Friday, November 20, 2020

Neptune Stationing Direct in Pisces and a Visit from the Seven Neptunian Dwarves: Sleepy, Dreamy, Dopey, Spacey, Foggy, Swirly, and Wispy

Neptune is slowing for a direct station at 18 degrees Pisces on November 28 (4:37 p.m. PST), concentrating its energy and themes.

You know what that means! It just might be time for a visit from one (or more) of the Seven Neptunian Dwarves: Sleepy, Dreamy, Dopey, Spacey, Foggy, Swirly, and Wispy. 

(I'm fine with calling them the Seven Neptunian Little People, but that doesn't go as well with the fairy tale...)

Neptune is the planet associated with, among other things: dreams; spiritual communication and guidance; bliss; unity; divine love; psychic abilities;
sublime artistic ability; spirits; hauntings; isolation; illusions; delusions; mental illness; the unconscious; surreality; escapism; rose-coloured glasses; oceans; fluids; flooding; permeation; blind spots; fraud; deception; despair; and addictions.

Any of these elements could be heightened during a Neptune station.

Neptune is stationing direct in tight square aspects to the North Node of the Moon in Gemini and the South Node of the Moon in Sagittarius. This indicates a strong spiritual presence or guiding force as we make our way through these increasingly-surreal times. The strong "spiritual guiding hand" remains a theme through the rest of 2020 and into early 2021, as the square aspects from Neptune in Pisces to the nodal axis become exact on January 26, 2021.

With Neptune in Pisces so influential over our soul-level GPS system (Nodes of the Moon), we're drawing strongly upon our divine connection and the presence of the spiritual as it permeates and plays out in our day-to-day. Neptune stations can be times when we feel particularly connected to the magic flow of life, uplifted by the sublime beauty and wonder of being alive on this planet.

Mercury, Venus, and soul mate asteroid Juno will be in Scorpio in the days surrounding the Neptune direct station, and we could be doing release work through our dreams, particularly related to the release of prior relationships. 

Our dreams could be more prophetic than usual, influencing our waking life and general states of mind. 

On the other hand, Neptune stations can (temporarily) bring a lingering sense of loss, disappointment, or despair, and we must be very careful not to spiral down into these less-pleasant Neptunian realms - a major caution under the current planetary conditions. Neptune and Pisces both relate to prisons and institutions, and the various states of "lockdown" being experienced on this planet could really drag people under. Neptune stations indicate times of increased sensitivity which can include a feeling of being lost in the harsh material realm, unsure of where to go next and uncertain of the value of what we've experienced or done on this planet thus far. 

With hundreds of millions of people worldwide having been thrown into financial insecurity through the ruination of their own businesses, the closure of their places of employment, or the disruption of other economic activities, the feelings of loss, confusion, and despair could be overwhelming under this Neptune direct station. 

En masse, people are experiencing the acute loss of a dream - even the simultaneous loss of many interwoven dreams - as their businesses, employment, homes, bank accounts, social lives, and travel plans are dismantled without their consent. Again, this Neptune station indicates a time when people could be dragged under by the weight and seeming hopelessness of all this. 

Please check in with those in your circle, and do what you can to keep spirits up. 

Watch the over-use of alcohol or drugs to numb difficult circumstances. This can be particularly dangerous when Neptune is strong.

Human beings have survived worse than this, and we'll survive this, too.  

Neptune and Pisces relate to the ways in which we are invisibly connected through time, space, and location. No one is suffering alone, and we might be surprised about who we share kindred-communion with during these times. 

Turning our minds to spiritual matters is one way to buffer ourselves from the current orchestrated conditions. The strong presence of Neptune in Pisces brings a requirement to acknowledge the temporal nature of this material life. The essence of life goes on, lives on, is never extinguished. The things we suffer on this material plane are only suffered temporarily. This might provide small comfort, but it is comfort, nonetheless!

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