Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Uranus Direct on Zero Aries (The Fukushima Degree) at the Gemini Full Moon Eclipse

See these punk rock cacti? With Uranus direct in Aries, this is your power symbol. Let your spikes show.
Photo: Willow

Gemini Full Moon total lunar eclipse (18 degrees) - December 10 at 8:36 a.m. Central.

The Gemini Full Moon on December 9/10 is a total lunar eclipse that falls less than three degrees from the point of this upcoming spring's Venus Transit. This eclipse, conjunct the nodal axis, triggers a sort of cosmic shakedown landslide, even if only internally. Things start to come unhinged here, leading into an ongoing reorganization process that carries us into late summer 2012.

The Venus Transit is an eclipse of the Sun by Venus during which we are able to observe Venus passing across the surface of the Sun as it orbits between the Sun and Earth. Astrologically, this event will be marked by a conjunction of the Sun and Venus retrograde at 15 degrees Gemini on June 5, 2012.

Venus Transits occur in pairs in the same sign, eight years apart (one Venus cycle), and they do not happen often. The last Venus Transit - the pair to this one - occurred June 8, 2004. The most recent Venus Transits prior to the 2004/2012 set occurred December 1874/1882 in Sagittarius. The next set will occur in December 2117 and 2125, also in Sagittarius.

Suffice it to say, it's a noteworthy event during our stay on planet Earth.

Uranus stations direct on zero Aries - the birth point of the zodiac - in the early morning of December 10 (1:04 a.m. Central) just as the Moon, visible to us, is reaching peak fullness in Gemini.

Uranus in Aries now moves direct into the first of seven exact squares to Pluto in Capricorn June 24, 2012.

Gemini and Mercury as Symbols That Things Are Not Exactly As They Appear

Gemini is the mutable air sign symbolized by the twins. It's a sign of dual meaning and dual, or even multiple, realities. Ruled by winged messenger planet Mercury, Gemini gathers and deposits information - the messages - in an almost constant stream of words, ideas, and non-verbal communication traveling in and out. Gemini has to keep the flow going, passing received information along and making new connections, or risk getting bogged down, something it can't stand for long. Gemini is characterized as light, changeable, social, communicative, ever-networking, ever-connecting, ever-adapting, ever-juggling, ever-moving.

Gemini's glyph is the Roman numeral II, which also represents two pillars. Back in the day, statues of twins were used to guard gates, doorways, and entrances. They still are.

Gates, doorways, and entrances, you say.

A version of Mercury called The Golden Boy stands atop the legislative building in the city where I currently live. This reflects the dual purpose of the building and of the activities that go on within it. The legislative building is full of masonic symbolism. They even do guided tours pointing it out, declaring that the purpose of it all is to elevate humankind. (Where have I heard that before?) On the outside of the building is a statue of the "Indolent Man," with a half-kneeling woman, the spirit of progress, beckoning him into the new land of promise. A common theme. All those opposed to their version of progress fall into the indolent (unenlightened, unaware, asleep, dense, lower, 3D) category, including all those ever-so-indolent native Canadians forced off their land for the sake of this "new land of promise." These indolents just don't know what's good for them, do they?

The legislative building is considered the masonic headquarters for the province and was built using the their own special brand of numerological measurement. It contains a Grand Staircase room measuring 66.6 feet on every side (666). That's one staircase I don't believe I'll be ascending (descending?). Gemini is associated with the number 3, but I won't give you the "33rd degree" if you didn't know that.

The Hoover Dam is another place chock full of masonic symbolism, particularly of the Geminian/Mercurial variety. This includes twin 30-foot bronze statues of winged figures named the Winged Figures of the Republic as well as two sets of twin obelisks/pillars . There's also a star map of the sky on the day the dam was dedicated (so the extraterrestrials will know when it was completed), as well as representations of the 12 signs of the zodiac and the Pleiades, particularly the fixed star Alcyone, the central star of the Pleiades cluster. The Pleiades and Alcyone are considered unfortunate influences. At the time the dam was built (1931 - 1936), the Pleiades was located on the anaretic degree of Taurus, which represents the master builder. As of 2011, the Pleiades, including Alcyone, is at zero Gemini.

The dam is located between the U.S. states Arizona and Nevada and was built to generate power. It was also built as a massive symbol. The very existence of the dam acts as a messenger, a symbol of man's (supposed) building genius and elevation of himself above nature - another common masonic theme. (All expanses of nature in the city where I'm living have been wiped out or overdeveloped - the stamp of the egocentric male mason, I'm thinking.)

In the case of the Hoover Dam, it is the harnessing and controlling of water - the Colorado River - for man's own purposes, earning entrance for the elevated ones into the Age of the Water-bearer. (There. We did it. Now we get to "level up!")

The construction of the dam took place between 1931 and 1936 during the Great Depression (providing cheap, desperate labour), which was also, as you might recall, the time frame of the last Uranus-Pluto square series in Aries and Cancer respectively.

Oh, what a glorious wonder of the Earth! Built on the blood of 112 men and the shortened lives of hundreds more due to horrific working conditions. But what's a little collateral human damage when the elevation of the chosen ones is the end result?

There are those who glory about the majesty and wonder of the pyramids, and there are those who would not fall for a sham built on slave labour and human lives.

So we have a total lunar eclipse in Gemini, precursor to the Venus Transit in Gemini in June 2012, just as Uranus moves direct on the first degree of the zodiac. You see the "gateway" symbolism.

This Gemini eclipse is a dividing point, a separation into two, as we officially move forward (again) at the threshold of the new astrological era. It's a divergence point, the divergence point - a shaking to the core and rapid, eclipse-initiated backdrop change between ages that deepens dramatically this spring.

Can we expect the deadly "symbolic events" to start unfolding like clockwork via Global Governors following their orders? I'm sure it's on the docket.

Uranus Direct at Zero Aries - the Degree of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

The last time Uranus was on this exact point was March 22, 2011. That was 11 days after a HAARP-induced earthquake directed at Japan created mass death, destruction, and ongoing nuclear disaster. As Uranus last moved over this place in the zodiac, we were 11 days into the nightmare unfolding (still unfolding) at Fukushima, just starting to wrap our minds around the magnitude of it. Due to almost complete media black-out - and superficial coverage when there is any - we are not all that much closer to understanding the full extent of what we're dealing with this time around.

The real messenger has been muzzled. Proxies have been put in place to fill minds with information devoid of meaning, immediacy, or context. We have a nuclear disaster on our hands the scope of which has never been seen on this planet. Cellular structures are being altered without our permission.

Nuclear fuel has melted through the containments at three nuclear reactors, creating an ongoing release of radioactive materials into the air, soil, and water. Into the bodies of the Japanese people and into bodies of people throughout the northern hemisphere.

A Japanese television host who ate fish and produce from the Fukushima area on air to prove it was safe has now been diagnosed with acute lymphatic leukemia. A media figure getting sick gets some press. The others didn't and won't.

And all this perfectly timed for some bizarre, Global Governor-implemented shift into their version of green energy...

As videos of sick, irradiated, disfigured children from the aftermath of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster are brought to the viewing public, we're reminded that Fukushima is far from the only nuclear disaster we're living through on this planet. Mothers in Fallujah, Iraq have now been told by doctors to stop having babies due to the overwhelming number of birth defects and deformities related to radioactivity from U.S. depleted uranium munitions.

And people really think it matters a good Goddamn if their kid gets into that oh-so-prestigious pre-school? If their birthday parties have the best bouncy castles in the neighbourhood? If they get that ever-coveted seventh trip to Disney World?

People are living their personal lives almost entirely without context.

The media supports and reinforces this.

My local newspaper just ran an editorial stating that nuclear energy is still our best option. No update of the ongoing situation in Japan. This can be expected in the country that is the second-largest producer of uranium on the planet. Anti-nuke sentiments are bad for business.

Photo: Willow

This Gemini eclipse marks the beginning of a huge split. It's not even a split. It's a shattering of the Piscean "oneness" trying everything in its power to keep us one easily controllable 99% mass into billions of sharp-edged, never-say-die, middle-finger-raising pieces.

And don't let anyone tell you at whom or at what to direct that middle finger. That's to be determined by you and you alone.

This eclipse-initiated divergence relates to broad, big picture stuff - the direction we take on this planet from here on out - but our smart, precise, crystal clear self-direction leads the way. This Full Moon eclipse (Gemini Moon opposite Sagittarius Sun) forms a mutable t-square with Mars in Virgo, well into its retrograde shadow. The mutable t-square is repeated June 4, 2012 with a Sagittarius Full Moon (Sagittarius Moon opposite Gemini Sun) partial lunar eclipse opposing the Sun-Venus in Gemini and squaring post-retrograde Mars in Virgo one day prior to the Venus Transit. The Venus Transit conjunction in Gemini June 5, 2012 also, of course, falls within tight square to Mars in Virgo.

Any intellectual laziness that has kept people drifting along in a Piscean era sea of memes, idioms, mantras, and soft-lit, wishful-thinking partial truths needs to be sharpened quickly, or it will come back to haunt as only Pisces can.

As Uranus pulls out of its direct station on the freshest degree there is, don't mince words. If ever there were a time frame on this planet when how you really feel, what you really think, and what you really believe needed to be the impelling force, this is that time frame. Anything done to diminish one's effect, to quiet one's voice, to fit in with the crowd is now pretty close to meaningless. Understanding this ahead of the pack puts you at the leading and most relevant edge. Uranus in Aries doesn't care about being socially acceptable or "normal." It doesn't care about polite dinner party conversation. Uranus is looking to push us way out there into our most real, raw, radical, and instinctual selves. It demands freedom, independence, and individuation at almost any cost, and at this point, crystallized, outdated social mores and concepts of normality are just begging for Uranian lightning strikes.

We're about to experience a complete reorganization under the Aquarian classification system.

Things are being busted up into full-on Aquarian diversity, and that isn't as warm and fuzzy, love and lighty as it perhaps sounds. Things are about to get a little raw and a little weird - or rather, more so.

Don't be surprised if who people are under the Aquarian umbrella is not who they were under the Piscean. Don't be surprised if people you've known forever suddenly seem like strangers. From a previous post: "As we move forward from here, people we thought we knew are going to surprise us - in pleasant ways and in not so pleasant - and radical relationship breaks can come almost out of nowhere, especially if people have been putting things off."

Like the flick of a switch, our meaning and context, the particular layers of ourselves at the forefront, shift.

For those who have been clinging to old forms and ideals, attempting to re-create the same old scenes with a slightly different colour palate, things could take the harsher Uranian track - shocking, stunning, jarring, emotionally traumatizing.

For those who have been moving with the show from the get-go, this transition will probably be refreshing. We're about to get some movement. If you're ready, here we go.

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Anonymous said...

I'm ready... Got nothing left to lose... Let's shake this shit up and bring about the necessary changes... Uranus is heading for another pass with my 2 degree natal Jupiter and then onto my 24 degree, 12th house Aries sun... All squaring up on my 7 degree Cappy moon... Here we go. My Heavens, Willow, you are seriously in possession of some mad astrological skills... I really do learn from your posts. You're more bad-ass than a Honey Badger, for reals!

QueenBeeforShort said...

I am ready!

This includes being ready to tell a certain Pisces to go fuck herself. But I have a feeling she's already received that message.

In any case, great article. Let's roll...

Stay cool! Please. And I LOVE the cacti. 'Cacti' is one of my favorite words.

Sherri said...

I'm ready. Let's do this. Enenews says Fukushima has gone China Syndrome so I might as well get it all out.

Lady Longstride said...

@ Anon - nothing left to lose alright!...
And death to the entwinement with a Piscean shitbag.....
the haunting continues....

Anonymous said...

Lots of personally relevant stuff in this article. My birthday is June 6, hell of a solar return chart I am guessing (haven't looked at it yet).

Wondering what the vendetta against Pisces is all about. I know the Pisces stuff well. In others and in myself. My creativity is well supported by it but pragmatic realities are greatly hindered, although Venus in Taurus on my relocated MC add to the "joy of pleasure and sloth." Mars-Uranus-Pluto-NN in my first keeps it real "ish" however and the pleasures simple, i.e. comfort food, nature, music, sex?

bill said...

I am a mean punk when it comes to people posting crap on Facebook, but now just recently, one of my more mild friends there has sent everyone a notice essentially asking, "give me a good reason why I shouldn't unfriend you?"
To me, this is something I should have thought about first, but now, apparently it's a societal meme.

Willow said...

Getting that notice would probably make me unfriend the person who sent it. Unless we were really good pals.

TheHoneyBadgerSpeaketh said...

Honey Badger will be placing punk cacti outside his abode.

Yes the Honey Badger is a Willow's Web reader.

Uranus back to the fukushima point makes even Honey Badger a bit nervous.

Deb said...

Yeah, if we were really good pals I'd defriend away anyway just to fuck with them.


Willow said...

At least Honey Badger has a nice den beneath the earth.

I guess he's one of the chosen ones.

TheHoneyBadgerSpeaketh said...

Den actually belongs to Mrs. Honey Badger. Mr. Honey Badger only stays there.

He does clean the grotto though.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for another great article Willow. Note as well that Ceres at about 19 degrees of Pisces makes this eclipse part of a potent grand cross. And of course, Ceres = survival, sustenance, nurturance, issues of "shared custody," including our shared custody of planet Earth and her resources.

Jasmine said...

I can hardly believe so few people are registering what is going on politically right now.

Thanks to sites like WUWT the whole World Govt political scam centred on the false premise and manufactured 'science' of AGW/ 'climate change' is unravelling fast - so the Global Govt elite using the UN as its vehicle have finally shown their hand:

Meanwhile in Europe, the EU Commission - our real Govt which is unelected - has moved to remove elected heads of state and replace them with WG shills (one of whom is the ex Goldman Sachs honcho largely responsible for the sub-prime fiasco).

On the back of that, they have just completed another coup, to take charge of the economies of all the Eurozone, inc having full fiscal and monetary rights of veto; the UK's refusal to stand may save what little democracy we still enjoy but I'm not holding our much hope:



gannabanna said...

Willow! are you in Victoria? Golden boy sounds veeeerrrry familiar! lets be friends! ;)

Willow said...

No, I'm not, but I'm sure all the Parliament buildings have some variation of this fuckery going on!