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The Final Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn as Mars Stations Direct in Aries: A Resurgence of "Medical" Martial Law and Health-Based Control Tactics

According to a letter posted on the school website, schoolchildren at Broadgreen International School in Liverpool, England will be Covid tested by the British Army in a pilot project beginning November 9. Every child and adult will be given a barcode, and the school will "secure" the child if positive results are obtained. It is not clear what this entails.

This is an early element of the 5G-driven program of global health tracking, tracing, monitoring, and surveillance currently being implemented worldwide under the guise of "public safety."

The army is also going door-to-door to homes in the UK to test people.

Update November 8: This article has come out reporting on mass testing schemes in Liverpool and three other English cities to be carried out by the army. There are plans to extend the schemes (and true schemes they are) to Wales and Scotland and potentially further, as this is being called a pilot project. The mass testing in the U.K. is being called Operation Moonshot - more militaristic terminology to add to "Operation Warp Speed" in the U.S. and "5G deployments" worldwide, as well as "lockdowns," a term used in prisons.

Let's recall that the Covid-19 virus has not been purified/isolated, and the PCR test being used was never designed to diagnose viral illness. The results are near-meaningless with a majority of false positives - potentially all false positives - with 40 amplification cycles or higher. In light of the fact that Covid-19 has not been isolated, how are we certain that any of the positive results indicate Covid-19 infection? You can read additional information about the PCR test here. Dr. Thomas Cowan talks about the amplification cycles used with the PCR test in this video.

Broadgreen International School is not getting parental permission first as they usually would. In this case, if you wish for your child to opt out of Covid testing, you have to make a written request.

I can't imagine the fear and trepidation felt by schoolchildren as they see the army roll into their school to line them up for Covid testing. It's something out of a dystopian novel, but unfortunately, this is real life. 

This is a pilot project, meaning governments will most likely be attempting to roll this out in schools around the world. This type of mass testing is also a precursor to the military-backed global rollout of the fast-tracked, experimental, synthetic messenger RNA vaccine which will admittedly alter our genetic material in a permanent manner, potentially creating unintended and detrimental effects in the body.

Active resistance and opting out are necessary.  

What follows is a (very poorly-written) letter from Broadgreen International School in Liverpool, England to parents and carers of children. You can see it on the website under the November 6, 2020 "Important letter from Headteacher about Covid testing in school":

"6 November 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

As you may be aware Liverpool is in tier 3 Covid-19 safeguarding arrangements.

As part of this process central government has identified Liverpool to pilot a new Covid-19 testing system. This is being called the Lateral Flow System. Sites across the city are due to be positioned across the City in order to carry out testing.

I am pleased to inform you that we at Broadgreen International School are in the privileged position of being one of the first schools within the city to have the testing brought to our site.

I have met this afternoon with representatives of the British Army who will be in school next week to Covid-19 test all our students and staff. Each child and adult will be identified with a unique barcode to ensure personal identification of test and subsequent results. Results will be distributed to students and staff as soon as we are in receipt of them. If positive results are received the school will secure the individual concerned and in case of students inform parents/carer immediately we will then operate our usual process of identifying others who may have been in close or direct contact for our self-isolation system will be put in place.

We are currently working with Public Health to identify how this pilot might benefit school communities now and in the future.

I am expecting that the testing at BGIS will start on Monday 9 November.

Under normal circumstances parental permission is sought for the testing of children, however under these very challenging and unprecedented circumstances that is not possible, therefore we would ask that if you wish to exclude your child from this test please do so in writing to me first thing on Monday morning.

It is important that for the health of your child, those of other parents and carers and all adults in our school and local and wider Liverpool community that we co-operate 100% with this system of health protection.

As soon as we have further information, as we receive further information will share.

We can expect immediate major disruption as to how schools may be able to function once our city and eventually across the country such testing sites are operational and the resulting implications. Individual schools may be affected differently and subsequently we may need to respond on an individual need basis.

Your understanding and support at this very difficult time is much appreciated.

Yours faithfully

Ms P Towey Headteacher"


Jupiter and Pluto are making their third and final exact conjunction at 22 degrees Capricorn on November 12, also exactly conjunct female warrior asteroid Pallas Athene. This conjunction is exact just as Mars stations direct in military-related Aries on November 13 (4:35 p.m. PST).

This 22-degree Capricorn conjunction of Pallas Athene-Jupiter-Pluto on November 12 activates both the Saturn-Pluto conjunction at 22 Capricorn experienced on January 12, 2020 and the Mars-Jupiter-Pallas Athene-Pluto conjunction at 22 - 24 degrees Capricorn experienced around March equinox 2020 as Saturn first ingressed Aquarius. The Sun was in an applying conjunction to wounded healer Chiron at 5 degrees Aries at March equinox, and Chiron is back on this degree from late October 2020 through early February 2021.

Saturn enters Aquarius - March 21, 2020 

Pallas Athene, Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn

Sun conjunct Chiron in Aries
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During the first quarter of 2020, the "global lockdown" was initiated. Now, in the last quarter of 2020, we see parallels in the astrology that indicate a resurgence or surge forward with the authoritarian control measures first brought in from January through March 2020.

This can be seen very clearly in the United Kingdom where people have recently been forced into a second complete "lockdown." This second wave of complete lockdowns will be rolled out in many countries during the final quarter of 2020, ensuring a stressed and miserable Christmas and winter holiday for many. I warned about the holiday travel restrictions in previous articles. Forced mask mandates are being newly attempted in many countries, including in areas of Canada where I live. Attempts at "tracking and tracing" are widespread, and this is, again, an early trial of the 5G-driven tracking and surveillance system.

I've outlined the astrological framework for the orchestrated pandemic and global authoritarian power grab more extensively in previous articles but will include excerpts from a May 18, 2020 article in an effort to hit the main points. Please consult the full article for further details and for links to more articles on the subject: "Channeling Pallas Athene as We Thwart the Advancement of the Technocratic State"

"The transit of Chiron through Aries (2018 - 2027) indicates a period when we must actively fight for our rights and for our sovereignty, especially health-based rights and body sovereignty...

Mars stations direct at 15 degrees Aries on November 13 with Jupiter, Pluto, and Pallas Athene exactly conjunct in Capricorn. You can see the plans for the military-backed vaccination distribution to be rolled out just as Mars, the planet related to military, attacks, rights, and action, goes direct. 

Chiron Rx will be back on the 5-degree of Aries in November 2020, as well, which is the degree where Chiron was at March equinox. Again, this indicates a ramping up or advancement of the "medical" martial law themes and in particular, the vaccination. 

As you can see in the chart below, Jupiter and Pluto will form their third and final exact conjunction at 22 degrees Capricorn on November 12, 2020, just as the vaccine is scheduled to be rolled out under the Mars direct station. As mentioned, Jupiter and Pluto will also be exactly conjunct Pallas Athene at 22 Capricorn at the time. The influence of the 'woman warrior' is very strong yet again.


Jupiter conjunct Pluto and Pallas Athene at 22 degrees Capricorn with Mars stationing direct at 15 degrees Aries - November 12, 2020
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The exact 22-degree conjunction of Pallas Athene, Jupiter, and Pluto on November 12 re-activates the degree of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that began the year and the new decade. It also re-activates the Mars-Jupiter conjunction at March equinox that officially kicked off the global lock-step machinations of the orchestrated pandemic and "lockdown." 

Jupiter expands or "blows up" whatever it touches, so we can see another expansion and ramping up of the authoritarian and "medical" martial law themes beginning in November 2020 as Jupiter comes together in its final conjunction to Pluto and Pallas Athene. As always, pre-planned and by design...

Like March equinox when the Sun enters Aries each year, December solstice is considered a "cardinal point" in astrology, a point associated with initiation, leadership, and the opening of new chapters. The equinoxes and solstices are powerful pivot points.

Saturn will have returned to the zero degree of Aquarius at December solstice, the same degree where it was at March equinox. Jupiter enters Aquarius on December 19, forming a historic conjunction to Saturn at zero Aquarius on December 21. This kicks off a powerful new 20-year cycle.

Wounded healer Chiron in Aries is very potent around December solstice, as well. Chiron will be retrograde from July 12 to December 15, 2020 from 9 degrees to 4 degrees Aries. Chiron stations direct on December 15, which concentrates its themes during the month of December."  

The takeaway: the astrology in the last quarter of 2020, particularly around November 12 and then again around December 15 to winter solstice December 21, indicates a push forward with health-based martial law, surveillance, and authoritarian control measures. Staunch and active resistance from your individual positions is necessary as we close out 2020 and enter 2021.

For millennia, the powers that be have used astrology to plan and organize their nefarious schemes, and this, perhaps the hugest and most complex nefarious scheme in all of human history, is no exception.

Awareness of the astrology and the associated themes can assist us in resisting these timed power grabs while retaining our sovereignty, body, mind, and spirit. 


Willow said...

Note to parents of students at Broadgreen International School: your children are getting a shite education if these are the writing skills of the headteacher.

Willow said...

This school has now ratcheted it back a wee bit: they will now require consent from parents before doing testing.

Honestly, bully for them. The fact is: they are still bringing the BRITISH ARMY into schools to test children with a PCR test that can't determine viral illness and can produce 80 - 90% false positives. They have not isolated/purified the CV-19 virus.

This is far from a win. It's a minor appeasement.

Willow said...

United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson announcing their 5G-driven techno-military, directed energy weapons, artificial intelligence, and surveillance system. SmartMilitary, SmartPolice, SmartSurveillance. This is no conspiracy theory. They're actually quite blatant about their plans. These plans are global, and the same technology and weapons will be used on people domestically.

"Our new investments can be focused on the technologies that will revolutionize warfare, forging our military assets into a single network designed to overcome the enemy. So a soldier in hostile territory will be alerted to a distant ambush by censors or satellites or drones, instantly transmitting a warning using artificial intelligence to devise the optimal responses, offering an array of options from summoning an airstrike to ordering a swarm attack by drones or paralyzing the enemy with cyber weapons. New advances will surmount the old limits of logistics. Our warships and combat vehicles will carry directed energy weapons destroying targets with inexhaustible lasers. For them, the phrase "out of ammunition" will become redundant. Nations are racing to master this new doctrine of warfare, and our investment is designed to place Britain among the winners. The returns will go far beyond our armed forces from aerospace to autonomous vehicles, these technologies have a vast array of civilian applications."

Willow said...

Willow said...

"Mandatory masks" are being rolled out all over Canada this November, as well.

In my province, as of November 19, 2020.

Sofia said...

we are about 5 years away from 5G here in the US verizon has started to offer it and most recently Tmobile but the fiber optic cables on the sea floor still have to be lay down to support a larger infrastructure of mass hardware applications also the cost of hardware and the people maintaining those hardware is not available from national security standpoint also the Uk May not get out off the Eu and without international cooperation those plans are have to be put on hold.Huawei technologies besides Nokia are the only 2 companies offering 5G as the Us seeks the Ceo of Huawei it is unlikely that 5g plans will materialize Nokia on the other end owned by microsoft going thru the regulatory approval is gruesome and time consuming.

Willow said...

That's not really the case. Regardless of if they pull off the entire insane scheme - and my goal is that they do not - the US, UK, Canada, and many other countries around the world all have early 5G commercially available. You can zoom in on this map to see:

The 5G Smart phones are being sold by Apple right now. There has been a major influx of new towers and antennae all over the world, and they are all producing extra toxic electromagnetic frequency, as well as emitting new frequencies we've never been exposed to before. We have hundreds of new satellites in the atmosphere, more launched all the time, with plans for 100,000+ more.

Cities have been making moves toward becoming "Smart Cities" since at least 2007. This is proven.

It's well advanced, regardless of whether they pull off the whole scheme, and it's a danger to our health right now.