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Anaretic Degree Full Moons and the Movement of the Fixed Stars

Anaretic Degree Full Moons

October 22, 2010 - 29 Aries
November 21, 2010 - 29 Taurus
December 21, 2010 - 29 Gemini (total lunar eclipse)
January 19, 2011 - 29 Cancer
February 18, 2011 - 29 Leo

Thirteenth Degree New Moons

November 5, 2010 - 13 Scorpio
December 5, 2010 - 13 Sagittarius
January 4, 2011 - 13 Capricorn (partial solar eclipse)
February 4, 2011 - 13 Aquarius
March 4, 2011 - 13 Pisces
April 3, 2011 - 13 Aries

We've just experienced the second of our anaretic Full Moons at 29 Taurus.

As I've written previously, this series of anaretic Full Moons, in combination with the series of "Thirteenth Witch" New Moons, marks a six-month period of massive culmination points coupled with potent new triggered openings ahead of Uranus' ingress back into Aries in March of 2011.

That ingress marks the beginning of the official "whole new ballgame" on this planet, especially in light of the devastation being wrought by all those kooky End Times lovers. Where do we go from here? For those invested in staying on Planet Earth and improving conditions, that's becoming a tricky question to answer.

The new 13th degree openings are made possible by some long-hidden and long-suppressed realities suddenly being made visible. Energetic violations and abuses that have simmered beneath the surface are being busted wide open and aired, finally, in the collective - starting to gain traction now because they are simply too flagrant to turn a blind eye to at this point. Too many dots have been connected. People are starting to understand that it's all inter-related and it's not going anywhere, that none of it has ever been swept under the rug, not really.

And a cheer goes up from Plutonics across the land. Could it be that the masses are now getting a wee understanding?

The addition of the 13th witch - either literal or energetic symbolic - sets things into motion, triggering necessary alchemical tipping points as we pass through each New Moon doorway on our way back to the initial Uranus in Aries birth point of a brand new energetic paradigm on this Earth.

Here's our running start. There's no going back. Things are speeding up here at a point when we feel we can hardly tolerate much more. Processing massive energy changes and facilitating unfathomable shifts through our bodies, minds, energetic beings, relationships and placements in physical locations. For me, it's nowhere near as knock-me-on-my-ass overwhelming as it has been over the previous seven years of Uranus in Pisces-Neptune in Aquarius, but for others who have not been doing this kind of energetic work, it could be a rude awakening.

We're hurtling along as Venus gets back up to full speed direct in the Via Combusta. Drop, purge or burn away whatever you can now. Moving this fast and covering this much ground, we have to be as streamlined as possible. There are big propulsions going on here, and we need all the velocity we can muster. Being slowed down by our baggage - or worse, running headlong into someone else's - is something we can't risk. Don't take the bait. Duck and weave. Hitting a suitcase full of redundant Piscean Age bullshit at these speeds would not be pretty...

This is a pivotal time period in which it is being determined where we will be going, where we will be placed within the newly developing Aquarian fray, where our soul skills and abilities will carve out a new path compatible with what we're here on this planet to do during these times.

And we don't just sail through these New Moon portals easy peasy. Oh no. We have to work it, and it sure doesn't feel great. The North Node is conjunct Pluto, and in fact, our path through this mess feels like hell a lot of the time.

From a previous post:

"We have to work for new ground here, proving ourselves inside and out and displaying that we really have learned enough to move on from the Piscean era karmic loops...

Potent new energy will be streaming onto the planet and into our lives during these 13th degree New Moons with the potential to shake us out of some really embedded collective and personal yuck...but also with a requirement to bring things to a full conclusion with the anaretic Full Moons. If we don't do it right, if we don't get all of it, we don't enter any truly new territory. There's a rhythm here with these Moons where we can intuit how far we need to take things - and not a step farther."

As most know, a Full Moon is experienced when the Sun is exactly opposite the Moon, so each of these anaretic degree Full Moons happens with the Sun on the anaretic degree of the opposite sign. The anaretic degree is the last degree of a sign and is significant in that it is a degree in which we are challenged to master and apply what we've learned during previous degrees of the sign - or suffer the consequences. It's a make-or-break degree, complex and multi-layered, where to shirk our responsibilities means not moving forward, at the very least.

On the anaretic degrees, we're distilling the energetic lessons of the entire signs.

At these anaretic Full Moons, the Sun opposite the Moon creates a point of highest pulling tension, a harmonic tightening along the polarity that tunes up the full spectrum of energies and spins off whatever is not necessary moving forward, leaving us with a new mix to play with.

An interesting aspect of this time period is that just after we finish this series of New and Full Moons and Uranus re-enters Aries, the fixed star Scheat follows Uranus' path from 29 Pisces to 0 Aries. Scheat is a nasty character, associated with all those very unfortunate Piscean things like imprisonment, drowning, murder, suicide, shipwrecks, and sorrow. So at the very least, this should be one albatross lifted from beleaguered tail-end Pisces. What it will mean to have Uranus conjunct Scheat in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn...well, let's just focus on what we're doing now, shall we?

Interestingly, along with Scheat, many of the other fixed stars have fairly recently precessed from the 29th degree to the 0 degree. Lots of shifting going on.

Alrisha entered zero Taurus from Aries, Pleaides precessed to zero Gemini; Menkalinan precessed to zero Cancer, Aludra precessed to zero Leo, Regulus precessed to zero Virgo, Toliman shifted to zero Sagittarius, Sinistra shifted to zero Capricorn and Terebellum to zero Aquarius.

So whereas these anaretic Full Moons would have been happening exactly conjunct these fixed stars, we've got a little pressure taken off! Party.

Alrisha added a fortunate flavour to our October Aries Full Moon, especially along the lines of unity within groups.

Pleaides, the Seven Sisters, adds a downer vibe to the our recent Taurus Full Moon along the lines of accidents, blindness (hmm - maybe not just literal) and violence. This Full Moon also happened within a couple degrees of what many consider the nastiest, most evil and violent fixed star of the bunch, Algol. This star is associated with violence, beheading, hanging, choking, asphyxiation, electrocution, murder, mob violence. Good times. I think we could say with fair certainty that the stampede on the last night of a Cambodian water festival that killed 345 people and injured 320 more was a Taurus Full Moon conjunct Algol event.

Menkalinan continues the downward slide at our Gemini Full Moon with risk of ruin, disgrace, violent death - especially through pleasure-seeking (so no seeking of pleasure, you crazy kids!) - and a danger of earthquakes if associated with solar eclipse. Luckily, we are dealing with a lunar eclipse on this one. Earthquakes are not something we want to experience this December, especially after the horror of the Haiti earthquake last year, with millions still homeless and now a horrifying cholera outbreak, brought in more than likely by UN workers.

Aludra raises our spirits with the Cancer Full Moon. This star has a fortunate vibe involving good-hearted charitableness and faithfulness but with a hint of dangerous passions, a dash of danger from or fear of darkness and a slight liability to dog bites.

Our Leo Full Moon in February just ahead of the Uranus ingress keeps the good times rolling and should bolster our spirits, conjoined with what is considered by some to be the most benefic star in the universe, Regulus. This star is considered the most royal: Raphael, the healing archangel and watcher of the North. Nobility, ambition, alertness, great power, status and leadership are associated with a little bit of sudden downfall, accidents and violence just to keep things interesting.

Thanks to astrologer Rob Tillet for his fixed star information.

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