Friday, March 1, 2013

Jupiter in Gemini and Our Alchemical Tongues

Planet of luck, expansion, blessings, and all things big, Jupiter, has just pulled out of its January 30 direct station in early Gemini.

As Jupiter gets cranked up to full speed ahead in early March, it starts to more fully activate the two Yod formations in which it is taking part. We feel the stress on our minds, on our communications, and on our interactions, and we sense their taut importance at this time. You can read more about those Yods here: A Potentially Inflammatory Jupiter Direct Station: Awkward Yods, a Detrimental Sign, and Squares to Chiron and Neptune

The Yod involving Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn as the base with Jupiter in Gemini as the apex or "finger of God" is particularly highlighted at this time, tightening as Jupiter pushes to 10/11 degrees Gemini by the end of March. Jupiter is quincunx Saturn exactly on March 23. Jupiter is quincunx Pluto exactly on March 29. This gives a great deal of weight to even the seemingly smallest of exchanges this month. The lightest of connections or interactions can have very big and lasting effect. The people with whom you come into contact and the conversations you are having are more meaningful than you might imagine. Tone also says a lot, and it can be triggering.

In short, with Jupiter transiting this area of Gemini, our communications are charged.

At the same time, with Jupiter squaring Chiron in Pisces and dispositor Mercury moving retrograde in Pisces, our communication is meandering, floating, befuddling, disconnected, and often out of our conscious control. Words, information, and opinions have the potential to heal but also to wound and irritate - probably at the same time. Knowing when to apply our potent perspectives and when to keep it zipped is an ongoing effort.

The Saturn-Jupiter-Pluto Yod will be close to exact by the end of March, tightening all through the month, just as Jupiter in Gemini makes its final square to Chiron in Pisces March 27.

So Jupiter in Gemini is the star of our show this March, but it's a star under some level of duress. This is, shall we say, a bit of a toxic Hollywood star. Stressed by quincunxes to bad boys Saturn and Pluto and the square to Chiron, we're channelling an intense and at times immense amount of energy through our minds, our hands, our communications, our interactions, and our daily neighbourhood goings on. It's going to take a hero to keep going through all this. So you'd better get your hero pants on...

Speaking, listening, writing, walking, driving, telephoning, texting, messaging - these are all activities that keep the potentially constricting energy of the Saturn-Pluto sextile and mutual reception moving, flowing, functioning, and alchemizing. Doing its thing.

The Saturn-Pluto sextile and mutual reception indicate the potential for potent change in the structural set-ups of our lives and societies over the next two years.

The truth as we see it, from our own perspectives, is our guiding force now, spreading the concentrated Saturn-Pluto energy around with even the lightest of conversations. A piece of potent information here, a piece there. Keep it moving so it doesn't weigh you down and drag you under.

Words are energy, and they have a particularly concentrated energy now and into mid-April.

Even the most seemingly superficial and innocuous of comments can dig in over the next month, embedding in the structures as they exist and catalyzing ripple effect change.

With Ceres, Black Moon Lilith, and Vesta joining Jupiter in Gemini, the missing perspectives - particularly the deep and dark feminine truth-oriented perspectives - are finding their places now. It's getting a little easier to be a purveyor of these perspectives.

This is a Plutonically-charged tongue we're speaking with here, and surgical precision can be required. The right words at the right time - offered lightly and conversationally - can bust things open in a very beneficial way, exposing long-hidden aspects to the light of day. Speaking up with our own particular perspective or angle on the situation cuts like a laser through dense and oppressive Pluto in Capricorn-era set-ups. Telling the truth as you see it is one of the most powerful things you can do now - though it must be done carefully and in a socially palatable manner.

This is a stressed, irritating, and potentially volatile Jupiter placement, in the sign of its detriment, Gemini. Jupiter in Gemini can be a real loudmouth with an opinion on everything, so we must apply Saturnine restraint very skillfully over minds and mouths. Going verbally overboard or insisting on making that one last point could have some fairly major consequences now.

We're dropping verbal bombs without even knowing it over the next month. Let's just make sure we're only blowing up what needs to be blown up, shall we?

We start to become aware of people's deeper allegiances based on the perspectives they're sharing as truth. If these deeper allegiances are not in line with our own, this can be upsetting, disturbing, angering, or royally off-putting. The severing of communicative ties in certain arenas can also be expected under these Yods.

There's thick subtext here, and being aware of it is the first step toward working it to our advantage.

Potentially awkward conversations we've been holding off on having will be coming up over the next month. In particular, these conversations involve: sex, death, energy exchange, power, abuse, trauma, and underlying emotional and psychological realities. The trickiness of these conversations is compounded by Mercury retrograding in the sign of its detriment, Pisces. This is a bit of cottonmouth. Words that dribble away into a puddle, instead of having the big and immediate effect we would hope. Thoughts, impressions, and understandings that are almost impossible to put into words. Conveying our full meaning to another is not easy under this transit.

But with Mercury retrograding back to Chiron and Neptune and stationing direct there March 17, we can't afford to pass this opportunity up for healing of the spirit. Conversations had now can make us whole again. Let go of the upper hand. Let go of verbal control. Allow the universe, the great spirit, to guide your words now.

At the same time, our words are setting off tripwires, activating previously unseen connections, and this brings us right into the thick of things. Right into the heart of the Plutonic beast, so to speak.

Though it's your tendency, there's no need to exaggerate the situation on Planet Earth, Jupiter in Gemini. The stone cold Plutonic reality speaks for itself.

The power of knowing what's up on this planet - knowing what's really up - and speaking about it is a miraculous, inspirational, and blessed thing.

(Don't you just feel blessed, all you Plutonic truth tellers out there? Heh.)

Jupiter clears the orbs of the Yods and the square to Chiron in Pisces by mid-April, just in time for the Pluto retrograde station. Jupiter will then be into some less stressed - and quite exciting - territory. It will conjunct the degree of the May 2012 Venus Transit during the second half of April, and this should be a lovely boost. Miraculous things can unfold...

The personal planets entering Gemini in May and June also creates a flow of good vibes and meaningful exchanges with contacts to Jupiter. This Gemini season has a horseshoe up its butt that it will not have again for 12 years. Communication, transportation, networking, and relationships with siblings are lucky and blessed now.

On June 26, Jupiter will leave the sign of its detriment, Gemini, for the sign of its exaltation, Cancer, for a highly eventful one-year stay. Jupiter in Cancer will be in Grand Water Trine formation with Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces this summer.

So we're definitely heading to softer and less verbally/mentally abrasive ground with Jupiter in Cancer.

But to capitalize fully on the jovial blessings available to us now in Gemini, we have to work those awkward, annoying, aggravating, alchemical Yods like nobody's business.

So speak up! Get out there. Make a splash. Keep talking, keep circulating, keep interacting, despite the stress and difficulty. Just be responsible with the power and the potency of your perspective over this next month on Planet Earth. Be responsible with your power to annoy people. Draw back from convos that get you hot under the collar, as well - unless it's required that you go in for the kill. With a Scorpio and Pluto-influenced voice, that will often be a possibility...


Valerie B. said...

"So you'd better get your hero pants on..."

And that's why they call you Mrs. Incredible, Willow!

Thanks for the priceless guidance. Love your writing, love your blog.

Willow said...

Aww, thank-you, Mrs. Incredible Valerie B.!

(If you are a boy Valerie, that would be Mr. Incredible!)

Lea said...

WOW! Did I ever need to read this. I left a very intense luncheon to find 7 texts needing "immediate" attention and a feeling of being squezeed...and thought to myself what is going on....? went online to astrodienst home page and saw all those quincunxes and there is my Gemini Sun at 8 degrees, just getting pummeled. Thank you so much for this article explaining the Jupiter direct energy that is starting to get kicked up.and your reminding us about it, (again) I think I would end up being like a football for the next month being punted all over a field and probably offending everyone when I told them exactly how I felt about it. So now I know to keep the pigskin intact with its little laces intact and tight to keep my mouth shut. LOL. THANK YOU for posting this when you did today. Whew! You're the best astrologer on Earth.

Willow said...

Ooooh, yeah. Jupiter's on 8 Gemini all next week!

This one's for you, Lea.

Venus in Pisces square Jupiter in Gemini Monday, so that could be one batty Monday. Everyone needs to talk!

Lea said...

Jupiter ON Sun, Saturn Square Pluto on my ascendent. Is this sort of "do or die"? Deep sigh. Well, I'll know when it is over. Everything passes, correct, Willow :>)

Lea said...

Is it sort of like,for me coming up, speak your truth without killing anyone? lol

Liz said...

Yes, thank you so much, wonderful Willow!

Willow said...

You're welcome, lovely Liz! :-)

Lea, you got it. It's a transit, so it will pass! A good mantra for you this upcoming week...

I think it's like speaking your truth without killing anyone and without them wanting to kill you.

Ninja communication. Get in, get out. Smooth and easy. Yet potentially deadly.

LB said...

This is a great post Willow, insightful in so many ways. I wish there was a way to speak the truth without people wanting to bring the truth-tellers down, squashing the message along with the messenger. I do try, but for me it seems to be more about doing the right thing as kindly as possible and then learning to live with the consequences. Oh, and avoiding the temptation to engage in pointless power struggles when it's wiser to remain silent. Why feed the beast?

My natal MC is at 9 Gemini, sextile Eris/True Lilith at 9 Aries (house 8), quincunx 3rd house Jupiter in Scorpio conjunct Asteroid Lilith/Mercury/Neptune. These transiting Yods have stirred up my natal Yod and have played out in a variety of ways, most involving authority figures and of me having to work really hard to communicate necessary information, often when I'd rather not.:) Things began escalating in November and December until it got so intense, we eventually had to hire a lawyer.

Challenging is kind of an understatement, in both a practical and spiritual sense. You know how it is sometimes, no matter how you say it, there are times when certain people (some more than others) are threatened by the truth or by anyone that, even unintentionally, reminds them of something -some quality, awareness or responsibility- they lack or wish to avoid. This wish to deny or avoid that which we find unpleasant seems to be part of our human nature, while our ability to transcend this limitation, and to act upon what we know, can be one of the gifts of our higher spiritual nature. This is also what I take from many of your posts, this one included.

Channeling our knowing (and our anger) constructively seems more important now than ever; that's why I appreciate people like yourself who are willing to speak out on important issues. Plus, I appreciate the astrology lessons.:)

Daniel said...

Great article Willow, I enjoy your writing very much and find it incredibly honest and helpful. Many thanks! And Happy 5 years!