Friday, January 2, 2009

Successful Navigation of Saturn in Virgo...Some Notes

"And as always, we have to be responsible for when/what we assist and when we withdraw our services...Saturn in Virgo will hammer this home. The energy is there only for masterful application of practical service...only what's necessary and most effective. The rest must be let go of..."

I was asked to elaborate on this statement...

Basically, we are existing at a point where there is an Old Guard way of doing things that is attempting to continue with business as usual.

At the same time, it is apparent that the ways our hierarchical structures have been set up and "worked" is no longer successful for the majority of people.

Those who are still gleaning the benefits of the Old Guard ways don't want the rest of us to know about it...but this is the case.

There is a term in capitalism called the Law of Diminishing Returns. Right now, the workers are experiencing this law in spades. They are expected to work harder for increasingly less return. Which means the old adage that hard work equals success has never been more false - at least, within the mainstream corporate structures. Workers can work themselves to death (and do), they can be the absolute best at what they do...but the structures are stacked against them. They will simply not get a return of equal value for their work. It's not designed that way. CEOs and others at the top of the hierarchy receive far more than equal value for their work...and the rest receive gradually less and less as you go down the hierarchy. This is always the way with capitalism, sure. But Pluto in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn in Virgo) shows us this system has been pushed to the absolute limit. It is no longer operating even remotely according to natural/universal law. What might have been a tolerable system before (for some, never has been for me) now no longer is. This means that workers will experience an ever-increasing energy deficit as long as they continue to work their butts off in the same ways within the current structures.

It's about working smarter, more precisely...not harder. Mercury co-rules Virgo, so it involves using our noggin, rather than automatically giving our energy in the same ways as we have in the past.

Saturn in Virgo just started a 4.5 month retrograde on December 31. So we're going back over the structural adjustments we need to make, and now we make the changes internally as much as externally. By mid-May, the internal recalibration will be complete, and we will be able to see the reflection of the changes very clearly in our external structures as Saturn moves direct.

Within the crumbling structures, there is a new, vital energy leading us forward, a different way of doing things more according to natural law. This is what we need to tap into in order to assist the shift. Wherever possible, we need to disengage from the old dynamics in the old structures and support this new force. To remove our energy from and refuse to participate in things we find illegitimate. And to use our own personal discernment to differentiate between what is a personally valuable use of energy and what isn't.

It's serving something beyond dollar bills. It means stepping out of the fear related to the money system and knowing that we are moving into something better. We are being guided and supported to do so. It's evolution, baby!

So the mastery of service and its application here is knowing what to serve and what not to.

Virgo relates to workers in general, but especially service workers...the people who support the proper functioning of the structures, who keep the systems running.

Right now, the structures are inherently dysfunctional. No amount of hard work can change things for the better if we are working in the same old ways.

So right now, we need to serve the shift...not the crumbling authoritarian structures.

This means...picking your shots. Doing only what is necessary and what has the best chance of being effective. Tapping into your own sense of discernment, rather than defering to an outside structure or collective beliefs about "how things are." Trusting that the universe will support the adjustments you strongly feel need to be made. The adjustments are times minute...Virgoan precise...but they create big progress toward change.

Some of the old service/work layers that need to be sloughed off are:

- serving/assisting others out of habit or expectation or a crystallized idea about what your role is
- keeping the work that you do invisible...or free
- serving out of ego or the victim paradigm: "I have to save this person. I have to help this person."
- doing things for other people just because they are waving money in front of your face - again...this will be an increasingly unsuccessful tactic, and man, this freaks people with money out. If they can't intimidate people into doing what they want, where does that leave them? An equal?? GASP!
- fixing other people's problems, taking on their responsibilities, cleaning up their loose ends

It means asking yourself: does this really need to be done? Is it my responsibility to do it? Will supporting this dynamic bring about the change I feel is necessary...or will it simply prop up more of the same illegitimacy?

The sense of entitlement that comes with having money to wave around needs to be put in check. People get used to demanding service from other people with absolutely no thought as to what goes into that service. This has to change. And people continue to see through the value we place on paper money.

The workers honouring themselves and what they do will help. Putting healthy limitations on their work and what they can/will provide for other people. Demanding respect for what they do.

Service should never be selfless...and we are challenged, especially now, to keep ourselves and our limitations in mind. To define what it is we do and to let the rest go.

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msfullroller said...

Thanik you, thank you, thank you for this post and for your blog which I have been reading all the way through since discovering it last week. I have so struggled with this for the past 7 years and more so with this Saturn transit thru my first house and over my Uranus rx/Pluto rx conjunction to my ascendant 2 times now. You have confirmed what I thought I was supposed to be learning from Saturn but I was not sure and sometimes thinking I was being selfish.

Thanks so much again for your blog. Off to the next post in line after this one.

Peace my sister!