Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Sun in Capricorn Square Uranus on Zero Aries at Winter Solstice: New Targets and Stategic Moves Within Fourth Reich Power Structures

The Sun entered Capricorn very late on December 21, and today we experience winter solstice in the northern hemisphere. Darkness breaks, and the daylight hours start to get longer from here on out.

The points of equinox and solstice, sometimes referred to as the cardinal points, are very potent in tropical astrology. They mark quarterly points each year of new direction, new manoeuvres, new leadership emerging. Points of movement.

This particular winter solstice marks an even more potent time frame than usual as the Sun at zero Capricorn squares Uranus at zero Aries (4:14 p.m. Central).

As stated in a previous post (Uranus Direct on Zero Aries and More Astrologically-Timed Machinations of the Global War Machine), Uranus has just stationed direct on the highly potent and highly symbolic first degree of the zodiac, zero Aries. As we are now fully engaged within the astrological Aquarian era, the placement of Aquarius' ruling planet on the birth point of the zodiac is a prime time for unrolling "new" direction, especially militarily.

Uranus moves off the zero Aries point January 7, 2012 and will not be back there again for about 83 years. The time is ripe, and those advancing global fascism/totalitarianism are well aware of that fact.

The Sun in Capricorn squaring Uranus on zero Aries makes this a solstice of immense power and potentially long-lasting effect.

Any time a planet in Capricorn squares Uranus in Aries over the next seven years, the energy and associated events of the Uranus-Pluto square series, unfolding exactly between 2012 and 2015, are brought into play. The action on the zero degrees of Aries and Capricorn at this winter solstice, in particular, indicates a three-month period of lightning-fast power plays and positioning with an eye toward longer-term goals: locked-down control of the people as well as another devastating and depopulating world war being a couple of them.

Make no mistake. It might appear that things are spontaneously shifting within the global hierarchies of power, but the (bloody) manoeuvres bringing about the shifts are all well-choreographed. These are the same power structures that have existed all along, with the same types of figureheads (Sun in Capricorn). With the clashing square to Uranus in Aries indicating the energy and impetus of the new astrological era, however, all involved are aware that things have to shift in certain ways if the pyramid scheme power structures and Old Establishment are to survive. The cast of characters is being shuffled, and new blood is drawn into the mix.

Again, those in positions of stolen power are attempting to replay, step-by-Capricornian-step, a very nasty historical cycle. It behooves the citizens of this planet to understand that, speak out about that, and refuse participation wherever possible.

Under the National Defense Authorization Act, approved by U.S. Senate December 1, prolonged detention without charge, legislated by the Obama government previously to be used against "foreigners," is now being implemented at home. This means the rules that applied to the rest of the world now apply to U.S. citizens, as well, and citizens can be detained indefinitely without charge.

Under Baby Bush, the CIA was given the power to assassinate U.S. citizens without charge, trial, or due process in "foreign countries." Now, under Obama, the power to assassinate its citizens is being extended to within the United States. All that is required is a certainty on the part of the President (and the President only) that the individual is a "terrorist" and a threat to the country.

There should be outrage here, but where was the outrage when it was being implemented against "the foreigners?" In Cancer Sun U.S. of A., too often, as long as it doesn't affect me and mine, all is right in the world. People, en masse, still aren't able to grasp, or refuse to grasp, that what happens to one group of people, no matter how poor, how weak, how brown or black the skin, happens to everyone. It affects everyone. At the closing of the astrological Piscean era, the fact that this is not a working principle in every individual's life, values, and decision-making process is an absolute failure.

North America is being put under lock and key.

In Canada, our sovereignty as a country is being erased without the people's consent along with our borders. Global Governors extraordinaire Harper and Obama are going "Beyond the Border," working out the final details in a deal creating a tightly integrated U.S.-Canada border where things will be carried out under a new rule book. In effect, our country's borders will operate on a lock-down ordered by the United States under "globalized" rules where the U.S. military has as much power as (more than) Canada's own. In "cases of emergency," we can expect to be swarmed by the United States military as they put things "back to order." Information about citizens and visitors to Canada will be gathered at the border and freely shared with U.S. officials.

The proposed integrated border comes through a deal titled: "Beyond the Border: A Shared Vision for Perimeter Security and Competitiveness." This is another step in the "Security and Prosperity Partnership" unrolled under Baby Bush, and the same "integrated" border, under U.S. control, is being moved toward with Mexico in a deal called "New Border Vision."

In effect, the rights-stomping rules currently being slipped by the people of the United States can be applied, in cases of "emergency," in Canada and Mexico.

The potency of this winter solstice is increased further by a New Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto December 24. Quite literally, this is an old layer of hierarchical establishment power going dark and a new one beginning to emerge. The manoeuvres making this a reality should become clearly visible as the Sun in Capricorn moves to an exact conjunction to Pluto December 28/29.

This Capricorn New Moon conjunct Pluto indicates a new face of power, a new layer coming to the forefront. This is a new face for both illegitimate hierarchical power using force, fear, money, and coercion and legitimate, natural forms of egalitarian leadership and power-sharing. Both forms carry forward into this new astrological era.


Anonymous said...

Excellent and right on the money as usual!! So we'll be seeing the AMERO soon? All I gotta say is BEAM ME UP SCOTTY!!!

Willow said...

Exactly! The proposal of the single currency can't be far behind as world currencies continue to turn to dust.

Firehorse said...

It is scarily reminiscent of fascism taking hold in germany in the 30s. Remarkably, no regular media are discussing the NDAA, most all info is on the internet. I have been spreading the word, but I think it is so overwhelming and "outlandish" to most people, they shelve it - if we don't think about it maybe it will go away. I was unaware of the border issues. There are reports, video etc. of "residential detention facilities" already built in the US under the guise of housing illegal immigrants. Under the same program, most large US cities have temporary detention facilities in regular looking office buildings. I think they are getting ready for major civil disobedience and planning on ways to squelch it.

freeforall said...

Ah, but we can get a Mystic Mayan Power Cloak for 2012 Protection right here!


Willow said...

Firehorse, yes, it's literally history repeating, isn't it?

Isn't that awesome, freeforall?

A friend sent me that link, too, and I thought it was great.

A.G. said...

Willow, as always, I absolutely adore your astrological analyses, I honestly have no other way of knowing what is actually going on in the Cosmos, you are my guiding light when it comes to these things.. This may seem bizarre, taking into consideration the power-plays that are going on and will inevitably continue on for many years hence, but I am actually fundamentally optomistic.. I recognize and appreciate all the "evil" works going on, I still believe that there is a much deeper, stronger "force" in effect, that at any moment could completely erradicate all the "evil" wheelings and dealings going on.. That is, I have a profound faith that there are much deeper forces at play that can simply and effortlessly "erradicate" all the "evil" forces active in the world today.. I call it the "Great Peace" and I believe it to be a possibility, a growing possibility.. Thinka about it, Willow, think about the network effects, it only takes a small number of natural leaders to "take the power back".. "Mother Nature" or whatever you want to call it, you know that it is an essentially "Good" force, and that in the greater balance of things, though there is much suffering - more suffering now than ever before - isn't it almost probably that in the years to come, much deeper, greater, more profound forces come into play? Forces that even you as an expert astrologer cannot even begin to comprehend or appraise.. I believe that these truly great forces are underway,

A.G. said...

they are coming directly towards us, what seems now to be an impoosibly dark and depressing eventuality will suddenly change ultimately in the coming years.. You must know intimately within yourself that Good will win the war over Evil.. What now seems to be a global "Prison-State" of absolutely totalitarian dictatorship of the Wall Street Gang, the original Skull & Bones crew.. though they have absolute power over the earth right now.. something greater has been predicted for more than 15 000 years.. what the Mayans call the new spectrum, if you will, of the position of our Sun in the "greater scheme of things".. You must know that this somewhat "impossible" force of extreme goodness is coming, however "improbable" it seems.. I know that you have studied the astrological signs for the coming decades at least.. There is that element of uncertainty that even the greatest astrologers cannot bypass or win against.. But I'm telling you and you know this all too well, humans are born with a profound sense of optimism.. How is that even possible nowadays? How can enlightened people even be optimistic? But you have learned before from your teachers and mentors, there are unbelievable, unimaginable forces much greater than the ones we normally "track" and "monitor".. I believe that these forces are bringing a new era for human beings... I am if an extreme optimisism, we will see world peace in the coming years, before 25 years from now.. You and many others of good faith will not believe this, but it is coming, that is what they meant by the new order, not this totalitarian bullshit, we will let them have their temporary new world order, it was meant to be, it is actually important that they think and believe wholeheartedly that they have succeeded.. we cannot pass to the next stage without this eventuality.. Willow just keep writing, you are touching many individuals with your extremely enlightened analyses.. I do not practise any sort of astrology, my understandings are all mystical, it is a most unfortunate thing, to have moments of such mystical clarity.. In the greater scheme of things, 99.999% of living things, living individuals, will be saved, there isn't very much time left for the infidels.. They will have their "dominion" though, it was written, there's nothing we can do about this.. But better times will come, I am optimistic about this in the greater picture... I don'T know if anyone agrees with me, I might just be some crazy cracked-out homeless guy after all, I do believe that what I predict is to be true and true ultimately.. Since the beginning of time humans have predicted in every geographical area, in every culture and civilization, that a time would come of what we might call a "new vibration" a new vibrational awareness.. The Mayans predicted it, so have all other cultures ultimately.. Even the Romans in their Carnivalesque winter's eve celebrations, they were forecasting the unseemly overturning of human values.. the turning topsy-turvy of things... They knew.. and as they knew WE can know! That's what I say, at any rate, take it or leave it.. The final decision is yours...

Jason said...

Alex i think your preachin to the chior, your optomisim is great, but i dont think things "just sweep into save us" if so why be here? were meant to do it ourselves for ourselves, thats why we all have a karmic body, the new vibration is called people waking the fuck up... To our true potential and the dark potential that lies in man.

World peace will not be brought by sitting around letting "higher forces" save us. Its realizing the force is in us now, we have the chance to Make world peace. In concert with astrological knowledge this is possible..