Monday, February 9, 2015

Another "Valentine's Day for the Aquarian Age" Piece From the Vault

As an addition to the previous post on celebrating the love for our friends this Valentine's Day, you can listen to me and Matt Savinar bantering away about love and relationship, Aquarian era-style, on his radio show at the link below. This show was originally aired in February 2013:

Willow and Matt Savinar on the North Bay Astrology Show


I'm grateful to call Matt Savinar a friend and colleague, and I'm grateful for all the wonderful, whip-smart people I've come into contact with via this blog over the years. Finding you like-minded souls has helped keep me sane through these wild-ass times on Planet Earth. 

Please note that this show was done under Jupiter in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces, so it is admittedly a little meander-y. If you like me and Matt as astrologers, you might think it's cool. If you don't like me and Matt as astrologers, why are you even reading this? heh

Communication planet Mercury is currently stationing and will go direct at 1 degree Aquarius on February 11 (8:57 a.m. CST). This Mercury retrograde has been a little tough on the Scorp brain, so I'm just riding it out. Things will be rolling again soon, though, and I'm currently working on a juicy article that will be presented a little later.

Happy Juno Day, comrades! With Venus and Mars in Pisces, I hope the "new Pisces" love is flowing to you and through you.


Unknown said...

Fuck the NY Times, fuck the Wall Street Journal, I just got name dropped on Willow's Web!

Thanks Willow!

Willow said...


Unknown said...

quality control is way better around here

Unknown said...

fact checking too

Anonymous said...

you guys rock!!!!

Big Hug Willow


Greg F said...

Yes, happy Juno Day, Willow. My natal Juno is in my 3rd in Aquarius, so I make unusual but interesting friends. My GF is a crazy genius. Hahaha!

I remember listening to this conversation back in 2013, but I missed some comments the first time. Thanks for reposting it.

Jason said...

My V day is not so V day ish, but I don't feel so intense about it as I would have suspected. But relationships with INTP's- they tend to miss and absorb the small stuff, just like messiness he and my sister don't see around the house. And as a INFJ- Mars in Virgo, i'm all about that.

Alas my Kronos hearted pal got mad that I stayed away for a Mercury Retrograde! To avoid any arguments and to take a break -in what is to me a clean environment, but instead of saying I miss you.. he ignored me after I told him of a new job opportunity, on a day AFTER he attended a job interview of me good lucking and 'so howd it going him". he had 6 hours to respond to, me when I said a Scorpio friends mother that saw me doing aiding before, would like me to help his Leo mother around, that we would have more freedom financially. ect ect. a

His excuse is that, I just "disappeard" not uncommon for Astrologers, now all of a sudden expect him to answer immediately. Ugh 5 hours of good news? and a job interview question and nothing, Might I add, Aquarian's need authentic mental connection at all times! If we are going to ever- let individual- flood gates of love open.

He said he was "busy" I told him he sounds like my parents and has a kronos heart, to stop thinking i'm trying to usrup his imaginary throne. I called him a cannibal and said someone was being a hater. You can't be more "successful" or creative than a Cap Moon, and you cannot be a bum. Well, what is it then? Because I did not spend a whole Plutonic childhood with North Node in Leo to be told make sure your "shine" doesn't offend anybody.

He told me to go to therapy. Well I don't go but he thinks I do, funny he says I'm mental when I curse him out. But in my recall- people with fixed signs on the angels/ Sun and Moon don't lose there mind. Either way, I know he's been hiding his "baby" killin heart. & I boy do I shine, I shine, because, if were ever going to live together, and he does not want to see me "disappear" for Mercury Retrogrades, he needs more practice putting the kids down.

As Im finding...There is no logic arguing with Mercury Retrograde people, its all through slow subconscious change that you can never expect them to admit to. But he needs to take a good look at his emotional responses or lack thereof, That will make me want to "hang out more". At this point, I knew he would show what I thought. So Im glad mentally I've been keeping my distance and the Aquarian flood gates open to the usual channels.