Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Harper to World: We'll Take Your Nukes...and Give Them to the Only Country Ever to Attack with a Nuke

Speaking of those nefarious Saturn in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn allegiances...

As Pluto heads more deeply into its retrograde period in early Capricorn, the "global governance" pushers (*cough* new world order *cough*) are meeting in Washington, D.C. in what is being called a Nuclear Security Summit.

Obama is playing the nuclear annihilation fear card here in hopes that all the world's nations will gladly hand over their nukes and enriched uranium to Big Daddy U.S.A., who surely has only the most altruistic of motives for taking on the world's nuclear stockpile.

And Canadians have yet another reason to be bursting with pride over our federal government, as our Prime Minister, Obama lapdog and NWO shill Stephen Harper, plays negotiating middle man.

"Harper is expected to promote a Canadian initiative Tuesday to help other countries secure their nuclear material.

On Monday, Canada said it would return its stockpile of enriched uranium to the United States, while Ukraine announced it will give up its stockpile of weapons-grade uranium by 2012 — and most of it this year.

Later Tuesday, Harper is expected to promote the global partnership on nuclear materials and call for its renewal.

The G8 signed on to the program at its 2002 summit in Kananaskis, Alta. Since then, the group has spent more than $600 million helping other countries decommission and secure their nuclear material."

Let's recall that Obama dropped the information about Iranian nuclear facilities into the world media at the last G20 Summit in Pittsburgh in September 2009, setting a confrontational atmosphere.

Here, he ramps things up a little, taking the next strategic step of "asking nicely" for all the world's nuclear weapons. Hmm...I wonder how the countries who don't want to be "globally governed" by this group of stooges are going to respond?

This is in preparation for the next G20 Summit, going on at the very same time as the next G8 Summit, in Ontario, Canada during that uber potent Capricorn eclipse exactly conjunct Pluto Rx/Cardinal T-Square on June 26. We can expect the next installment of this "disarming everyone but the United States" drama to unfold there.

Wow, I can't wait! Don't know about you guys.


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