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Aaron Swartz: A Pluto in Scorpio Crushed by the Emotional/Psychological Violence of Institutions

Please note: it is likely Aaron Swartz's death was not a suicide as reported. Regardless of the cause of death, the themes outlined in this article remain true, so I will leave it up.

Twenty-six-year-old internet prodigy-turned-activist Aaron Swartz, of the "information should be shared" hacker school, was found hanged in his New York City apartment on January 11, 2013. An apparent suicide.

Swartz helped develop RSS feeds when he was 14 years old and was a major player behind Reddit, a site for the online sharing of articles and information. Swartz was also politically active, helping to block the "Stop Online Piracy Act" which would have given the United States government new powers to interfere in legitimate internet communication on the basis of copyright infringement. (Remember when they took all those blogs down with no warning for that reason?)

Swartz had been accused of breaking into the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) network in November 2010 and downloading nearly five million academic articles from JSTOR (Journal Storage), a digital library of articles. This was likely an effort toward redistributing privileged academic information from an institution that employed some of the "big American minds."

JSTOR refused to press charges against Swartz, but MIT was unclear about whether they wanted to pursue legal action.

As a result, the Massachussetts' Attorney's office laid charges that, if Swartz were convicted, could have resulted in a 30-year jail sentence and a $1 million fine.

The trial was scheduled to start in February.

A statement released by Swartz's family places blame squarely on the shoulders of MIT and the Attorney's office:

"Aaron’s death is not simply a personal tragedy. It is the product of a criminal justice system rife with intimidation and prosecutorial overreach. Decisions made by officials in the Massachusetts U.S. Attorney’s office and at MIT contributed to his death. The US Attorney’s office pursued an exceptionally harsh array of charges, carrying potentially over 30 years in prison, to punish an alleged crime that had no victims. Meanwhile, unlike JSTOR, MIT refused to stand up for Aaron and its own community’s most cherished principles."

After Swartz's death, some academics published their articles on Twitter for free in tribute to him.

For anyone still unaware, we're embedded in the long, hard Pluto in Capricorn years at this point (until 2024), and these years involve a theme of death (Pluto) by institution (Capricorn).

A 26-year-old computer prodigy - more than likely of prodigy-level sensitivity - facing 30 years in prison with a $1 million fine for sharing academic work from one of the brain trusts of U.S. academia. You see the overwhelming weight of the situation.

Aaron Swartz was emotionally and psychologically crushed to death under the weight of threatened institutional violence (Pluto in Capricorn).

He was a member of the Pluto in Scorpio generation (1983 to 1995). This is a generation under tremendous pressure right now as Saturn conjuncts their natal Pluto placements (2012 - 2015) and the full karmic weight of the collective situation is brought down on them, through their personal lives.

The sign of Scorpio bears the brunt of how fucked up everything is. It all circles back to bite someone in the ass, and the Pluto in Scorpios, as a generation, are reaping the consequences of decades of irresponsible energetic buck-passing on the part of their elders.

They're being sacrificed, if you want to get right down to it.

Make no mistake. This is how Scorpio is killed. At the very least, it's how Scorpio is damaged.

You crush its central nervous system. You step on it with tremendous downward force. You weigh it down from overhead until it can't tolerate the pressure. This is a favourite tactic during the Pluto in Capricorn years.

Heap on as many toxic threats, toxic debts, toxic institutions, toxic procedures, toxic red tape, toxic food, toxic air, toxic information, toxic energy fields as you can. Weaken the systems until they implode on their own.

No fuss, no muss. Self-annihilating problems clean themselves right up.

This is one of the ways that the toxic pharmaceuticals and immunizations being handed out like candy these days work to flatten people - they fuck with the central nervous system. They trigger suicidal thoughts. They make it seem hopeless to continue living.

This is the way toxic debt loads are used to flatten people. Train people from childhood to buy, to fill emotional and spiritual starvation with consumer goods, produced by slave labour somewhere far away. And then to rot under the stinking weight of it all. Under their debt to it all.

This is the way the violent, corrupted, top-down institutions are used to flatten people: Put people through hell. Scare them. Fuck with them. Tie up their time and energy. Invade their emotional, psychological, and psychic space. Leave no comfort. Threaten them with long-term confinement in their version of hell. Use the institutional muscle at your disposal (police, lawyers, judges, prisons).

Scorpio is the sign of intense regeneration and healing, but there's only so much it can handle. We're past the point of tolerance in a number of cases.

And, if this was suicide, it appears Aaron Swartz was one of those cases.

Aaron had natal Pluto at 7 degrees Scorpio conjunct Venus at 10 degrees. His natal Ceres (12 degrees Scorpio) and Sun (15 degrees Scorpio) were also conjunct. (Pluto-Venus-Ceres-Sun in Scorpio)

Transiting Saturn had just completed the first conjunction to his natal Pluto in Scorpio and was conjunct his natal Venus at the time of his death. Saturn would have stationed retrograde on that point on February 18. What this initial pass of Saturn would have been kicking up for Aaron was the understanding that he couldn't escape this one. Saturn was going to retrograde (go back) over his Venus and Pluto placements, and this would be applying intense pressure at various times into late 2013. Swartz was in the shit, as they say, and there would have been the classic Saturnine dread that the current troubles were going to last forever. He was going to trial. That much would have been certain. And the potential results of that trial would have been consuming his psyche to a relentless extent.

In addition to Saturn on this potentially difficult point, Mars in Aquarius had just formed a square to Saturn in Scorpio. The exact Mars-Saturn square occurred on January 7 at 10 degrees Scorpio/Aquarius and triggered Swartz's natal Pluto and Venus in Scorpio (square Moon-Mars in Aquarius). It was still within a three-degree orb at the time of his death.

Swartz's natal Mars was also in Aquarius. He was heading into a Mars return (January 18) with Saturn in Scorpio squaring, and the outlook for the next two years of his life, caught up in a horrendously overblown and terrifying trial, was not pleasing, to say the least.

Swartz would have sensed the extent to which his will (Mars) was going to be thwarted. His freedom was about to be intensely curtailed by the legal system for what would feel to him to be a lengthy (Saturn) period of time. Maybe even for 30 hellish years - a full Saturn cycle. The possibility of that would have been absolutely horrifying to a natal Mars in Aquarius disposited by Uranus in Sagittarius. Eccentric freedom of movement and independence were primary.

So the horror of all this would have been real, but it also would have been overblown and intensified to the extreme at the time of his death, inflamed by the Mars-Saturn square and the contacts to his natal Venus and Pluto placements.

The emotional impact would have been exacerbated further by Swartz's natal Moon in Aquarius, within range of a notoriously tough Saturn square to the natal Moon. This is another layer of the extremely difficult emotional/psychological territory Aaron was traversing. Huge collective energy stirred by the Saturn-Pluto-Venus contacts would have overwhelmed the personal emotional function (Moon) as well as his interpersonal relationships (Venus) at times. A strong, often overwhelming feeling of no escape. The emotional detachment of Moon in Aquarius could apparently not provide the objective context necessary for Aaron to survive this.

The Mars-Saturn square is associated with male suicide. The last time Mars squared Saturn, it was in the signs Cancer and Libra in August 2011. I wrote at the time about Ryan Rypien, a professional hockey player (fighter/enforcer) who commited suicide under that aspect. You can read more about that here: Mars-Saturn Square: Survival Guide For the Breaking Point

"News hit a few days ago of the suicide of National Hockey League hockey player Ryan Rypien. Rypien had just been traded from the Vancouver Canucks to the city where I’m currently stationed, a city where he had played as a junior. Instead of showing up for work, he was found dead at his home in Alberta August 15. Ryan was at the fateful age of 27, soon to be entering his Saturn return. He had endured years of depression, speaking publicly about it and taking time off twice from his hockey career to have it treated. The death of his girlfriend in a car accident when he was a junior player and captain of the Regina Pats was more than likely a contributing factor to his ongoing depression, and the stress of a move and a brand new hockey club under the Cardinal Grand Cross – facing down that Mars-Saturn square - were more than likely contributing factors in his decision to end his life...

Mars square Saturn is an indicator that we’re challenged to do things we don’t really want to do right now, things we don’t feel we have the strength to do at this point, and it’s kicking up anxiety and dread."

For Rypien, it was a stressful and potentially depressing (balmy Vancouver to freezing Winnipeg) career move (Mars-Saturn) coming at a time of weakened emotional health, under detrimental aspects.

The current aspect, Mars in Aquarius square Saturn in Scorpio conjunct Swartz's Venus-Pluto, indicates an extreme curtailing of personal activity, freedom, and enjoyment of life. Again, because of the collective karmic weight of Saturn-Pluto in Scorpio, the force of it was too much for one individual to contain. Swartz worked with broad, philosophical issues, issues that affected millions or billions of people, and the energetic weight of all this coming down on him was too much. As with many strongly Plutonic individuals, he was fighting battles that were far bigger than himself. Dangerous yet necessary work.

But his relative youth and inexperience (Mars) were detrimental to him as he experienced Saturn on his natal Pluto and Venus. He couldn't see his way out. Interacting with older activists with strong legal perspective could have been beneficial.

As Pluto, one of Scorpio's ruling planets, transits Capricorn, people are being crushed under the weight of institutional violence. But they're also being crushed by the fear of what could happen. Institutional fear intentionally used as a weapon.

We are living with inhumane institutions. This is nothing new. Two million U.S. citizens sitting in prisons can tell you that much. The mentally ill, the homeless, sick war veterans, those who can't get enough food to eat, those without health insurance. They can all tell the tale.

Most of us can tell it, actually.

With Pluto in a slow-burn transit of the sign of the hierarchical institution, Capricorn, it's just being fully exposed. 

In a great many instances, institutions want you to fail. They train you to fail. Because they benefit from, make money from, your failure.

Institutions destroy people. They sometimes destroy people quickly. Usually, however, it's a slow, eroding, toxifying collapse over the course of time. Aaron Swartz had enough notoriety and enough middle-to-upper-middle class technology connections that his story hit the headlines in a big way. The vast majority of these stories don't, especially if they involve people of a certain race and/or class. Especially if it's been accepted as "just the way things are."

The current constructs and power dynamics have lost legitimacy in the minds of all but the most conditioned.

What you have to do, pretty babies, is destroy its importance in your mind before it destroys you.

Get out from under the psychological weight of it however you can.

Step right out from under it.

Annihilate it.

Because it will crush you if you give it the chance.

Whatever is oppressing you so heavily right now doesn't matter.

Whatever is stressing you out doesn't matter. It's bullshit. Take responsibility for what's yours and get rid of the rest. Give it up to the universe, your higher power, God.

You're what matters.

You are loved.

Aaron Swartz is who mattered in that situation. Not a bunch of academic articles. Not a bunch of lawyers or universities trying to be the biggest, most fascist cunts they could possibly be. Swinging their dicks around by the letter of the (too often corrupted) law.

To a great extent, our institutions are devoid of humanity. But that doesn't mean we have to be.

Swartz's Venus (love) placement was in the sign of its detriment, Scorpio. Conjunct Pluto and square Moon-Mars in Aquarius, this indicates a sense of being isolated with what he faced, most likely throughout life. Transiting Saturn conjunct his natal Venus - and sitting there for months during a retrograde station - was cutting off the love flow even more.

One of the ways they crush us is by isolating us. They make us feel as if we're the only ones going through it, as if we're irretrievably damaged goods, as if we'll never have access to what's good in life.

Understand that whenever Pluto is involved, the roots of the situation are immensely complex. Each individual struggling is part of a massive Plutonic network struggling with the same thing. Venus, Juno, and Pluto are currently conjunct in Capricorn. We are not alone with this. You are not alone with this. Aaron wasn't alone with it, though he probably felt that way.

We have to work to connect with each other, even though it's hard, and to love and care for each other, or they've got us. They've stripped us of one of the primary things that makes life worth living on this planet - our loving, compassionate humanity, given and received.

Aaron Swartz fought to get necessary information to the people. He believed in the free flow of knowledge. Natal Saturn-Uranus-Juno in Sagittarius. His belief was an Aquarian era belief: if people need to know something, they should have access to what they need to know. This benefits, improves, and advances dignified human life. Aaron was a water-bearer. Aries North Node disposited by Mars in Aquarius.

I'm a water-bearer, too. I know that astrology, applied properly and responsibly, can save lives. I think astrology could possibly have saved Aaron Swartz's life. Astrology is another example of knowledge being kept from people when they need it.

You see how transits can provide temporary increases in difficult themes and pressures. The key word, though, is temporary. To get a road map of these transits and their timing, rather than being left alone with the nightmarish emotional and psychological weight of them, could have helped keep Aaron here, and that would have benefited a lot of people.

Aaron had public opinion on his side. MIT itself seemed wishy washy on the charges. The trial would have been arduous, but, even if convicted, he probably would not have been left with anywhere near the maximum sentence or fine.

Saturn in Scorpio would have been a maturing transit for Aaron. If he had lived through it, he would have gone from free-wheeling young prodigy to seasoned, stealthy, strategic freedom fighter. One here for the long haul.

He blazed out, and I wish he hadn't.

What I want to say right now is this: we're going through some rough, early-Aquarius waters on this planet over the next few years. I want you all to live through it with me. To do what we need to do to create change. And to be stronger for it.

Understand, if you're going through hell, there are hundreds, thousands, millions more who are going through it right alongside you. They're living almost the exact same story...or worse.

You're never alone. Please reach out when you need to. Express what's going on to those you trust, even though it's hard.

They keep us isolated in shame and embarrassment. Feeling like damaged goods. Feeling abnormal. Don't be ashamed. There isn't one thing we need to be ashamed of. It's the ones enforcing this violence who should be ashamed.

Reach out. Get the support you need. Don't let their hell constructs take you down.

Pluto in Scorpios, this is for you: You know something about astrology if you are reading this site. You see this stuff. You know what your peers are going through over the next couple years - even if they don't - because the astrology sets the scene.

Please know that astrology is here to help you. Good, responsible, properly applied astrology is one of the only things that helps the hardcore Scorpio/Pluto cases. Access it when you need it, and use the knowledge to help the people around you.

Aaron Swartz information source: The Telegraph obituaries


Lea said...

I sobbed my way through this post, and am still sobbing. So well written. So true. Thank you for the helpful advice to those like myself who are feeling crushed under the weight of this Saturn transit through Scorpio. Thank you for reminding us that this is temporary and how astrology can mitigate the fears and hopelessness sometimes overwhelming us . When I can think clearly I will link this article to something I will post on meveafer 1120y blog. You are such a treasure, Willow.

Willow said...

I'm so sad this guy is gone.

Willow said...

I cried over this kid, too. Wow. So sad he's gone.

And a Venus in Scorpio love deficit. That's a subject close to my own Venus Rx in Scorpio heart.

I feel like my brand of love could have helped this guy, and it's terrible that I or somebody else couldn't help him with it.

Then today I heard my friend's family's dog was run over by the school bus while her kids watched. Kids got off the bus sobbing.

One of those times. I tell ya.

You're such a treasure, too, Lea.

Diane said...

If that is truly him in the picture provided by The Telegraph then he already had his halo before he left this cold, cruel world. Still I can't help but believe this looks suspicious. Suicide or murder, either way, he's gone and it's obscene. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Willow. We have to get used to staring this monster down and you have imho the most elegantly honest way of encouraging us [at least this reader] to do just that. You are a blessing.

Joe said...

Heap on as many toxic threats, toxic debts, toxic institutions, toxic procedures, toxic red tape, toxic food, toxic air, toxic information, toxic energy fields as you can. Weaken the systems until they implode on their own.

There's so much blazing truth here, cutting through the crap to give us some air to breathe and room to wiggle free, if we can. I work in mental health, and daily I see and hear from my client what you're describing-- the toxic meds, the toxic debt, the toxic hopelessness, and so on.

As a Pluto in Libra, I hereby vow to tell each one of them, as much as I think they can handle, in words they can grasp, what you said about institutions crushing us. Thank you, Willow.

Jasons said...

I didnt cry but did on the inside, probably because i have a scorpio moon and saturn is on it right now, And anything that reminds me of my past i tend to intelllectualize it for comfort.

i just told my 10 year aqua sun libra ascendant tauras moon friend of my attempt at 17 this sunday, im 32 now... that landed me in a ft lauderdale mental hospital. And that was one of the things i told him that, id never attempt it now with seeing all of my life written in the stars, its too beautiful not to finish the story, no matter how trying. It helps immensley to see that exactly what you went through is in some random books called astrology, heals the pain shows there is much reason for it. And that its a transit. And more than likely chosen by yourself in conjunction with the universe before coming here for your evolution. Astrology saved any future second attempts for me.

I know all to well insitutions, being C.P.S or "social services" and juvinal justice system was part of my life from 7 years old, i mean no intrusion on his condolences, off of him but what they did to me and my famiy down here. Im am the "some people have it worse guy" I also went to jail for something i didnt do. And spent the rest of my childhood from 12 on in grouphomes. Could be my scorpio moon or my venus in the 27 "weeping willow" degrees of pisces.

Anyway, my mercury is in pisces also hence the spelling but this blog post sensitized PL 3rd house moon in scorpio 4th uranus in the 4th placements and my bear your wounds publicly chiron in the 10th, and its not about me, so anyway willow just amazing writing u do here and as soon as my saturn gets off my moon and i develop more of my NN 1st leo qualities. I should come into some money agian and im donating ASAP.

I hope he can feel your post if he can, i know he would be so deeply in gratitude for what you so beautifilly wrote and stuck up to him and other PLuto in Scorpio generations for.

Willow said...

"id never attempt it now with seeing all of my life written in the stars, its too beautiful not to finish the story, no matter how trying."

This is how astrology would help people. One of the ways.

You don't have to donate, Jason. Just donate your comments! :-)

Anonymous said...

Willow....THE refreshing! Our biggest hurdle is getting over the fact that the truth is ugly, indeed.....We are living with demons, that's what I was told.....

Anonymous said...

Willow -
Absolutely beautiful post. However, I also wonder if Obama and his staff have utilized, once again, features of the NDAA. After the Sandy Hook incident, two prominent anti-gun legislation advocates both ended up dead, under mysterious circumstances. Aaron sounds like he had the potential to be a very sharp thorn. At this point in time, w/ the gloves coming off, suiciding someone wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility.

Thanks again for sharing your writing. Your analysis, especially the empathy pouring through, are sublime!


Willow said...

RIP Aaron Swartz by Cory Doctorow

"I don't know for sure whether Aaron understood that any of us, any of his friends, would have taken a call from him at any hour of the day or night. I don't know if he understood that wherever he was, there were people who cared about him, who admired him, who would get on a plane or a bus or on a video-call and talk to him.

Because whatever problems Aaron was facing, killing himself didn't solve them. Whatever problems Aaron was facing, they will go unsolved forever. If he was lonely, he will never again be embraced by his friends. If he was despairing of the fight, he will never again rally his comrades with brilliant strategies and leadership. If he was sorrowing, he will never again be lifted from it.

Depression strikes so many of us. I've struggled with it, been so low I couldn't see the sky, and found my way back again, though I never thought I would. Talking to people, doing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, seeking out a counsellor or a Samaritan -- all of these have a chance of bringing you back from those depths. Where there's life, there's hope. Living people can change things, dead people cannot.

I'm so sorry for Aaron, and sorry about Aaron. My sincere condolences to his parents, whom I never met, but who loved their brilliant, magnificently weird son and made sure he always had chaperonage when he went abroad on his adventures. My condolences to his friends, especially Quinn and Lisa, and the ones I know and the ones I don't, and to his comrades at DemandProgress. To the world: we have all lost someone today who had more work to do, and who made the world a better place when he did it."

Willow said...

Eric, I wouldn't doubt that someone this talented would be suicided. My initial reaction is always to doubt the official suicide story. The fact that the anti-gun activists (two now?) are dead too is notable, for sure. I really don't know.

I do know most of the sources I've seen as far as parents/friends seem conducive to suicide. They don't seem to be questioning it.

If it were suicide, he did it during the Dark of the Moon in Capricorn. That was a harsh one with conjunctions to Venus and Pluto lingering overnight. No light by which to see. And he had his own natal Venus-Pluto action going on, too.

If it were murder, it was planned to coincide with the Dark of the Moon/New Moon in Capricorn. With Pluto involved, it was a big, cutthroat institutions type of time, regardless.

Could be treachery, but I think it was a failure in him getting the love and support he needed.

We have to make sure this doesn't happen.

Willow said...

That's the thing about astrology...

Sometimes the time is just ripe for events like these to coincide.

But people also plan events like these by astrology/occult. Especially if they're sacrificial martyr or "sending a message" events.

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit older than Aaron, Pluto in Leo to be exact, but I too have a real famous institution bearing down on me through their own incompetence, negligence and out right lies. It concerns only me and the organization but I can tell you the stress is MAJOR so I can only imagine what this poor kid went through. I hope these bastards get what they deserve and it would be great if it doesn't stop with MIT. It should be an interesting 11 more years until Pluto moves into Aquarius. BTW, how is Pluto affecting the Leo gang? Are we still going to experience some difficulties ?

jason said...

I noticed a link between my Capricorn 6th house ruling health, I think it really means Government and authorities are the cause of most of my stress and health problems. I have had a front seat of so many court houses, been giving up by my mother to the State of Colorado. I remember first making that link, felling shocked and then calm because this is what is meant to be.

I think it can show where you feel restricted, and in daily routine I dread the goings about to pay bills or do the slightest paperwork. Even writing or cashing checks is hard and gives me barely a pleasure. I dread banks there fake fronts are no better than a someone with an addiction telling me to have a good or blessed day because they want money for there habit. Wouldn't have said a thing to me otherwise so you don't really mean it.

But I think it does mean for all leo Ascendants daily go abouts for Government is especially hazardous for health and to be kept at a minimum as a empty house.

Im soo glad my mercury in Pisces because it saves me by making me incapable of doing many of there Tasks. so i get lucky not being scammed and not easily used as mercury's who want to prove themselves by doing just anything.It Makes me like uber hippy fuck taxes who has time to write and keep reciepts. My favorite line for reciepts offical letters notifications is I do not live my life on paper.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post, Willow. I appreciated your emphasis on the need for us to stay connected and the need to combat inhumane institutions with love and humanity which is a greater force. It's tough though. Thanks for your strong words which offer inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I work for à big institution in Ottawa (ya, THAT big fucking institution). Let me tell you that shit's really fucked up around here lately ( more than usual). Us underlings ( mostly plutos in lib and plutos in scorpio) are really feeling the heat. Willow, you express my reality with such lucid acuracy, its sureal. Thanks for being there And proviging guidance during this trying time.

(8H taur sun, 4H aqu moon, 12H lib pluto, libra ascendant)

Sofia said...

Hi Willow my name is Sofia enjoy your articles very much cant wait to purchase a reading im actually very fortunate this year because im a recipient of different settlements and i can do thank the government for the system finally work in my favor venus in scorpio is the ultimate extent everything or nothing in love im involved with someone we have composite venus trine Saturn and Pluto from the 12th house Saturn and Pluto is in libra cant wait to get a reading from you ill be your fan forever because we think alike,Sofia,Royal palm beach,Fl

Yeshe said...

Thank you for writing this. I am of the Pluto in virgo generation but have the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of the 60's sitting on my midheaven. I so identify with this younger generation. I feel the looming darkness, both personally coming from family members directed at me, and broader, poltically and socially. I struggle everyday to not "give up" under the weight of it. I have had to slow down and crawl into my sanctuary and reah out to the spiritual realms. May he find his way through the darkness.....

Willow said...

Don't give up, Pluto in Virgo! You're needed. :-)

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Your writing on this post is masterful. Such power. If it was music, it would be a composition by John Coltrane. I mean it.

Willow said...

Thank-you very much.

Anonymous said...

This is very emotional and is so poignantly written. Thank you for reminding us of the bigger picture through your writing. It is very sad about Aaron, may his soul rest in peace.

racecapet said...

Beautifully put. Thank you for writing this.

Ruth said...

Aaron's story didn't make me cry either. It seemed somehow grimly familiar to me, especially when I saw that huge, long indictment of ludicrous, trumped up charges against him.

I am an academic working in law (Pluto in Libra square Moon in Capricorn, so feeling it all to the personal core,as so many of us are). Like all jobbing academics I've poured myself into work that has then been alienated from me by absorption into a search engine like JSTOR. If I were to make my work freely available I'd probably be in breach of THEIR copyright over my work! Same for all my colleagues. We have to, for our 'careers'. The old Capricornian trap in action.

Aaron's courageous act exposed the murky politics of 'knowledge' in this era of bureaucratic oppression and lies.

Willow, I should add that you have certainly helped to save my life when I was many times ready to give up and opt out of this Plutonic hell we are living in. The relentless institutional and personal bullying (from a commercial lawyer, who'd have thunk it?), the sense of failure because I couldn't imagine being a person who didn't define myself according to institutional and traditional versions of 'success'; and according to those, I was a clear failure and the world was better off without me. I believed this for a long time and sometimes it's still with me. Because only people like you are giving the real story and articulating what should be a normal expression of human solidarity.

So thank you Willow again. Aaron sadly won't be the last to be snuffed out by the forces of darkness, of course. I have 'come out' about my own suicidal despair- at least, I no longer apologise for it; why the heck should I?- and the reaction of most is to turn away from me in fear or disgust. Thank god people like you are addressing what really lies behind the desire to self destruct.

Willow said...

Thank-you so much for that comment, Ruth.

Willow said...

So Aaron Swartz had a blog.

Apparently, the last blog entry was dated November 1, and it was a review for The Dark Knight Rises.

The blog isn't up anymore, but there is someone named Connie Reynolds talking about it in this thread:

One of the lines from his review of it: "Thus, Master Wayne is left without solutions. Out of options, it's no wonder the series ends with his staged suicide."

So all these high-profile 'young people dying' links (Aurora, Sandy, Hook, Swartz) to The Dark Knight Rises...

And The Dark Knight franchise has already proven to be very fucked up with deaths of stars and crew, weird accidents, all kinds of insanity.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou so much for this article. I am a pluto scorpio. HELL yes the only way to describe it. I will be sure to share this with all the others I know.

You right astrology does save lives. I have struggled with depression, suicidal thoughts and have tried committing suicide before. Astrology has really helped me though, everything I ever read is so accurate for the given time period that I know all I can is sit through it and learn from it.
I feel like all bonds and ties have been taken from me, trapped animal is one way to explain it. It feel like death sentence to know that this is going to go on for the next 10 years but certainly wont be going down without a fight... thanks again for writing this and to all of you astrologers!