experiencing this, Willow. Your patrons and followers are with you. As you wrote, the universe will deal with this woman who must be an insecure soul indeed. You inspire us to keep the faith for truth and love and that always wins over any treachery. Know that you are loved and supported!

Willow said...

Thank-you so much, Teresa!

AstroAng said...

Hi willow
You have all my empathy and sympathy. This Mercury retrograde has brought out the worst in my elder libran daughter who has spewed her poison onto me making me unable to eat sleep or work. Not the same I know.... The universe is watching these people and will correct the imbalance.

Anonymous said...

Willow, I'm not current with copyright law, but isn't there a ongoing "intellectual property" standard for ongoing publications?

Jessiemo said...

Yes, sadly, always best to stay away from the law.
Sorry to hesr this story, but she's just tragic.
Just being a moon in Virgo here but 29 January is not 17 degrees Capricorn, I don't think?

Willow said...

The Mercury conjunction to Pluto occurs at 17 degrees Capricorn on January 29, yes.

Willow said...

Anon 5:07: Yes, everything on this blog is under copyright. No one has the right to reproduce anything without my permission.