Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Howling at the Aquarius Full Moon Opposite Black Moon Lilith in Leo

The Moon is full in Aquarius this weekend with prime viewing on Saturday night. This Full Moon is at perigee - the closest the Moon comes to Earth in its orbit - so make sure to howl! This is the biggest, boldest Full Moon of the year.

The Aquarius Full Moon at 18 degrees occurs opposite a pile-up of planets and points in demonstrative and dramatic Leo - the Sun and Mercury tightly conjunct, Jupiter, and Black Moon Lilith.

This brings a bit of a party vibe with the desire to see and be seen. Many will want to dress up a little, imbibe a little, and show themselves (and their friends) off.

With our lady Black Moon Lilith at this Full Moon party, however, we can expect some personality friction if we are not careful to allow everyone his or her own space to shine. As stated in a previous post, with the planets and points in Leo squaring Mars and Saturn in Scorpio, we are working with the idea of "creative and personality-based jurisdiction," ensuring there are no crossed wires, hurt feelings, or stepped-on toes.

This Full Moon is in egalitarian Aquarius, and remember: Aquarius thinks you're just as special as the next guy!

This Full Moon also occurs in fixed t-square with Saturn in Scorpio, adding to the underlying charge and personality subtext. It will be easy to unintentionally rub people the wrong way under these astro influences, and it will also be easy to be triggered ourselves.

Attention is a bit of a frictional subject these days, in general, and there is an inverse relationship here that must be watched carefully. There are people who naturally get a lot of attention and support for almost anything they do - perhaps a disproportionate amount. And then there are people who do what they do masterfully and without a lot of fanfare.

People who generally get a lot of attention may be triggering those who deserve more, while those whose stars are on the rise may be triggering those who have gotten used to being in the spotlight.

With the North Node transiting Libra, there is a social re-balancing underway, and some who have been neglected on "attention and visibility" fronts will be getting a boost, particularly with the squares to Saturn in Scorpio.

We're learning to share the fruits of Jupiter, newly in Leo, which brings a boost to creativity, personality, visibility, and general applause.

Frivolousness and self-aggrandizing behaviour will be put in tight social check, however, so keep attention-getting behaviour to a minimum over the next few weeks, instead allowing natural radiance and support to come to you.

If you know you are a strong Black Moon Lilith-type or have a particularly charged personality, understand that less is more. Feel out any points of resistance to your presence, to your personality, or to what you're throwing down, and make like true Black Moon Lilith: yield, move, change things up, disappear for a while. Your presence resonates, whether you desire it to or not, and this continues strongly through August as the personal planets in Leo pick up the BML charge.

The energy is big and potentially-volatile at this perigee Full Moon, so maintain that objective Aquarian detachment from the scene (and from yourself) whenever necessary.

There is a strong theme here of being exactly who you are - weirdness, wildness, and all - so that you fit exactly into your rightful community. But this also about knowing how to fit into that community so that you are accepted by those from whom you desire acceptance.

We are the builders, the shapers, the movers, the shakers, the creators, and the risk-takers of the future we wish to see on this planet. Let 'er fly a little this weekend! Focus on the future you wish to see, the future you are creating one step at a time, and stay inspired despite the difficulties of the times.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your wise words!

TG said...

Great post, Willow!

Something that came to me while reading this was... "those who 'own it' don't feel the need/pressure to prove anything/show it all off".

I love your photos. They are vibrant and beautiful! Prairie art rocks. :) Hope it is showcased in a nice building/structure or something like that. Good luck with it all, my creative friend!


Willow said...

"those who 'own it' don't feel the need/pressure to prove anything/show it all off".

Truth. Love it!

And thank-you for the compliments about the photos!

Thanks for the comments, Anon and TG. Happy Full Moon-ing to you!

Greg F said...

I'm going out hoo-rahing with Lady Gaga tomorrow night in Seattle. Is that Aquarian enough for you? Ha!

Thanks for this, Willow.

Jason said...

Howling away, this baby falls right on my sun.

Had to Treat a Capricorn Moons feelings the same way he treated my un corporatized past.

Jealousy eats the best of relationships you know.
Not only can you not feel, but not really know the
other on top of that.

Sun in the 7th- Egotistical Partners, Leo Ascendants, People with heart, showing Partners how to have one. They don't always like it.

But this month- Im not here to care.

Anonymous said...

I did something so undignified of me as an old woman-I drank a bottle of Sake and screamed out of the window of my tiny rented room for the archons to get the fuck off our planet. Those guys promising our planet to a bunch of losers in the desert-IT WAS NEVER THEIRS TO PROMISE.IT BELONGS TO ALL OF US.
The hell matrix of pay to live and pay to eat, that which compromises most of our free will. All lands,water,air have been stolen. WE ARE THE INHERITORS OF THIS. And like most inheritance battles go, I have seen, we have to get off our ass and fight for this. Our lives depend on it. Turn off the TV

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, Willow - this has been a challenging year for me, especially the summer, & I hope that Venus/Jupiter (within orb of my Mars & Pluto & trine my Sagg sun) might lighten things up a bit - before Mars & then Saturn close in on my 5th house Venus. Yeah, gotta be working hard(er)at my art - & be willing to make more efforts to get it "out there".
Like you're doing - love your photos! Our wildflowers are so precious & beautiful, but so threatened by big-chem farming & habitat loss (along with the birds & butterflies & bees). Thanks for celebrating the dear ladybug - I extend a big welcome to every one of them I find in my garden.
We carry on, working to create the new as the old goes down (kicking & screaming) around us.
Thank-you for helping us navigate the chaos.