Thursday, February 25, 2016

Happy Birthday, WWA blog!

Today, my blog is eight years old. One full Venus cycle is behind us. And when I think of all the amazingly brilliant, interesting, and kick-butt people I've come to know because of this blog, I'm a little mind-boggled.

I always had a feeling there were others inhabiting the far reaches. I had a feeling there were others working and living from their own outskirt outposts. And now I know it's true.

I couldn't have imagined, growing up as a square peg in a rural, conservative round hole, that I would one day be able to communicate with other people who saw what I saw and understood what I understood. The internet age is almost like a dream, something truly fantastical. But it's real. I'm real. This blog is real. And you are real.

What a bizarre and fabulous time to be alive.

Happiest of Birthdays, WWA blog! You have provided love, sustenance, information, and guidance through some very treacherous times. Please keep on keeping on.

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