Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ceres and Pluto in the Headlines: You Only Want Me For My Potash

Corporate consolidation (Pluto) in the agricultural sector (Ceres) continues at warp speed, and the race is on as the North Node in Capricorn exactly conjuncts Pluto, something that happens only every 17 years or longer. This Pluto-North Node conjunction in early Capricorn is creating a potent channel with the potential for major strategic progress toward long-term goals - both personally and collectively/globally.

As always, there are different ways to work with the prevailing astrological conditions, depending who you are and what you're doing with your time on this planet. With Pluto involved, the energies go to extremes.

Some of the Plutonic progress made here will be for the broadest, 'seven generations' type of good as far as unearthing core truths and realities, increasing awareness and empowerment, and working to extricate and liberate us from hell scenarios being purposefully triggered and unleashed on our planet. Using newly sharpened cataytic awareness of underlying energetic realities and newly unearthed Plutonic understanding and connections to shed the influence of pyramid-scheme hierarchical misery and suffering, driving ourselves forward in the spaces between those constructions.

With Pluto being the ruler of Hades, though, this channel will also be used in an attempt to further the goals of evil and cruelty on this planet. Here's where the Global Governors and their millions of minions come into play, jockeying for position to be current-day rulers of Hades, it seems.

This conjunction was exact November 9 after both Pluto and the North Node conjuncted Ceres, the Goddess asteroid related to grains, cereals and the fertility of the Earth. Purposefully-created worldwide food shortages, inflation on the price of food fuelling diabolical derivatives schemes, profiting from the starvation of the people, corporate GMO power grabs, criminalizing independently grown foods and natural supplements, raids on independent farmers - these are the Ceres-Pluto headlines, all aspects of the corporate move on food that has been slowly building.

Now is a quickening. Control the food; control the people.

But the corporate free-for-all climate seems to be taking a turn along the North Node path...

The Canadian government blocked the initial attempt at a hostile takeover of Saskatchewan's PotashCorp - the world's largest producer of potash - by Australian company BHP Billiton. Billiton was given until December 3 to come back with a sweeter deal but withdrew its bid instead. BHP Billiton controls potash interests, the rarest component in fertilizer, around the world and has a finger in many pies as the world's largest diversified resources group.

The idea of my home province, agrarian Saskatchewan, losing control of its potash industry turns my stomach. This turn of events doesn't mean the industry is now safe - the Canadian government seems to be open to more lucrative foreign offers - but this block is still good news for the people of Saskatchewan and for Canada. It's also a somewhat surprising move coming from Stephen Harper's Conservative government - especially as Harper returns from the latest G20 meeting of Global Governors in Seoul, Korea, this weekend.

This decision comes as Canadian fertilizer maker Agrium is bidding $1.1 billion to take over the Australian Wheat Board and has the Australian government crying foul along free trade lines.

The chair of the Australian Parliament's foreign affairs committee, Michael Danby, said in Canadian media, "I think you can’t selectively be a member of the World Trade Organization....Either you believe in free trade or you don’t."

Danby also said this type of protectionism shows a tightening of international markets that replicates the conditions of the Great Depression.

Let's recall that we are heading into a series of squares between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn - in effect now, but becoming exact seven times between June 2012 and March 2015. The last time Uranus squared Pluto, Uranus was also in Aries, but Pluto was in Cancer. Those squares were exact between April 1932 and January 1934 - right in the thick of the Great Depression. The stock market crash happened in 1929, three years before the first exact square, and the current (ongoing) economic collapse was triggered as Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008.

One of the reasons given for the block of the takeover was trends showing that potash prices are going to rise - making BHP Billiton's bid of $40 billion too low. Who would have thought sleepy little Saskatchewan would find itself with some of the hottest stocks on the market?

Potash is one of three key components in fertilizer (along with nitrogen and phosphate) and is the rarest component by far, with only 13 significant producers around the world. There's that Lucky 13 again.

Consolidated corporate control of fertilizer goes in lock-step with control of the seed supply, as the Big Six (DuPont, BASF, Monsanto, Syngenta, Bayer and Dow) rush to patent their "climate-ready" seeds, designed to grow in poor conditions, with less fertilizer. Hmm...

As manufactured weather crises create the conditions for grand-scale food shortages (as they have this past cardinal t-square summer), the corporate GMO-shleppers are going to be right there with their climate-ready seeds. Rising input costs is one of the major factors driving independent farmers out of business, and as the price of fertilizer rises (with supplies being consolidated in the hands of very few world players), there will be yet more pressure to use these GMO seeds.

But here we've got a big, uncharacteristic block from Stevie H, and it's not all friendly good times in the Global Governor/CEO clubhouse.

The feeding frenzy of hostile takeovers, mergers and strategic manoevres finds corporations swallowing each other (and government-owned resources) whole, and there is increasing viciousness in the ranks. Friend turns to foe in the blink of an eye under these types of transits, which will only be fuelled by the wildcard energy of Uranus in Aries beginning this March.

We're dealing with Capricorn here, and in general, these are slow and gradual movements, building over time. Big strategic moves are being made under this aspect and this web bot-alerted tipping point time - mostly in setting up new relationships (Saturn in Libra) as Obama and his cast of characters troll Asia under a deadly and symbolically erupting Mount Merapi.

The exact meaning of these strategic manoevres and relationships is Plutonically obscured. There is a delicate balance that the Global Governors need to manage and maintain - and they're keenly aware of this fact. They can't move too fast or get too power-hungry or they will trigger a revolt that reaches into the lives of even the most blissfully unaware Hockey/Soccer Moms and Doting, Dutiful Dads.

The North Node moves into Sagittarius March 3, and the conjunction to Pluto is strong into Spring Equinox 2011.


psychegram said...

A valuable analysis. Thank you.

I'm always surprised when the Harper regime does something that doesn't seem immediately evil ... and always skeptical. "What does he know?" I wonder. But at the same time ... just because that creepy-eyed smirking lizard is occupying the PMO doesn't mean that every single bureaucrat is one of his minions.

Well, here it is Nov 14 ... the tipping point was forecast to start at 6:50 am, Pacific Time, and so far nothing yet. Yet at the same time I awoke with a feeling of ... I don't know. Ease.

Well, not nothing: the top headlines at Google News right now involve the release of the Chandlers from Somali pirates, and the release of Suu Kyi from house arrest. Perhaps this is a bit of prookonomia?

Keep it up, Willow. I'm very happy to have found your blog.

Anonymous said...

It ain't over til it's over, Willow. On Nov 3, Hon Tony Clement said, 'BHP Billiton has 30 days to make any additional representations and submit any undertakings. At the end of that period, I will make a final decision.'
Meanwhile, the Oz PM is having a go at Herr H at the G20. And, puleez, let us not forget politics: altho 99% Sask MPs are Tories, Herr H cannot afford to lose a single one.
Course, if we was 'doing' agriculture a la Ceres, wouldn't be fighting over potash in the first place.

Willow said...

Ah, yeah. That's true. I updated the post with that info.

Willow said...

BHP Billiton has just withdrawn its bid. Hooray - for now.

mountaingirlblues said...

Lol, Willow I had to laugh, because when I saw your headline, I am like just change potash to energy and yes thats right!! I hope i'm not making these broader themes any less important than they are, because I love the depth and details of your political, humanitarian and altruistic blogs, its just as you know, I bring it down to the personal level and once again this theme is being explored on that level for me, just a thought on Ceres, being of grain and produce, and our body's convert that to energy, and pluto being about, fuel and transformation. When they meet on a personal level there can be much covert stealing and sourcing and coveting of personal Energy's, uncovered. Just a thought and some themes I am exploring... I am also wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same kinda theme?

Willow said...

The vultures are all around these days! I definitely think we're being made aware of where we (and the Earth) are being sapped/stolen from.

Willow said...

And now the Russians come courting.

Anonymous said...

Amazing Willow!! You are getting so clear and I thank you for sharing your thoughts. Cause now I know I'm not alone. Rock & roll!!

COW2000 said...

turns out people high up in the NSA have been playing the Potash markets, when I read this last night the first thing I thought of was "Wait, WWA had something about only being wanted for the Potash" and it's true:

Willow said...

Yes! Controlling fertilizer.

Willow said...

I recently discovered that George Soros has been buying in and out of Saskatchewan potash.

Buys in:

Then, as the hedge fund whores do, sells out:

I assume these types of hedge fund manoeuvres are the reason the price of potash is so volatile.

In 2016, Saskatchewan's PotashCorp merged with Alberta's Agrium to form a new corporation called Nutrien.