Friday, April 4, 2014

The Lunar Angles

We started this cardinal Grand Cross-flavoured month off with a bang with an Aries New Moon conjunct Uranus on March 30 that activated the first wave of the cardinal Grand Cross configurations. This was a cardinal New Moon in the first sign of the zodiac, which indicated a 28-day lunar cycle involving the forging ahead into new emotional territory. Conjunct Uranus in Aries, this involves the emergence into full individuality and self-sovereignty, and this process has its traumatic moments. Accepting who we really are in 2014 and what that really means moving forward is not a simple thing.

The Moon will re-activate the Grand Cross from the other three cardinal signs throughout the month, indicating ongoing emotional adjustments and inner progress required in relation to the dynamism, the pressures, and the rapid, out-of-nowhere movement of this month.

The Moon enters cardinal Cancer on April 5 (3:40 p.m. CST), activating the Grand Cross on April 6 and 7.

The Cancer Moon will also square the Aries Sun on April 7 (2:31 a.m.), marking the First Quarter Moon. This generally indicates a period of internal pressure which forces us to take action in some way to further the themes of the New Moon cycle. 

However, the Moon also squares Mars retrograde in Libra April 7 (6:34 a.m.) as we open into that First Quarter Moon. This Moon-Mars square is challenging and has the potential to frustrate on a fairly intense level. What we're feeling (Moon) and what we're doing (Mars) are somewhat at odds due to the broader circumstances in which we find ourselves. It's difficult to get emotional needs met under the stressed conditions, especially when they involve other people.

Recall that our fiery pal Mars is highly stressed at the moment. The action planet is in pretty much the opposite condition it prefers - retrograde, in the sign of its detriment, being pressured on all sides by the cardinal Grand Cross. Can you say "frustrated will?" Can you say "delayed action?" Can you say "under the universe's thumb?"

Emotional pressures may force us to act, but there is no guarantee that our actions will be effective or that they will take us directly to our goals. Movements made (or not made) - especially in relationship - are highly karmic this month and have ripple-effects we cannot fully predict.

The Moon enters Libra, another cardinal sign, on April 13 (2:33 a.m.), activating the Grand Cross on April 14. This does increase the possibility of us keeping our emotional cool, but the conjunction to Mars Rx in Libra (April 14 at 10:00 a.m.) makes for some antsy and irritated social energy, particularly when involving relationships with family or those who feel like family.

From there, the Libra Moon forms a super potent total Full Moon eclipse on April 14/15. Relationship themes and underlying emotions are pushed to a head here. One relational backdrop ends, and a new one is erected under pressurized circumstances. Identity, independence, and self-sovereignty - and how those things fit successfully into new-era relationship constructs - are strong themes. Under this Libra Full Moon eclipse, we are pushed to determine how we really feel about the relationships in our lives and to initiate any changes that must be made in order to support our full identities and the full identities of others.

The Moon enters the final cardinal sign of the zodiac, Capricorn, on April 19 (7:28 p.m.), joining the proceedings for the exact Grand Cross involving Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer, Mars Rx in Libra, and Pluto Rx in Capricorn on April 20 and 21. This marks Last Quarter Moon, indicating inner changes required in light of circumstances. The Moon is in its detriment - in a tough sign - in Capricorn, and the conjunction to Hades-dwelling Pluto (April 20 at 6:32 p.m.) is particularly harsh, indicating that we must maintain our responsibilities and get the job done even when the proceedings are not going exactly as we would like. This Last Quarter Moon could produce a "bitter emotional pill" or two to swallow, as well as some degree of emotional deprivation. Fun times!

The Moon will return to Aries on April 26 (4:01 a.m.) until entering Taurus April 28 (8:23 a.m.). This final cardinal Moon in Balsamic phase closes out the jam-packed lunar cycle begun March 30. We experience a New Moon solar eclipse in Taurus on April 29 (12:14 a.m.).

This month is a little hard on the emotions at times, it's true.

The pressure (emotional and otherwise) is spurring us to take action, but the action planet (Mars) is buried under some fairly adverse conditions at the moment.

The proceedings require some strong objectivity, as we are existing under conditions that are only partially in our control.

If actions or plans crap out this month, understand that further re-direction is required. If your desire for movement is thwarted, understand that your actions would not have taken you to your ultimate goal - or that the ultimate goal requires some honing.

We are being re-positioned this month within some very complex circumstances. Keeping the peace, keeping our balance, and keeping our cool are our challenges.

Dates that may require emotional re-orientation and action under pressure:

April 6/7
April 14/15
April 20/21

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Rose said...

Thanks for this insightful article. The first quarter moon will be on my natal moon in cancer - so good to know!