Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jupiter Direct!

Jupiter is in a multi-aspected direct station right now at 6 degrees Gemini. It goes direct in the early morning of January 30.

Our major benefic planet is ready to turn and unload its cache of blessings on those who have been successfully and responsibly working two Yods and a square to Neptune and Chiron in Pisces over the past couple months.

There's a longer article on the station here:

From January 5, 2013: A Potentially Inflammatory Jupiter Direct Station: Awkward Yods, a Detrimental Sign, and Squares to Chiron and Neptune

The Jupiter in Gemini square to Chiron and Neptune has some major Piscean-era wishful (or deluded) thinking being kicked up, however.

This is a time when telemarketing scams can be potent, greased as they are by all the wounding Neptunian gloss and goo and pixie dust and blind spots. Scammers of all sorts can potentially slip by our bullshit detectors under these influences, particularly the entertaining big talkers (Jupiter in Gemini) and the people with Neptunian mind control techniques at their disposal. Be careful with the phone and internet. And the credit card.

Jupiter stationing in Gemini within these aspects has brought an increase (Jupiter) in mental and psychic energy (Gemini/Pisces). Telepathy. Brains that won't turn off. Ideas, thoughts, and conversations that keep spin, spin, spinning in our heads. These themes continue for the next couple months, but the direct station should bring a break in the intensity. Some relief for any mental and psychic overload.

With the Chiron-Neptune conjunction in Pisces in tense aspect, feelings of end-of-era futility have been bubbling to the surface over the past month, as well (including during that semi-nasty Capricorn stellium clustered around Pluto). We have to keep moving through these feelings and keep interacting, despite the weirdness and awkwardness we're experiencing now with the two Yods.

The tense Chiron-Neptune influence also indicates a time period when health can be glitchy. Our systems are quite sensitive now. Old injuries and weird pains can pop up. This can be quite unrelenting or even gruelling, in fact, with the current influence of Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio. This is a time to be careful with food, drink, drug, media consumption, who you're around, and general psychic environment.

Understand that Neptune in tough aspect is fucking with us a bit and has been for about a month now.

With Chiron in Pisces involved, we have the opportunity for great psychic and spiritual healing around this Jupiter station but also for "should have known better" wounding. We have to be smart (Gemini) about things in order to sidestep potential pitfalls and move beyond the entrapping Piscean-era karmic loops.

This Jupiter in Gemini station has blessings to bestow, fruitful connections to make, and awesome news to share, as long as we can navigate and avoid the pitfalls of its tricky positioning.


Unknown said...

"This is a time to be careful with food, drink, drug, media consumption, who you're around, and general psychic environment."

ESPECIALLY media. It's just poisonous! (I'm working on a blog post about this very thing! A Psychic Scorpio? HAH!)

thanks Willow, as usual, for your spot-on assessments!

Sofia said...

Finally i was born with Neptune in Sagittarius currently jupiter is opposing my natal Neptune this transit is not to good for me during the may 10 eclipse Merc.will conjoin with pallas athene my natal jupiter on my MC that should be interesting. The eclipse it self is also on my MC cant wait.

Daniel said...

Thanks Willow for the helpful reminders to stay grounded during this station, and in regards to the aspects in play. Very helpful.

Anonymous said...

Earlier in January I decided to give myself a break from social media because it was preventing me from getting out and being around real people in real life. Jupiter was backing up through my 11th - what a pain in the butt that was.

Chiron has been trine to my Cancer moon for a while, and ol' Neppy has been cranking up the fog machine, but it's allowed me to jettison some useless "contacts" from my life.

I'm happy Jupiter is finally direct - all of this getting out and interacting in (as they say) "meat space" should bring some positive changes. However, I do know what you mean about watching out for psychic vampires (or psychic zombies). My Scooby senses have been cranked up to 11 for a while now (made worse by transiting Uranus on my Aries stuff). Just gotta keep on keepin on ...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, this all resonates with me. Had an interview for grad school the day Jupiter went direct. The night before I literally couldn't sleep: my brain was on overdrive, like one of those old city symphony films. Man with a Movie Camera. Somehow got through the interview without sounding like a complete lunatic, and was offered a place in a prestigious creative writing MFA in England. Meanwhile, my Piscean roommate sort of went nuts on me: decided I had a black aura and that he came into my life as an enlightened guru - that he *needed* to cleanse me. Let me release you from your profound grief through deep breathing meditation (strong Aquarius in his chart as well). Needless to say, moved out of the house promptly, though his soap box diatribe left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. Oh the travails of a Sun-Venus-Lilith conjunction.