Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pro-Israel Media Deconstruction 101

Mainstream media coverage of the conflict between Israel and Palestine has always been ludicrously skewed to the Israeli/Zionist perspective. This is nothing new, and anyone with any media literacy is well aware of this.

Despite the fact that Palestinian casualties always outnumber Israeli at least 50 to 1, it is Israeli casualties and losses that top the newscasts. This has always been the case. Israeli life is worth more than Palestinian life in the mainstream media, plain and simple.

Last night, I saw a standard propaganda piece covering the Israeli attacks against Palestine in Gaza, and it serves as a perfect illustration of the propaganda machine at work. The "news" presented is one-sided, out of context, and creates manufactured support for unconscionable Israeli actions. 

This "news" story focused solely on the Palestinian rocket attacks coming from the ground. One of these rockets struck near an Israeli hospital and killed two people. This was the top story.

Not once was it mentioned in this "news" story that the Palestinian rocket attack was in retaliation for a previous attack launched by Israel that hit a Palestinian hospital, killing four people and wounding 30 medics. 

Not once in that same "news" story was it mentioned that the Palestinian rocket attacks are in retaliation for the bombs that have rained down on Gaza over the past two weeks and for the damage now being done via illegal ground invasion. This broader context was completely, mind-bogglingly, omitted.

(Media reports without broader context are less valuable than a steaming pile of feces. At least feces can be used as fertilizer.) 

Not once was it mentioned in that "news" story that Israel has launched its own rocket attacks in Gaza as it carries out the illegal ground invasion. The weighty fact that "more than 1,000" rockets have been launched by Palestine was included in the story, but the even weightier fact that more than 2,000 rockets have been launched by Israel was conveniently omitted (not to mention the bombs).

Israeli forces have now destroyed more than 500 Palestinian homes and displaced more than 100,000 people.

They have attacked civilian homes, hospitals, mosques, and a stadium.

Not once in that same "news" story was there mention of the more than 600 Palestinian casualties of the most recent Israeli bombing and rocket attack campaigns. Not once was it mentioned that 80 percent of those casualties were civilians or that almost 100 of them were children.

If 100 Israeli kids were dead by the hands of Palestinians right now, we'd be in World War III. Make no mistake about it. The outcry over 100 dead Israeli kids would be echoing through CNN and MSNBC and CBS and ABC and Fox and PBS and every mainstream media news outlet in existence.

In fact, it was the trumped-up story of three murdered Israeli teenagers that was used to justify the recent attacks against Palestine. The murder of 500+ civilians and 100 children was justified by the deaths of those three teenagers, despite the fact that no culprit has been found or proven.

Israel is currently bombing a country that it illegally occupies. It has now launched an illegal ground invasion of a country it illegally occupies. And it is using weapons supplied to it by the United States of America, Britain, and other Global Government allies.

Because of the illegal occupation, Palestinian people have been forced into ghetto life, living as refugees without adequate access to the basics of life. They are forced to go through multiple checkpoints just to go about their daily lives.They are being occupied by a foreign military every day of their lives, a foreign military that rains bombs down upon them and their families at whim.

I recently saw a study that said that only 14% of Americans are sympathetic toward the Palestinians.

This shows the vicious efficacy of the pro-Israel propaganda machine.

The population of the United States of America is the most media-brainwashed and media-manipulated population in human history. I don't think there can be any doubt about that.

In order to throw off the murderous and fascist power structures that are killing us on this planet, increased media literacy and criticism are crucial. The ability to deconstuct the skewed information coming to us through mainstream media newscasts is critically necessary.

Until then, you will have a population justifying mass murder and wanton destruction as "protecting Israeli citizens."

There are many, many people - including astrologers - who are hiding in the weeds on this issue. They are choosing not to speak up, not to criticize Israel's actions. They are choosing to overlook their own country's support of Zionist-led mass murder. They choose to skirt away from a controversial issue like this because they see the big 86% statistic that feels no sympathy for the Palestinians. They want to maintain their popularity. They don't want to rock the boat.

This is the slow march toward the Global Governance stranglehold. This is the slow march toward global fascism, and it's speeding up. It starts in Palestine, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and it spreads.

Silence is complicity now more than ever.

And popularity means shit.

Speak out, speak up, extricate your mind and your own perspective from the mainstream media garbage. Or it's on your soul that you stayed quiet and went along during this time on Planet Earth.

* This article deconstructs pro-Zionist bias in the mainstream media which creates false support for violent Israeli-Zionist actions, including from U.S. and Canadian citizens.

This should be obvious to long-time readers, but I equally condemn violence and murder committed by Israeli Zionists and by Palestinian Hamas members (or other violent groups). I also make a distinct differentiation between Israeli and Palestinian citizens who oppose the violence and murder and the so-called leaders who are ordering and committing it. 

There are many people of all religious faiths around the world who see this violence and warmongering for what it is: a system of violent and inhumane global fascism, often referred to as "Global Governance," that must be opposed by all human beings who wish to live in a better world.


Anonymous said...

SO glad to see you write about this. You nail it, sister!
FYI, here's a link to a WAPO piece that is highly illuminating, no pun intended. Yet one more kind of "weather" to factor into the mix...
THANKS for the straight talk, no chaser. ANONymous

Cloudia said...

How DARE Israel insist on existing!
They really should die in larger numbers for parity.

Dare to imagine for a moment that your may be incorrect in your assessment of THIS particular situation.

Willow said...

Wow, if Israel has to exist by murdering civilians and children, is there not something going quite wrong there?

Sorry, Cloudia. You are excusing mass murder committed by the U.S.-backed Zionist state. You are buying the line.

And of course, I think no one should be dying. You insult my intelligence.

Jason said...

Dang Willow beautifully spoken, its just wrong all around! Id also like for them to leave THIS country, while there at it.

They have come in with there gentile views, practically spitting on us here, manipulating and brainwashing from little more than a decade after birth with the holocaust movies, hiding there true colors.

I even studied as deep as finding they possibly killed off some of there own, as to always be in sympathy for the dirty plans they had for all gentiles around the world.

Honestly would not put it past them really.
if I had ever truly knew who I was working for-
Id have demanded way higher pay. Lucky I know now at least.

I noticed any type of group of people that protest peacefully here, are automatically slapped with the terroist label too. Sad sad all around, very odd group of people. I swear, If it aint satanists its these extremist punks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Willow,

I sent a letter to Harper regarding the misinformation that ALL Canadians are behind Israel's present actions in Gaza. I certainly am not.

The whole situation is totally unconscionable, not just the present war (because that is what it is) but the way those in Gaza- the territories have been sentenced and confined to living.

The BUT is: how to attend to a jihadist Hamas constitution that demands the death of their Israel neighbour. I think that is when there must be global intervention, sanctions omg whatever secular out of the box thinking that it takes. And how to Ideal with Israeli government who feel justified with whatever their response is to Gaza- the territories.

How will the world population face the Hamas and Israeli governments and their desensitized, justified, fearful, and hate filled war making. How can years of hatred and fear be undone when from the outside people take sides and justify the hate filled actions, destruction and death the two countries play out against each other.

Sanctions- perhaps to both sides. Allowing Gazans movement and freedoms to have medicines, water, and electricity without occupation. To have Israelis not worry about martyrs with body bombs on buses, Palestinians able to attend to their fields without settlers moving in and appropriating them. To have Israelis know that the jihadist Hamas constitution has been revoked. To have Hamas and citizens see that the religious based constitution is hate filled and couldn't be condoned by any omniscient power...... OMG what a horrific mess.

Bless the governing body that can undo the hatred, self-righteous thought process and the entrenched religious belief systems.

The woman whose house in Israel was bombed...the one next to that hospital you wrote about; was filmed saying to 'Kill them all' as she stood next to her rubble of home. I would guess that is exactly what the population is saying in Gaza as they stand in their city of rubble without the materials or financial means to rebuild.

Willow said...

Yeah, Jason, I do think it's a strong possibility that the murderous Zionists were involved in the holocaust.

There are also many Jewish people around the world who are equally opposed to the violent Zionists in Israel, America, and elsewhere. They see it for what it is: part of the whole gang of murderous sociopaths that "lead" us at top levels of government, finance, and business on this planet.

You do have to wonder at times if these are even human beings...or are they human bodies that have been inhabited by something? Really not sure anymore.

And I agree, Anon 9:56 - I'm just as opposed to the violence coming from Hamas and other violent factions. But to paint it in such a one-sided way via media is just ludicrous. It manufactures consent for the Zionist bombings and destruction, and that is just plain wrong in my books. The Israeli Zionists are armed to the teeth in ways the Palestinians are not. They have caused many more casualties and injured, much more destruction. But they are painted always as the victims, not as an aggressor. It's stark raving madness.

I think it's a good idea to separate the citizens from the so-called leaders at this point across the board.

The Harper regime certainly doesn't act for me, just as the Obama regime doesn't act for most Americans, etc. etc.

We have to rise above organized religion to something truly humane and just. This is plain to see. Organized religion is being used to manipulate people into accepting murder as directed and sanctioned by God.

Willow said...

I was just called out for using a "Goebbels slur."


I'm really not sure how saying that the Nazi propaganda shill leader would be proud of the current fascist propaganda campaign is a slur.

But I will no longer be publishing comments from Cloudia for this reason. They make little sense to me and seem full of the usual pro-Zionist rhetoric. Long on manipulated emotional reactions...short on logic and basic facts.

Greg F said...

I'm one of the 14% who believe that Israel is engaging in what amounts to mass murder with the help of the US, AIPAC, and the MSM.

One of my favorite journalists, Rula Jebreal, a Palestinian, was fired from MSNBC for daring to take the same stand on that supposedly "liberal" network. To quote her:

"I was shocked, because most of my friends in the Middle East would tell me, 'You know, you will have an issue in America.' And I always thought, 'No way. We are truth tellers. We are fact checkers. We are people that actually cover both sides. This is what America stands for.'"

Well, at least 14% of us feel that way...

As you said, if 100 Israeli kids were killed, it would be Armageddon.

It is dangerous to speak truth to power, but sometimes necessary.

Thanks for this, Willow!

Anonymous said...

Wow Willow. What a wonderful intellect you have. And the passion to match. Your words are true and concise.

Lots of media bs, but I find original voices all the time on the web. And I think those voices are rising as the robots regroup.


Willow said...

Rula Jebreal was very naive if she thought the mass media was about truth telling! ;-)

Kathryn said...

Just came across this interview with Cynthia McKinney, who served six terms as congresswoman from Georgia, where she exposes that all U.S. representatives are "targeted" by the pro-Israeli lobby. "Every candidate for Congress was given a pledge to sign" in support of Israel, and if they didn't their campaign funding was cut off. She said the assault was such it caused her father to ask what Stone Mountain, GA., has to do with Israel? She went on to say that for supporting the human rights of the Palestinian people, she has a target on her forehead, and that every means available to the pro-Israeli lobby has been used to insure that she never occupies a position of authority again.
Cynthia McKinney US lawmakers forced to sign support of Israel

Jason said...

Thanks for that Link Kathryn

Very nice comments section on that one. Sooo they even have precision weapons, but they don't use them, so they kill more children? What are these so called "gods of the goyim" going to do about there state extreme? Im not saying every Jewish person there wants this..

Sadly, its the same thing people do here with the extremists in the States as well. We seem to be at the cutting edge of great distractors. Just take your pick T.M.Z. M.T.V. V.H.1 tune in and feel nothing! Fashion, Media, and Banks - being monetarily controlled by 6 corporations and a few people who have major stock in what? All the war gadgets and technologies.

I saw yesterday on someones mind control TV,,They will even try to make you laugh at the actual war taking place, then follow up with clouds shaped like dicks! all in 15 minutes on TMZ. Now if that is not a wonderful way to process trauma.... Hmm lets see.

They KNEW you would copy everything like a monkey, then they call us the violent goyim. Calling Americans some of the most sexually depraved and violent of people?! WHEN there the ones that released to most of the movie watching world, movie after movie perverting sex and glamoring violence.

If that does not spell Psychological Operation..

Anonymous said...

It struck me about 1 week ago. 2 astrologer friends on FB, 1` Australian, 1 expat American, spoke up on the issue. ( both Scorpio BTW) Another expat had been posting pix of bloody Palestinien children for about a week before that.........( I consider him a bit of a political extremist).......but I started reposting, then searching for more articles to further enlighten the truth. 3 days later it was the main topic onmy FB page.I've only lost 1 friend, & gained 7 new ones. People are waking up to the situation beyond the last!

Willow said...

The reality is extreme. If it takes seeing bloody Palestinian babies for people to get it, it takes seeing bloody Palestinian babies for people to get it.