Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Precession of the Equinoxes, Shifting Astrological Eras and '2012'

I'd like to make it clear (as clear as possible with five planets in Pisces, which might be not very) that when I write about the Piscean and Aquarian eras, I'm talking about the precession of the equinoxes - the shift in placement of the Sun at March equinox from the sidereal (physical) constellation of Pisces into the sidereal constellation of Aquarius. 

This physical shift in the Sun's placement relates to the end of the astrological Piscean era and the beginning of the Aquarian - a time frame we are currently living through. (Recall that the position of the bodies in the sidereal zodiac/physical constellations shift over time. They don't in the tropical zodiac.) 

Uranus re-entering Aries March 11 marks the official end of the eight-year Uranus in Pisces - Neptune in Aquarius mutual reception. We've been experiencing this mutual reception since Uranus entered Pisces March 10, 2003, and it neatly winds up almost exactly eight years later on March 11, 2011. 

I read this mutual reception as the most strongly interwoven crossover period between astrological eras, and it now draws to a close. The ingress of Uranus into the first sign of the zodiac (Aries) combined with the conclusion of the mutual reception makes this an important birth point as far as new cycles go - picking up on the seeds planted in the summer of 2010 with the cardinal t-squares. 

We now start to experience a separation and shift into a stronger Aquarian overlay, tipping the scales out of astrological tail-end Pisces. 

All this relates to a very basic astrological idea - that when the planets shift signs, we shift into the different energetic themes, overlays and events that correspond with that sign. 

When the outer planets shift signs, it's broad, social/collective/global change that also affects us personally. Macro and micro are inter-related. 

Within the span of three years (2008-2011), we will have experienced all the outer planets changing signs. Pluto ingressed Capricorn January 25, 2008, Uranus ingressed Aries (initially) May 27, 2010, and Neptune ingresses Pisces April 4, 2011. We also have Chiron newly in Pisces. Big, multi-layered shifts. 

We'll be adopting and experiencing more Aquarian characteristics and themes in this new terrain, but there will still be a very strong Piscean flavour with Neptune in its domicile Pisces for 15 years and Chiron in Pisces for eight. 

Neptune moves from Aquarius into Pisces April 4, 2011, retrograding into Aquarius and re-entering Pisces for good February 3, 2012. 

There's no way to determine the exact date of the precession of the March equinox from sidereal Pisces to Aquarius. From the most commonly used astrological calculations of 2,160 years for each era, we have another 150 years of Pisces to go. 

Again, we don't just sweep all the mess and unlearned Piscean lessons under the rug and move into Aquarius, as many seem to be preaching. There is also the idea these days that we are completing an entire cycle of precessions through the whole twelve-sign zodiac, which is just under 26,000 years. I haven't been able to completely prove this to myself as of yet, and it isn't my area of research, so I can't say one way or the other. What I do believe is that you can take almost any cross-section, analyze it and come up with similar findings: we're living through big times, big shifts and lots of changes, and you can see this from the micro-est micro to the macro-est macro. 

What makes sense to me is the idea that the end of one astrological era and beginning of another is multi-layered. This has especially been the case during the Uranus-Neptune mutual reception, and this is why so many have been pouring the coal to it over the past eight years. We have been intensely challenged to complete and master certain aspects of the Piscean era, holding and applying that wisdom and understanding, while simultaneously anchoring and taking steps into the beginning of the Aquarian. These challenges continue. 

We're in both eras simultaneously in a lot of ways, working to make the best transition we can. It's been bizarre, demanding, bumpy as hell and touch-and-go at times. These are some of the themes I navigate on this blog. I do believe we're in a time period of important tipping points and directional openings on this planet between the two astrological overlays. I think our personal choices and directions matter greatly and have vast ripple effects at this time. This is why I think it's so important to ensure that we're directing ourselves according to our own deep, personal knowledge and beliefs rather than being caught up unaware in movements that do not have the best interests of humanity at heart. 

The end of the Mayan calendar or '2012' is not the same as the precession of the equinoxes, although there are people who correlate the two. 

Using astrology certainly does not mean you accept the ideology that is being promoted around the date of December 21, 2012. I'm also not referring to the New Age version of the Age of Aquarius with the tie-in to One World Government, One World Religion, global unity consciousness, "all paths leading to God" (ha), the fifth dimension, or creating a new reality for the true believers. 

I'm not talking your standard Fourth Reich New Age World Order, a global messiah, or a generation of messiah children who have come to save us by enlightening us and raising our vibrations and whatnot. (Keep your mitts off my vibration, please.) 

I'm not talking about traveling up the enlightenment paradigm ladder to achieve the consciousness of the Ascended Masters, guided by our Higher Selves, a couple gurus in India and a bookshelf full of New Age 101 lit. 

I'm talking in basic astrological terms. 

The North Node is in Sagittarius now disposited by Jupiter in Aries. Getting clear on our personal beliefs (and maybe more importantly, on what we don't believe), speaking up about it when necessary and directing ourselves accordingly are the keys to our successful progress here. This is how we head off and disempower the nightmare dystopia attempting to close in. 

As most people who read this blog are already aware, the "Universal Truths" of the New Age are not my truth. The words and advisements coming from their gurus and followers do not hold water with me. I hold no superiour, spiritual or otherwise, and this is the Aquarian era I would like to see for a free, healthy, unharassed and unfucked with humanity. 

I won't be shy about it. I believe the New Age movement and its doctrine are the spiritual arm of fascism. I believe that the Third Reich was connected to New Age doctrine just as I believe the Fourth Reich Global Governors and those handing out their orders are currently. I think it's part of a plan I do not wish to see become a reality on this planet. And I think a lot of people are passing this stuff along without a full awareness of what it is, where it comes from and what it's ultimate goals are. This is why I'm such a hard ass when it comes to deconstructing the New Age movement and exposing its roots. I don't see it as harmless, feel-good stuff. I see it as a spiritual control mechanism parasitizing people and keeping them from their true personal spiritual potency - a potency we desperately need more of on this planet. People deserve better. 

A couple posts I wrote on the subject in June when Uranus first dipped into Aries:  

Jupiter Conjunct Uranus in Aries: the Fourth Reich is Still Vicious and the New Agers are Still Dumbasses. More Change Required.  

Uranus in Aries and the Spiritual Supernova Point: Busting Out of the Structures that Will No Longer Contain Us  

Unfortunately, astrology has come to be understood as synonymous with New Age ideology in the minds of many people, which includes the 2012 furor. A lot of people are actually embarrassed to admit they are interested in astrology due to the associations with New Age. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Astrology is not New Age. Astrology is not a belief system. It's a symbolic language describing cycles and themes that we can use as a navigational tool. That's not all it is, but that's it in a nutshell. If it works for you, use it. If it doesn't, don't. I really don't mind. But please know that astrology is alive and well outside the confines of the New Age. 

Because so much astrology is insidiously merged with New Age doctrine, posts like this are necessary for differentiation. It's a continual effort. New Age doctrine is in the ethers in a lot of ways, forced to the saturation point, and with certain subjects, it tries to worm its way in. I watch my wording and try to change anything that might have a New Age tone or energy. I do my best, but this stuff is like sticky etheric honey laced with arsenic, oozing into every available opening. You just think you've rooted it out, and another tentacle finds its way in. 

It's very conflicting as I see, in this new city in which I'm living, how present and how organized New Age is. Again. Just like in the last city I lived in. It's everywhere, really. It's impossible, at this point, not to come into contact with it. So I just do my own thing. It's a very fine line to walk, though, and it's not a comfortable one.


Anonymous said...

A lot of people are actually embarrassed to admit they are interested in astrology due to the associations with New Age.

Count me as one of those people. I like my "New Age" beliefs sprinkled with a health dose of logical thinking. I like to meditate but I prefer my burger to come from a cow and it makes me cringe to have people tell me that my vibrations are making their space dirty. :|

~ Jacqueline

Thomistic Methods said...

Thanks for your selfless offerings. I check your blog almost daily, the integrity sticks out very clearly. You're an inspiration and give me the courage to follow my truth at sometimes great cost. Thanks again. Tim, Cape Town.

Alicia C said...

I believe that the Third Reich was connected to New Age doctrine
that's interesting. It actually IS proven and documented that Hitler was very much into all sorts of esoteric practices/beliefs, etc - one reason he bastardized the Shinto-based swastika - don't know more specifically but I know it's out there

thx for the clarity re. 2012! Exactly (and as i commented earlier) ppl hear about astro from me and then ask me "so what's your take on the Maya end-of-the-world!" hah! (the randomest ppl, too)

Theodore White said...

Very astute post Willow and spot on about the Nazi connection to the 'new age' movement of that era.

Lots of fun reading this particular piece. Remember to collect them all for your forth coming book in the future (oops) let that little mundane genie out of the bottle there...