Thursday, October 13, 2011

Voluntary Monthly Subscriptions to Willow's Web Astrology

I decided to set up a voluntary monthly subscription to the site. The subscription options are $10 or $5 per month ($120 or $60 per year) and work to offset the energetic cost of the writing, analysis and research that go into the site.

This is for those who are in the financial position to subscribe on a monthly basis. Anyone who would like can offer smaller one-time amounts through PayPal at my e-mail address, also.

There's a widget on the right side if you'd like to subscribe. You can subscribe using a credit card or PayPal. Subscriptions can be cancelled via your PayPal account, or you can contact me to cancel at any time.

To be clear, the subscription amount is for the work I do on the blog and does not include any personal readings or analysis.

Thanks very much.

Willow's Web Astrology


NotSamuelJackson said...

I hath subscribed and am very glad to! I get so much Scorpionic awesomeness out of this site that to *not* offer some Taurus appreciation in return would be karmically a no-go. I also can't help but to think maybe a similar dynamic (somebody taking from me, consuming my energy, but not giving back) would occur in my life somewhere.

best astro-blog on the net in my opinion. well worth $10/month.

Anonymous said...

I subscribed to the Phoenix File to support you and Robert. What happened?!

I know... shit happens. I'd rather give you my money though.

Anonymous said...

On my pay day, i will be back to subscribe. I value your spin on some interesting characters our planets turn out to be.

FuzzerWuzzer said...

I can offer some $, but maybe not a subscription. My financial situation is dire since I'm about to file bankruptcy. My part-time is not exactly cutting it lately. But I need me some Willow!

Thanks for leaving the options open. I cannot deal with New Age garbage telling me if I just sing Kumbaya 6x under a full moon I will get what I want.


Willow said...

Thanks very much, all.

This is fortuitous since my computer died this morning. ha. Oh, life.

Anon 12:02, yes, sorry about that. Shit most certainly happened in that situation. Haven't been involved in the Phoenix File since last Oct.

Saviabella said...

Given all the personal support you've given me over the years, I'm happy to send some good karma your way via a subscription :)

Willow said...

Thanks very much, you!