Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mars Stationing Retrograde in Virgo and Fighting Scams

This Mars retrograde station in Virgo has the Virgo-Pisces polarity charged, and one of the themes along this polarity, especially with Chiron transiting Pisces, is scams.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of nefarious people aggressively pushing their nefarious schemes these days. So many that I feel ill when I think about it. And certain people are considered easy targets: the elderly, the disabled, youth, the inexperienced or naive.

Neptune enters Pisces February 3, and this increases the possibility of "scam hitting blind spot" exponentially, especially if you have some nasty Pisces/Neptune/12th house action in your natal chart.

I do. And I semi-fell for a "Hello, I'm a Microsoft professional, and there's something wrong with your computer" telemarketing scam this morning.

Now, I'm not an idiot. Falling for a scam doesn't make you an idiot. It makes you a person with Piscean/Neptunian/12th house naivete and blind spots. And my Neptunian naivete and blind spots certainly do have the tendency to be preyed upon.

Hindsight is always 20/20 in these cases, but a few things conspired to soften my guard: 1) I had just woken up (still groggy) when the guy called. 2) My computer had been acting weird for the past week, so I did think something was up. 3) I'm not technologically savvy, so when a guy representing himself as a Microsoft-trained professional called saying there were problems with Windows, I found it plausible. (I know, I know. Implausible to the max.) 4) This Mars retrograde station conjunct my North Node is hitting me where it hurts.

Scam artists use every silver-tongued trick of psychological warfare at their disposal, and many of them are quite sophisticated.

Anyone with a known weakness on this front, please be careful. The aspects we're experiencing have a tendency to put us in that energetic place where things can be slipped in and slipped by.

The paralyzing energy of the Saturn in Virgo - Uranus in Pisces opposition cycle we experienced a couple years ago is being stirred up and inflamed with this Mars Rx through Virgo with Chiron and soon Neptune in Pisces. And under that paralyzing energy, we can snap into that place where we are coercively persuaded to do things that are generally out of character for us to do. That Neptunian dimension that makes us into those impossibly naive, trusting, passive versions of ourselves.

Things to avoid to stay out of that energetic place:

- isolation
- sleeping too long
- too much TV/internet/music
- use of alcohol or drugs
- daydreaming


Deb said...

Holy shit, Willow!

I don't think you're an idiot either. At all. This would be similar to a repairman showing up and me letting him inside... We do have repairs that need to be made in/around the house. This makes me think-- I do need to verify certain situations for sure with these kinds of transits. I've no weird Pisces action going on, Neptune's in Sagittarius, South Node's in Pisces though and I do know what it's like to be trusting and naive and sleepy and walking on cloud nine...

It sounds like he didn't get any important info out of you, so that's good. You know, my husband returned a call the other day, he was trying to contact an H&R Block employee about brochures/marketing materials. Whoever was on the other end of the line asked for the last four digits of his Social...

Big mistake to ask that of a Virgo in a financial field and educates others on identity theft. He refused to give over the information about three times, even if for the sake of speaking to the employee. When he'd finally had enough he yelled "1234-- enter that into your system!"

It worked.

Damn, though. Some folks are sure getting a little more sophisticated in their slippery work. And, sadly, I'm sure this will play out in a number of ways.

Again, I'm so glad you made out OK here. UGH.


Anonymous said...

That elephant in the room has been there so long the shit gets harder to deny... but the truth about the ponzi scheme of pension funds is yet to hit the fan...
Mix that info with toxic talentless leaders and peeps with more bullets than brain cells ...

hi willow...had trouble with your email address...came back...?

Dan said...

hey thanks Willow!
I'm kinda laughing with you! (hopefully you're laughing!)

Sometimes I let my guard down and wonder "what was I thinking, how could I miss this?"

I'm a Libra rising Scorp, so my 12th is Virgo. I've got Vesta hangin' there but no one else. What does that mean? I have Pluto conjunct my ascendant which makes me a little perky...

'kay, enjoying your writing as per usual! Ciao...

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for this Willow. Isn't there a Venus opposition to Mars looming as well? Off to check the emphemeris...

Anonymous said...

Great Post!

Anonymous said...

Hi Willow,
I am New Reading your Blog - i am from Austria. May i ASK a question: what is a carmic loop and how can i identify One?
Thanks. Angi

Willow said...

A karmic loop is a scenario that plays out in your life over and over again (with only slightly different circumstances), spitting you out repeatedly in close to the same spot. It's generally something that plays on your weak spots or your patterns, and after you have spotted the loop, you can work to change your behaviour/patterns/decisions to come up with a different outcome and hopefully break the cycle.

An example of this would be an abused woman taking her abuser mate back again and again, then maybe ditching him but attracting another abusive man and going through the same thing.

It sometimes involves a feeling that the universe is setting you up in some way. Like, are you kidding me? This AGAIN?

There are a lot of Piscean karmic loops to be broken at this time, in particular.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your immediate and clear answer. I m Not as fast because i Need to translate some words with The dic First.
So i will read a few of your Posts about The piscean stuff to See if i can find Puzzle pieces which help to Understand whats going on.
Thanks. Angi

Willow said...

One thing that makes karmic loops tricky at this point is that we're often working with collective dynamics and patterns and their results. It's not strictly personal stuff we're working through, and the collective stuff is very, very potent and sort of confounding at times since we can't root it back to ourselves alone.

HoBad said...

Karmic Loop:

There is an awesome star trek episode where they get stuck in a "loop" that ends with the destruction of the ship. Each time they have no memory of the previous loop but finally they start to pick up on subtle clues and get themselves out of it.


turned out they were stuck in it for 17 days. the other ship had been stuck in it for 80 plus years.

I've kind of used that as a metaphor for the nodes and associated karmic loops.

Anonymous said...

Does your Last comment Willow point in Same Way to your posts about The plutonian. I mean as a kind of Resolution Way - in personal and as part of the collective.
I was just thinking about The Relation of neptunian Shitbag and pluto.

Anonymous said...

Better to say it also this Way: me, as every envolved, comes with both faces of Each Force. And Not just One Force a Time. Same as with The eras, you Wrote The eras dont follow eachother, but rather they exist simultaniously. For how Long .... ?
As long as The collective made The Shift...? And until then i have to Deal with it? Is there light At The Horizon?
Need to See if i can find some sleep over that.
Thank you for Sharing your Wisdom this Way Willow.

Willow said...

Anon, yes, karmic loops can be related to any astrological body or position. The South Node of the Moon, Pluto, Chiron, Saturn, and Black Moon Lilith are some potent ones, but really, any planet, body, or position can involve this phenomenon.

The switch between astrological Piscean and Aquarian eras is multi-layered and overlapping, but as I read it, the end of the mutual reception between Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius, followed by the Uranus ingress of Aries and the upcoming Neptune ingress of Pisces (February 3) marks the end of the most intensely interwoven period.

Yes, we have to navigate a lot of collective stuff at this point, but if we are personally on top of things and as aware as possible of what's going on, we run less chance of being swept along.

Debs said...

"Yes, we have to navigate a lot of collective stuff at this point, but if we are personally on top of things and as aware as possible of what's going on, we run less chance of being swept along."

Folks, this. This right here.

:) Deb

Jason said...

Not to brag, well who am i kidding?why not! leo ASC and leo NN in the first. I never pay attention to adds. Minimal TV moxsly for internet. And FFD through comercials. Even if an Add is on a screen and i have to click the site, ill plAy a game with it to not look. DVR and dont listen to wheelin dealin gemimis.
Private email, no faceplace or Myplace..

Should see scam decrease

As an aquarius i make up a huge deal of clicks and visits, i dont bore surfing, as others do. So my clicks are up there but i love getting off knowing a site that i hate but have to use is just dying for me to click on it. While lying at the same time about the dont work or care if works/is honest prouducts its hosting..