Monday, August 8, 2011

Mars, Juno and Black Moon Lilith Arrive Fashionably Late to the Cardinal Grand Cross Party

And things are really hopping...

Mars in Cancer, Juno in Libra and true Black Moon Lilith in Aries are now officially hitting the Cardinal Grand Cross scene, and right on schedule, stock markets have entered a tail spin. This hasn’t come out of the blue by any stretch, but the involvement of Mars square Uranus (August 9) is making it seem so for those who have not had their Plutonic noses to the ground. A lightning-fast shock to the system with further melt-down (or possibly temporary containment/kicking the can yet further down the road) coming as Mars squares Pluto August 11.

What will investors do? Oh, gee. I’m on the edge of my seat.

This is a triggering culmination point after decades of financial excess and over-extension, especially militarily, as well as critical mass as far as the absolute, unchecked corruption at all levels of global money structures which has left them rotted to the point that there is little resembling sanity or legitimacy.

Using the very shortest timeline, this stems from the orchestrated economic collapse (most prominently involving grand-scale mortgage, insurance and banking fraud in the United States) of 2008 when Pluto entered Capricorn. Deep, Plutonic changes to the way things were set up were put off following that collapse as the U.S. banking industry looted the public purse of its Federal Reserve Notes.

The orchestrated crashing of world economies and resulting chaos and desperation puts the people right where global powers want them. It also sets the stage for more war – always useful to the monied warlords who refer to themselves as our leaders.

Except that most of us have caught on.

The current tail-spin was triggered, right on astrological schedule, by the announcement of the U.S. debt ceiling extension, which came just as Mercury was stationing retrograde at 1 degree Virgo August 2. The lowering of the United States’ credit score followed. Now, Mercury goes back over the weeks leading up to the announcement as it re-enters Leo. There is a surreal quality for those who were/are still invested in the legitimacy and soundness of illegitimate and unsound structures and people, and there is still a massive amount of wishful thinking as the illusion that this is just a blip continues to permeate (Mercury Rx in Leo opposite Neptune Rx in Aquarius).

The insanity of corrupt, stock market-directed economic and financial sectors continues to be apparent as financial analysts insist things are still in good shape. After all, corporations are posting healthy profits! There is no mention of the millions of jobs shed to maintain those profits. There is no mention of the people currently losing their homes, no longer able to put enough food on the table.

But as long as the corporate world posts a profit, these guys are certain all is right with the world.

The full effect of the announcement and the lowering of the U.S. credit score will not be known until Mercury crosses out of its retrograde shadow, entering 2 degrees Virgo September 10 – just in time for the 10-year anniversary of 9/11. What a puppet show.

The true placement of Black Moon Lilith is zipping around in Aries, conjuncting Uranus and triggering the CGC from the fringes August 9-11.

Juno in Libra, having recently completed a nine-month+ transit through Virgo, has also entered Cardinal Grand Cross Zone, opposing Uranus in Aries August 10 and squaring Pluto in Capricorn August 13, just in time for the Full Moon at 20 degrees Aquarius.

Juno is heading to a conjunction to Saturn at 17 degrees Libra (in the early Via Combusta) September 18. Expect interesting and somewhat spicy developments along strategic partnership lines around that time – both personally and on the world stage. When Juno is involved, it’s not always easy emotional territory, but the partnerships that come together or strengthen at that time are related to the long-term success of our souls, which is what most of us are here for.

Juno enters the Via Combusta (burning path) at 15 degrees Libra September 12 and exits at 15 Scorpio December 8. Juno traces the path that Saturn will follow through the Via Combusta from August 29, 2011 through November 20, 2013.

The people, relationships and partnership themes – especially as they relate to reaching our highest potentials in career – highlighted during this fall’s transit by Juno of the Via Combusta set the foundation for the longer term alchemical progress represented by Saturn’s transit of the Via Combusta until November 2013.


Matt said...

"black moon lilith arrives fashionably late" = now *that* was some nifty imagery there Willow. (She is in Libra, so yeah I guess she would keep an eye towards fashion, of a sorts that is)

Matt said...

oops, kill that last comment. she's in aries. Juno is in Libra. My apologies, spent most of the weekend reading about Juno.

Anonymous said...

hi willow
it's been a very strange couple of days here in London, UK. people have taken to the streets in the capital city, with demonstrations of public disorder flashing on our TV screens. young people are looting the high street stores, smashing and grabbing as the City burns. it appears that the police are not in control at this time.
this is the same City that will host the 2012 Olympic Games...all of this is happening a couple of miles away, a few estates away...a burning path indeed! (Combusta)

Diane said...

I was wondering if anyone in the astro-blog world was going to mention transiting Juno and its contribution to that big fat grand square. Nothing gets by you does it, sweetie. Good work as always.

Alicia C said...

Last nite I had the terrible idea of watching that 1983 movie "The Day After" about - basically - the day after an all-out nuclear war. Sort of timely, for Hiroshima/Nagasaki anniversary. Also weirdly relevant to credit crunches and out of control leaders and riots in London and general sense of freefall/unrest. And I begun to think "you know maybe it will happen. Maybe it will come to that." And I had this weird certainty that we would see that war in our generation - that war most have been trying to ignore or forget about since 1945, the one about which Einstein said "I don't know how WW3 will be fought, but I know how WW4 will be - with sticks and stones."

And I was wondering what the astrologers would say about something like that - could the current Grand Cross activity speak to something of that magnitude?

Anon and Ever said...

It is the whole system hich is falling being based on credit on credit on credit on credit and so on... The so-called “Final Payer” does not exist as it... never existed!

This is the central “The Secret” of capitalism due to the fact that you can loan wht you basically do not own... And never owned...

But the ridiculous defense in the Staes of the “state for rich only”, which is the key as Chomsky openly said, cannot last for ever. And the ones which defended it are the ones who lead to disaster and default...

Deb said...

I love your work, but you know that already.

I came across this today:

... and wondered what your thoughts are on it.

You don't have to post this comment since, again, it is off-topic. I just felt the need to extend the article to you, because unfortunately 'social networking' is a big deal or something.

Thank you,

Anonymous said...


You might want to check out the documentaries "A Crude Awakening" and "Collapse". They're about the energy (like oil) situation - which is far worse than we're being told - that forms the physical underpinnings of the credit mess. Basically everything extracted is subject to a bell curve and we've hit the "peak" of pretty much everything from oil to water to metals. At some point on the downside of the curve "the guns come off the wall", guns being the nukes.

Beneath that would lie the "energetic" undergirdings, which I think astrology is the best tool for. I've long wondered if it was a coincidence that the famed cardinal cross coincided with the "peak" in the extraction of so many materials. I don't think it is. But I sure hope we've got more than a few years before the nukes come out.

Threads is a british version of The Day After Tomorrow, saw when I was 15 in 1994 and I think it greatly influenced me.

Willow said...

I'd check out A Clockwork Orange for some social commentary on what's going on in England right now.

Systemic poverty, joblessness and aimlessness passed down through generations along with its corresponding misery, frustration, stagnance and utter social dysfunction/dystopia. Something was bound to blow - these young people have been socially engineered to do so. It took an unjust killing by police to spark the timbers. Similar to the race rage that rose up after Rodney King, I'd say.

Deb, I despise Facebook/CIAbook, and it wouldn't bother me to see it destroyed. HOWEVER, I am not advocating that anyone whatsoever attempt to destroy it, and I am in no way condoning those hacktivists mentioned in this article.


Jo said...

Deb, thanks for posting that link. I won't deny that it's pretty satisfying to know that there's a group of people bringing such things to the surface ( invasion of privacy, etc )... because the truth is most people aren't even conscious of how vulnerable their information is on there. And as a result, they are willingly putting up whatever info on there without considering the consequences. If anything, it'll be a wake up call. Maybe it will cause people to think twice about how much information they share on the interwebz. Kind of interested in how that's going to play out :)

Deb said...

:) Ha ha. Willow, that's what I'm thinking, too. Total Libra (and great neutral) answer.

Jo, it is really interesting. People are blowing up in so many ways now, through so many channels.

I felt the Facebook channel was an important one just because people are tricked by vehicles like these into feeling "connected". Social connectedness is just as bad as New Age connectedness, especially when you consider the amount of members who join and participate in meaningless chatter and the joys of Farmville and such. It's just Facebook ain't promising enlightenment and hope and pushing optimism. It's promising friendship/companionship, attention, etc, which many (as you brilliantly bring up) vulnerable people want. It makes socialization important, necessary, even if it's shallow as hell.

OK. I'm done now. Let's see what happens during Scorpio time :).

Anonymous said...


You'll have a FIELD day taking apart the - extremely freaking scary - psycho-emotional dynamics in these photos:,29307,2036832_2218549,00.html

"Would you trust these people with your data?"

BTW, Zuckerburg is a Taurus Sun, Scorp Moon just like Hosni Mubarak. Mubs thought all the resources in Egypt belonged to *him* and I suspect that's the way Zuck thinks about data on FB

Willow said...

This comment is late to the party, but another film I recently saw that I think sheds light on the dynamics of the London riots is Mike Leigh's All or Nothing.