Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mercury Re-enters Gemini Tonight...

At 8:47 p.m. MDT.

So today, Mercury is on the 29th degree of Taurus, and I have a headache. :) I've had one off and on since the final squares to the Aquarius triple conjunction.

The Moon at 29 Aquarius squared Mercury at 29 Taurus at 3 p.m. before it entered Pisces. A nice dissolution vibe.

It has been a difficult Mercury retrograde in a lot of respects. A lot of quite demanding mental processing with three sets of Mercury squares to the bodies in Aquarius. It's been hard to keep a handle on "where we are," even with the earthy Taurus influence. I've struggled with maintaining mental boundaries during this time and keeping unwelcome influences away. Unwelcome, invading thoughts had to be brought under control.

Mercury is still passing through the retrograde shadow, but it will enter new territory on Monday, June 15, at 1 degree Gemini.

Today is a day to just relax, cease any worrying or analyzing, and let Mercury finish doing its thing in Taurus.

I've had some neck and shoulder pain and stiffness in the last week (since the squares), and this has also been reported to me by other people. Pain and stiffness in these areas are to be expected with Mercury-Uranus contacts - Mercury in Taurus sextiled Uranus in Pisces and then squared Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter in Aquarius, which is ruled by Uranus.

Mercury-Uranus contacts relate to the difficulty of processing the sometimes blinding, lightning-strike insights of Uranus through our minds (and in Taurus, our bodies, as well) and integrating them in our day-to-day mindset, communications, ideas, interactions. Uranus uses our spines like lightning rods, and this seems to sometimes cause pain and stiffness as we attempt to process the energy and insight we're being infused with through the tops of our heads on down. Some sort of sticking point between the crown and throat chakras that we have to work out...

So with Mercury on the 29th (anaretic) degree of Taurus, we're challenged to really ground ourselves and mentally place ourselves on the Earth. Allow the understanding of where we are now to take its place in our tired, overloaded brains. :)


freeforall said...

Oh boy! Do I relate to this one! You can add another person to the list of those with headaches and stiff shoulders.

The Moon at 29 Aquarius squaring Mercury at 29 Taurus (exactly conjunct my South Node) around 3 pm explains the complete meltdown I had - yeah, bawling out in public! Too much stress this week,and I do intuitive readings (besides astrology) as a profession, so I've been picking up all kinds of crap from the collective to boot. The three planets in Aquarius have made it more difficult than usual to separate my stuff from the collective. Therefore, waaaay overstressed this week. I won't even mention the other planetary stresses on my chart.

Just glad to know that the Moon and Mercury have moved on.

Thanks for the article Willow!

tzm said...

All this 29 Aquarius talk is making me wonder what added effect there would be of the Aquarius stellium on someone (me!) with Saturn at 29 Aquarius in the 8th house?

(Also Moon at 27 Cancer, NNode at 26 Gemini, Jupiter 25 Taurus, Mercury 24 Virgo, Venus 23 Leo...)

Actually, things feel like they're just beginning to lighten up for me over the last few days after a *really* heavy time since Feb/March...and things generally sort of falling apart and nothing really coming together for a long while now...for the past year, I'd say.

Anonymous said...

Hi Willow - This is a little off topic, but after reading your articles about the New Age, I thought you might find this interesting.

Anonymous said...

Yep, it was rought weekend and a rough Monday. I think I will be cutting away some dead wood in my life. And the beat goes on...