Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hexagon Astrology Magazine is Hot Off the Presses!

Hexagon Astrology Magazine is soon to be hitting mailboxes!

Hexagon Astrology Magazine is a beautiful, high quality, and cutting edge print publication being put out by editor, founder, astrologer, and friend of Willow's Web Astrology Matt Savinar from Sebastopol, California.

Your anarchist astro-reporter has three articles appearing in the premier issue, and there is a wealth of other rich content from a variety of intelligent and interesting writers.

Hexagon is a fabulous addition to the current astrology scene, and it will introduce us all to astrologers and astrological perspectives that would not be found in any other publication.

Matt and his designer have done an incredible job. This is one smoking hot publication. Other astrology publications wouldn't touch my writing, so you know this magazine has some serious depth, integrity, and potency. Some cages are going to be rattled.

If you appreciate smart, courageous, cutting edge astrological writing, you won't want to miss this.

You can buy a copy of Hexagon for $10 U.S. (including shipping) at this link:

Buy Hexagon Astrology Mag 

Please Note: Due to unexpected costs and customs red tape, Hexagon is currently not available by mail to Canada. Matt is hoping to start shipping to Canada at a later date. Sorry, Canadians!

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