Monday, July 18, 2011

Juno Finishes its Nine Month+ Transit of Virgo and Enters Cardinal Grand Cross Territory

Soul mate asteroid Juno is currently transiting the final degrees of Virgo and will enter Libra July 27 until October 25.

This ingress is interesting because it means Juno will enter the Cardinal Grand Cross formation just as Mars in Cancer kicks it into high gear again during the month of August.

Juno in Libra indicates that the sometimes sticky and tense interactions with other people this August are there to help us balance the tension of these four cardinal squares/two oppositions so we can all have our needs met within them. All four cardinal points - Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn - require our attention and effort, and we're directed into all four corners as we work to keep the tension at the right settings. Too much focus and pressure on one area results in a break. Too little in another area allows things to unravel. It's an intricate balance, and, as of July 27, the responsibility and requirements within our relationships draw attention to areas that are key in our successful tending of the Grand Cross.

Juno moving into Libra is a big shift not only because of the Grand Cross. Juno has been in Virgo for over nine months - since October 3, 2010. It completed a 3.5 month retrograde through Virgo from January 19 to April 30, 2011 and went retrograde on the anaretic (29th) degree of the sign.

There weren't any pesky details getting by this transit through Virgo and our pain-in-the-ass Virgoan soul mates were there to ensure it.

From a previous post:

"Juno relates not only to covenant marriage/soul relationships but also to the type of difficult emotional experiences and power dynamics that type of commitment can bring with it. The type of difficult emotional experiences and power dynamics any type of soul commitment can bring with it.

This asteroid in the birth chart relates to an area to which we are "married," as well as to the flavour of our deep, soul-bonded relationships. However, contrary to what's drilled into people's heads these days, these relationships are not always meant to be romantic, sexual or long-term.

The term soul mate refers broadly to a person (or animal) brought into our lives to form a relationship based on mutual soul work that could not be fully catalyzed or completed alone.

Juno's placement can also relate really broadly to a relationship with a certain energy of the zodiac with smaller interactions acting as catalysts - definitely at work as Juno retrogrades in Virgo. This is more a soul mate relationship with the universe and with your own soul impetus - definitely loving, not necessarily sexy and spicy."

Juno is currently conjunct my North Node in Virgo, and I've been getting heaps of criticism (Virgo) here over the past week. I've been called a fearmonger, a hater and a paranoid conspiracy theorist, among other things. I've even been compared to Nancy Grace.

There are Juno in Virgo "soul mates" (mostly from a New Age persuasion or from a more consensus political perspective) trying to deconstruct me as I deconstruct various power structures and those using them. This is nothing out of the ordinary. When you take a strong stance outside consensus reality (including supposed alternative consensus reality), it generally ensures that there will be equally strong opposition. The criticisms are just coming in a stronger wave than usual due to the Juno in Virgo transit.

I have to say, they made me cackle like a hen.

The thing about any transit in Virgo is that it will pick, pick, pick at any and all illogic, weak points, laxness, rough edges, hypocrisy. It's generally done for good reason - so you fix every last detail that might trip you up over the long run and can function as a hole-free, well-oiled machine.

On the other hand, the Virgoan Juno soul mates being a pain in our asses right now can actually be disregarded if they don't have valid points. If they're not catching anything that actually needs to be fixed with their pointed criticisms, they're just being pains in the ass - not pains in the ass with a helpful and necessary purpose!

In its ultimately beneficial Juno way, the interactions this past week actually showed me I'm on the right track. This is definitely one benefit of nitpicky Juno in Virgo coming to the end of this nine-month+ transit. If there's nothing real to nitpick despite people's best efforts to find something, you've done a good job. If there are no adjustments required to your course of action, on you go.


I am currently howling at the moon on the prairie with the coyotes, and my internet connection is off and on. I'm available for telephone and e-mail readings until August 24 when I will be back to citified internet and can offer international Skype readings again. If you do book a reading over the next month, don't be alarmed if you don't hear from me for a couple days due to the connection issues. I will get back to you as soon as possible.


freeforall said...

Ha,ha! Love your comment about Juno in Virgo tranist bringing around people who can be a pain in the ass, but they just remind us where we still need some work or look at things that need a decision.

This Cardinal Grand Cross is certainly bringing out some interesting events, and Juno and Mars connecting with it will bring up a lot of relationship tensions.

Deb said...

I feel pretty lucky to have a Virgoan soul mate. And, um, my north node is also in Virgo :), and I read this post loud and clear.

"Nancy Grace" seems to be the insult of choice for well-dressed, uptight, elitist-wannabe a-holes out there lately, I notice. Seriously, they think she's a pukefest. So glad you're not taking any of this horsepoop personally. You're NOT Nancy Grace.

(Me, I'm fine with her. She hasn't wronged me. But oh, man. I just figured out how to piss off certain people on Twitter who annoy me and who happen to dislike Nancy Grace! Score. They're sure gonna get off my back once I go batsh*t with Nancy Grace retweets.)

Stay strong. Believe me, I've come to know what it's like to be attacked by not one but a giant pack of idiots. It takes a pack of them to make a point. They're too afraid to stand up or think for themselves, and that's the truth.

-- Deb

Willow said...

Ah! Good to know re: Nancy insults. I was wondering where the hell that was coming from.

Figuring out how to piss off those who annoy us is a very special gift bestowed by Juno in Virgo! I guess in a weird way Nancy Grace is your Virgoan soul mate right now, Deb. Hee!

Alicia C said...

Hah! There's always adjustments! This bloody life...


Anonymous said...

Environ-Mentalism-the Satanic bastard born of the New Age-We should all die-we are a virus to the Earth.Wake up.Live free or die..Kauai

Willow said...

Thanks, Alicia C! There are always adjustments, but as long as they're the small, refining ones at this point and not the major, structural ones, we're in good shape at the tail end of this Juno transit!

True, Kauai. People are doing the dirty work of Agenda 21 without even knowing it. Co-opted environmentalism is one TOUGH nut to crack. Yet another tough nut. Sigh.