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A Potentially Inflammatory Jupiter Direct Station: Awkward Yods, a Detrimental Sign, and Squares to Chiron and Neptune

Jupiter, the planet of luck, expansion, blessings, and all things "big," stations direct at 6 degrees Gemini on January 30, 2013. It starts slowing for this direct station next week.

The station at 6 Gemini occurs on the degree of the most recent Full Moon eclipse (November 28). The eclipse occurred at lunar apogee, or conjunct Black Moon Lilith, and this definitely adds some sass to the Jupiter station.

Jupiter is heavily aspected and under pressure at the moment, quincunxed by Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn, sextiled by Uranus in Aries, and squared by Chiron and Neptune in Pisces.

As it stations, Jupiter is a focal point in the zodiac, playing a primary role in two Yod formations strongly in effect into late April. From December 3, 2012: Yods, Oddness, and Awkward Social Angles Create Breakthroughs in Understanding Through April 2013

We're working with the requirements and themes of two Yods involving two very different focal/release points as we move through the first third of 2013.

"[W]e have one finger of God pointing to Jupiter in Gemini and one finger of God pointing to Saturn in Scorpio.

One finger points to expansion, broadening of horizons, interaction, movement, inspiration, enthusiasm, and activity. The other points to restriction, withdrawal, sober second thought, grounding, conservatism, and seriousness.

Jupiter wants to make a big splash with a boisterous expenditure of energy while Saturn wants to stay firmly on the downlow, conserving every last iota. Each placement horrifies the other, to a certain extent.

We're working with two different layers of energy dynamics here.

In Yod A, the base of the Yod - the sextile between Saturn and Pluto - could create a real Debbie Downer effect. Though this is a supportive aspect, things can become too concentrated here, too serious, too severe, too dark. Things could get downright miserly. We could become too much of a closed circuit, finding ourselves in a state of deep, dark, 'cabin fever' stale. If we're too strongly confined by this Saturn-Pluto vortex, the relieving point becomes Jupiter in Gemini: Get some fresh air flowing. Get out there in the world. Talk to people. Enjoy yourself. Move around in your neighbourhood. Search for some new stimulation, some new ideas, some new conversations. Talk about mundane daily affairs. Keep things light. Find out what people are talking about. Discover a new interest.

On the other hand, in Yod B, the base of the Yod - the sextile between Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Gemini - could create way too much stimulation. This one can put our brains on overdrive. New ideas could be bouncing around and popping in our heads like popcorn kernels heated by a lightning strike. Over-the-top excitement about the future and an overwhelming drive to move forward could be coursing through our systems, making wheels spin. If we're being charged up with too much Jupiter-Uranus energy, the relieving point then becomes Saturn in Scorpio: Slow down. Wait. Get your feet back on the ground. Get serious about everything that has to be resolved before you go bounding forward. Understand that your big ideas are going to take time to develop and that a lot of them will burn out before they even get off the ground. Adopt more of a "show me the money" stance before you go off half-cocked."

The Yod involving Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Gemini as the base with Saturn in Scorpio as the apex or "finger of God" is the more prominent configuration as we move through the Jupiter direct station. This means, we're challenged to temper the excessive mental stimulation and excitement kicked up by a stationing Jupiter sextile to Uranus with good, old-fashioned Saturnine restraint. Holding our hot little tongues and waiting to see how things settle out first.

With Saturn in Scorpio as the release point/finger of God, we're looking for a better position from which to share our perspectives. If we make interjections out of fear or compulsion now, we risk damaging reputations, public standing, and hard-won positions.

Saturn is holding the fort.

And it's holding the fort against a massive psychic and mental tide that threatens to overwhelm us.

As Jupiter stations direct in Gemini, it is tightly square Chiron in Pisces and more loosely square Neptune in Pisces.

Jupiter in Gemini formed its first square to Chiron in Pisces July 24, 2012 at 8 degrees of the signs. Stationing Jupiter in Gemini now forms a second exact square to Chiron January 15, 2013 at 6 degrees. Jupiter stations direct within this square aspect, forming a third and final exact square March 27, 2013 at 11 degrees Gemini/Pisces. This Jupiter-Chiron square, influenced strongly by Neptune in Pisces, is strongly in effect through the end of April 2013, colouring the two Yod formations.

This increases the pressure on an already pressurized Jupiter placement, struggling through the sign of its detriment.

This is one inflammatory Jupiter, and it can have a very big (Jupiter) mouth (Gemini). Communications are loaded. They're a bit screwbally. They're a bit messy. They're confusing. And all sorts of oddness is going to be kicked up by these squares over the next few months.

Transiting Mars, Mercury, the Sun, and Venus in Pisces will conjunct Neptune and Chiron and square Jupiter in Gemini at various times throughout February and March. This period will include a Mercury retrograde in Pisces (February 23 - March 17), in the sign of its fall, when the messenger planet will move back and forth over this square, stationing direct conjunct Chiron in Pisces. (Warning in advance: ugh.) The Virgo Full Moon February 25 forms a mutable t-square opposite the Sun-Chiron in Pisces and square Jupiter in Gemini.

Honestly, Virgo is going to hate this shit.

Both the sextile to Uranus in Aries and the squares to Neptune-Chiron are goading us into saying too much. With interactions so highly charged, a few words over the line can create unforeseen damage with long-term ripple effects. Gossip can be deadly. Take things just a bit too far, add just a few too many words or opinions, and you'll have a Plutonic eruption on your hands. An angry alchemical wildfire spurred by one errant comment.

Communicating now is actually a little scary.

Saturn has its work cut out for it keeping us in line verbally and mentally over the next few months.

Coloured so strongly by tense aspects to Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, conversations we're having have a meandering - and often highly confusing - wisdom of their own. Words fly off into the psychic abyss, and we're unable to discern their effect. The universe is working through us to get the healing words to the injured places and parties, but it is a struggle to communicate. There are snatches of conversation here and there, broken at will by a force that knows better than we do. Threads are picked up and dropped. Connections peter out. There is not much flow or continuity, but we have to go with it. Even miscommunication has its purpose.

People are going to be under the mistaken impression that they're having a conversation with each other when they're really on two totally different tracks, talking to ghosts, spirits, etheric echoes, replying to long-ago conversations that have just now been understood. There are deja vu moments. Haven't I had this conversation before? Words like perfume, lingering, drawing bittersweet memory. Lost connections like a hole in our hearts.

These squares indicate some mental and emotional chaos. From jubilant to rock-bottom doldrums and back again in the space of an hour.

We can expect some Mercury retrograde-esque effects, even with Mercury direct.

Feedback is distorted, full of projection. Don't take it too seriously.

People latch onto one layer of the situation but miss the big picture entirely.

We speak as if in a dream, trying to make ourselves understood. We can talk and talk and talk, trying to make things clear, trying to form a solid connection, and our efforts disappear into the misty Neptunian swamp. Our words are swallowed, diffused, dissipated. We try angle after angle until exhausted.

It can seem pointless to communicate now. Why bother if we're just going to be misunderstood? If we're just going to make it worse trying to explain?

But it isn't pointless.

Communicating is the path of greatest expansion, inspiration, and interest now.

Jupiter is our luck. It's our ace in the hole. And in Gemini, we have to talk. We have to communicate our perspectives and receive the perspectives of others, when meaningful. We have to circulate information, make connections, network, reach out.

And yet, we're going to get nailed for doing so. We're going to hear things that hurt us, and we're going to say things that hurt other people. Conversations are going to go haywire, not as we'd hoped. Our minds will be muddled. The blocked connections and spotty communication can leave us desolate, longing, playing out patterns that have proven unsatisfactory in the past. Waiting for the phone call. Or the text. Or the word through the grapevine.

The illusions of the astrological Piscean era are attempting to attach, to weasel their way in. They're looking for a free ride into Aquarius by filling our minds with the pretty pictures and skewed thoughts that cause us pain and suffering in the end.

This is Piscean era quagmire stuff, ready to come down like a net over our minds if we give it the chance. A net we then have to fight out way out of.

Chiron and Neptune in Pisces squaring Jupiter in Gemini form a potent force trying to convince us of romanticized things that are not true. This force wants to lure us down dead-end mental pathways yet again.

And here, we say, "Fuck that."

Chiron in Pisces can be a desolate, bottomless pit at the end of astrological Pisces. There is no end to the self-doubt, to the depressing and defeated thoughts, to the hugeness of the pain and problems. With a 2,160-year backlog, we can't possibly wrap our brains around it. We can't possibly find full perspective.

The wounding illusions and distorted romantic ideals are nipping at us as we push into 2013, attempting to infiltrate our minds, to put us off course, to mess with our heads, to overwhelm.

We can't afford to entertain this. We can't afford any Piscean wallowing time.

And we don't have to. It's over.

The astrological Piscean era is over - if we choose to make it so.

Neptune and Chiron are certainly screwing with us as we move into this new Gregorian year. But as long as we keep our eyes on the prize, they are mere irritants to be moved through, to be kicked off our pant legs.

Don't fall for it. Don't doubt the progress you've made. No slipping back. You're here now. We're here now. It's the very first moments of a whole new ballgame.

There's some psychic and mental torture involved here. Some interactions we'd do almost anything to avoid. This can't be helped. Keep moving.

The two Yods in the zodiac indicate major, almost miraculous, breakthroughs in understanding for 2013, but they aren't coming without a whole hell of a lot of irritating conversations and awkward exchanges. Communicating through these aspects is tough, but it also holds the potential for pure glory.

The structural morphing underway during Saturn in Scorpio is fuelled by the connections, conversations, and networking we do now.

Things are tight - very tight - but sliding just the right words shaped by just the right wisdom and perspective into the situation has the universe heaving a satisfied sigh, opening its bag of magic tricks just a bit wider.

With the influence of Pluto and Scorpio, we're being compelled to speak at times, but compulsion is not always the most successful motivation. Use all the Saturnine restraint you can muster. Play your cards close to your chest when you can, but with the Jupiter sextile to Uranus and the squares to Chiron-Neptune, that isn't always going to be possible. If the discomfort of holding your tongue becomes too much, say something. Just say less that you might want to. Choose your words carefully. And understand that they might not bring the exact results for which you had hoped.

This is an angsty placement for Jupiter, there's no doubt about it. By sign and by aspects. As it moves into the direct station at the end of the month, it's hot, inflamed, frustrated, irritated, over-excited.

There's a whole lot to metabolize. Too much, really.

The retrograde of Jupiter (October 4, 2012 to January 30, 2013) has taken us back over the explosive growth and expansion of media we've experienced over the past 12 years, including internet and social media. We now hold new wisdom and new perspective on it all, including of our own context within it.

Mental burn-out is a caution over the next few months, especially through too much exposure to media - mainstream or alternative. There's so much information, chitter chatter Twitter Twatter, and talky talk out there and yet so little with real, longer-term meaning. So little that can draw the sound bites together into a meaningful context.

We're receiving more information than usual from "psychic media," from the unseen realms, and we will need time to process it without constant media bombardment. We are being communicated to through our dreams, and disrupted sleep can be expected. We can expect resurgences of "processing symptoms" at times over the next few months, especially at night.

Jupiter takes 12 years to complete a full cycle through the zodiac. In other words, it won't be back to this particular place for another 12 years.

Wherever Jupiter is in your natal chart, it is gathering wisdom about the next 12 years on this planet. Though outward expansion may be stymied at this time, Jupiter is soaking up the era shift information and the designs for expansion coming to it so intensively now from the universe.

Messages and information coming in now have broader application than we can imagine. The energy thrumming through us contains plans that open us into a whole new energetic atmosphere. We're gaining crucial knowledge about our orientation to that new atmosphere, and as Jupiter stations direct, it is being drawn to us intensively and at times painfully.

There is the possibility for mental and psychic overload here. How could there not be? Look where we are.

Hold onto Saturn like a sweet, sweet life raft. Slow things down. Wait. Keep your feet on the ground. Take the long-term approach. Give yourself a couple challenges to tackle to take your mind off things. Don't let the Uranian charge and electrified over-excitement run you.

Once direct, Jupiter zips through the rest of Gemini, sliding into safe haven Cancer, the sign of its exaltation, on June 25. That's when things really start getting interesting.


From June 12, 2012: Jupiter Enters Gemini Conjunct the South Node and Things Are About to Get (More) Complicated


Anonymous said...

"We can't afford any Piscean wallowing time.

And we don't have to. It's over."

Ahh. I am sooo feeling this in spite of all the crap on the Interwebs, thank you!

Willow said...

What's the crap on the interwebs?

Daniel said...

Willow, what an amazing amazing piece. So many helpful words. One of your best!

Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant post. And it's exactly what's going down in my life. Helps a lot, thanks.

Lea said...

So helpful. Actually I am speechless at your clarity, wisdom, and analysis--thank you

Willow said...

Thank-you, guys.

Anonymous said...

Agree 100%...too much useless info grabbing at our minds. As always excellent Willow!

Thank you and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to you.

LB said...

Transiting Saturn in Scorpio is conjunct my natal Jupiter/Mercury/Neptune conjunction (on the cusp of my 2nd/3rd), which is the apex of my own natal Yod.

Willow, you've summed it up and then some. Communications are nasty, yet I'm required legally to respond and sometimes comply. I'm trying to restrain myself, or as you say, at least say less than I might like to. I was just telling my husband last night how even my most carefully chosen words (and reasonable, legal requests) seem to disappear as if I never even said them. As a protection, I'm putting everything in writing when possible and trying to keep my worldly expectations (and temper) in check.

Velvet said...

This was a great post. ONe of the best I have ever read. I have Sun,Moon and Chiron all between 5-10 degrees Pisces in the Third house.I am in for quite a ride. This helps me see what I am in for.
Iget to choose what kind of Pisces I want to be for the next 50 years.

Willow said...

Jupiter is also stationing on the degree of the last Full Moon eclipse (November 28 at 6 degrees Gemini). That FM eclipse occurred at lunar apogee/conjunct Black Moon Lilith.

So there's an extra layer of sass for this Jupiter station.

Anonymous said...

Today's post was dead-on and deeply resonant for my current attitude. Your blog provides energy for the consciouness and action needed to pull out of the strong grip and shadow side of Pisces/Neptune. The language in the post was so synchronistic. I had a dream the other night of being in a spare desolate room with horseflies flying around, with one nipping at my leg. For sure this imagery suggests the Piscean/Neptune nipping and persistence. I flicked the horsefly off my leg, but the room was still surrounded by the pesty flies.

It was great that you were able to assert that we have conscious choice where illusion is concerned. And I appreciated your comment about the miscommuniation having some purpose that we can't fully grasp. It is hard to maneuver through this morass and Netpunian fog but it can be done. You were able to fortify this message through your very illuminating, deep, and vivid words. Teresa

Deb Lil said...

Saturn is conjunct my natal neptune in my 1st house which last time left me no where to hide except in the dark. Hopeful i have done the work of leaving no stone unturned the last 28 yeas as it has bssn hard and much sacrifice along the way, having it occur while the focal point of this jod, as jupiter is transiting my 8th house is well a little unnerving as what is revealed will be a surprise...dearly hoping i will like it...santa's coming Deb, were you naughty or nice....???????with my merc at 8 cancer i soooo hope all the demons are gone thanks to plutos attack....did I just say thanks for a pluto transit...oer, may be i AM delusional...

Anonymous said...


Greg F said...

I love your writing, Willow. Very insightful breakdown of the next few months, as well as the influences hanging over from last year.

"retrograde-esque" -- how cool is that?


Anonymous said...

Your work is wonderful!Lucia

Jason said...

"People are going to be under the mistaken impression that they're having a conversation with each other when they're really on two totally different tracks, talking to ghosts, spirits, etheric echoes, replying to long-ago conversations that have just now been understood."

Amazing read willow, thanks for helping me with the courage in this article my leo Ascendant really likes it. Jupiter is transitingR my 11th of friends and boy I feel this so deeply. My bullhorn attempts, fire alarm, fire extinguisher, serious concern for friends health, in getting the word out about HIV being a harmless passenger virus, population control and Masonic TV are just barely going anywhere.

I thought at first people will make the connections but they will be ghosts by the time they do I fell. So i gave up recently, I quit. writing lists being nice caring about the safety of others. SN 7th and went into to my NN 1st. It was becoming way to much. I did my part. I can say no more, Vacc up, flu shot up, GMO up HCFS it up Hydrogenate it up Floridate it up Med up Media up, Tv it up all u want.

Its Back to my art for a while.

LG said...

I echo exactly what Velvet said. Thank you so very much for this amazing blog, dear Willow.

Richelle said...

Thank you for a wonderful forecast ! Curious about your comment " honestly, Virgo is going to hate this shit" regarding the full moon on Virgo feb 25, mutable t-square ect.... How so? ! Yes! I'm a Virgo haha

Anonymous said...

Awesome post!! I was looking for a good explanation of the energy of the 2 Yods which will be (I'm sure) a big source of "fun" - they're in my SR this year. My birthday is the day after the superior conjunction (end of March) - so THANK YOU.. I am going to have to tap into my old pal Saturn for a good old fashioned reality check as my brain attempts to leave with the Mothership.

Anonymous said...

What can I make of this double finger of god aspect when I have 8 degree gemini sun and early Scorpio ascendent. Btw I got divorced November 28?

Kat said...

Pretty Amazing post. Thank you. I actually had a dream about a lightning bolt coming to get me around two weeks ago when this post came out. It was enlightening but dangerous. Thank you for pointing out that Yod! Saturn has been hanging out on that Neptune in my 4th house, square my Ascendent and descendent, and I did not put two and two together about the yod.

Layoffs started around here in October (Jupiter reverse), all month dealing with the final hit of Chiron conjunct Chiron and South node conjunct Sun and really taking a long hard look at things, realizing my mortality, and unable to move productively on the job search as there seemed to be inner work to do.

The advice to wait - wait - wait for Saturn - was actually really good advice and that has been what is going on. The second Yod points to my Mercury in Gemini at 11degrees.

Vesta and Ceres and Lilith have come up in all this for me.

Your writing at times can soar. Please keep up the good work.