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Warning: Way Too Much Pisces Up Ahead

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We have a massive Pisces stellium forming in the skies at the moment, which will cluster around the karmic-as-hell Pisces South Node.

At its peak, this stellium will involve the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Ceres, Chiron, and Neptune, along with the South Node of the Moon, all transiting the sign of the fishes.

Wounded healer Chiron is tightly conjunct the South Node at the moment, and this positioning continues through early May. 

We are also heading into eclipse season and will experience a New Moon at 18 degrees Pisces, closely conjunct Chiron and the South Node, on March 8. This New Moon is a total solar eclipse, and we can expect the associated events that are spun up to be particularly powerful.

We need a new chapter quite desperately as far as the sign of Pisces and its associated themes go, and this New Moon total solar eclipse provides a strong opportunity for that.

Unfortunately, with Chiron conjunct the South Node in Pisces so strongly involved, it also provides the opportunity for wrong turns, blind spots, weaknesses, naivete, and general confusion that we then have to work our way out of (Virgo North Node)... 

This Pisces New Moon total solar eclipse sets the tone and the trajectory for the 28-day lunar cycle that follows, and suffice it to say, this is one karmically-loaded lunar month on Planet Earth. Expect some chaos, some overwhelm, and some screwiness - but also expect the tools and the support you need to navigate it.

I know many astrologers will be waxing poetic about how spiritual and dreamy and transcendent all this Pisces is, but I'm here as the cautionary astrologer to tell you that this far into the end-of-Piscean-era, a large amount of Pisces energy like this can be dangerous. This far into the end-of-Piscean-era, a large amount of Pisces energy like this can be nasty as fuck, to be entirely honest.

You see, there's a version of reality that is in the process of going down the drain. The plug has been pulled. And as things start to swirl, we have to make sure that we (and the ones we love) don't go down the drain with it. 

We're beginning the astrological Aquarian era with the utter destruction of the Piscean era constructs. This destruction is intentional, diabolical, and has been intricately planned and executed by the powers-that-be for their own benefit and profit.

Mass unemployment, homelessness, money woes, poisonings, health problems, mental health problems, extreme stress - all these things and much more have been built right into the current systems.

And when we're identifying ourselves too closely with structures and systems that are in the process of disintegrating and going down the tubes, we can get taken down by it, too.

We may feel we have a handle on things, but this degree of collective psychic pain (Chiron-South Node in Pisces) can potentially take us under very quickly.

Pisces and its ruling planet Neptune are known for some fairly funky emotional and psychic states involving punctured illusions, feelings of extreme isolation, delusions, disappointment, depression, devastation, hopelessness, listlessness, inaction, despair.

The inertia and passivity and "just roll over until it goes away" characteristics of Pisces can take us into extremely low (and ultimately karmically dangerous) places, and this can happen almost without us being aware of it.

Sensitivity and vulnerability are heightened under these transits.  

Drugs, alcohol, junk food, shopping, gambling, romantic fantasizing, or any form of escapism may be used to numb the pain of a disappointing and dissatisfying reality, but this only increases the danger of getting too far out there, too far out into the abyss to return.

Rolling over and playing dead - no matter how tempting Pisces makes that seem - will simply not do the trick. Living in a world composed of dreams and ideals will also not do the trick. We have to be working actively and diligently (North Node in Virgo) right where we stand to build our preferred reality.

The last time we experienced something of this magnitude was in March 2013, as the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune, and Chiron (along with the Moon) formed an extended stellium in Pisces. Mercury was also retrograde in Pisces (the sign of its detriment) at the time, which dragged the themes out even further.

That Pisces stellium took a dear friend of mine, and I don't want it happening again.

Pisces energy has a great way of convincing us to let things slide.

But March is not a month to let things slide.

With Jupiter conjunct the North Node of the Moon in Virgo, participation is not optional.

March is a month to reach out, to connect, to stay in touch, and to cheer people up, even when they seem to be closing you out or choosing isolation.

March is a month to stay active and to plan healthy activities that involve others.

March is a month to work hard and to work diligently - at even the smallest of tasks.  

March is a month when we have to actively bring people back into the loving fold, especially if they've forgotten they're loved at all. The Piscean/Neptunian fog will do that to a soul. It can make us forget who and what we really are. It can overwhelm us, swallowing us up in self-pity. It can make the void appear oh-so-tempting.

We can be fooled under these transits and fooled badly. Fooled in a way that takes a lot of time and work to correct.

Wishful thinking is at a high this month, especially during the transit of Mercury through Pisces (March 5 - 21), and especially as Mercury crosses Chiron and the South Node in Pisces March 17/18.

Again, with the influence of wounded healer Chiron conjunct the South Node, March is not a month to let things slide.

If you've been thinking about someone, let that person know. If you can lift the spirits of someone you come into contact with, do it. If you have a chance to be kind, any chance, take it. This is a month to appreciate the kindness of strangers and also to be that kind stranger when an organic opportunity for loving kindness presents itself.

Now, the currently forming stellium in Pisces does not appear to be quite as mean or as drawn out as the one in 2013. The current Pisces stellium is in effect now and will be at its peak March 12 - 21. At that point, the Sun and Mercury will move into Aries, marking spring equinox in the northern hemisphere and a return to the light. We also do not have a Mercury retrograde in Pisces this time around to extend the agony, and for that we can be grateful.

There is a powerful new expression of Pisces emerging during this lunar cycle - a successful expression of Pisces for the astrological Aquarian era.

But we have to make our way out of the muck and mire, beyond the siren songs and karmic loops and self-sacrificial tendencies, in order to get there. We have to puncture our own illusions and update our own energetic flow. We have to break the grip of it. And we have to help each other with all this, as well.

This March, we all have to do our part to hold the love and to hold people in that love when they've forgotten it's there at all. That's beautiful Pisces. We all have to do our part to make this a profoundly healing lunar cycle, rather than a devastating one.

And Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo will not tolerate any slacking on that front!

Uranus in Aries is here to lead the way, breaking the identification of precious human beings with dissolving structures that have been set up to fail.

Uranus in Aries tells those dissolving structures - the ones teaching people that they are redundant, unimportant, unnecessary - to just plain fuck off.

Listen to Uranus in Aries. It won't lead you astray.

Mercury transits sign-of-its-detriment Pisces from March 5 - 21, indicating some potential for brain fuzz and confused or deluded thinking. Plans may be difficult to nail down or solidify during this transit.

Venus transits Pisces, the sign of its exaltation, and spreads some of that pure, unconditional Pisces love, from March 12 - April 5. Because this Pisces stellium involves benefic planet Venus (rather that malefic planet Mars as in 2013), we can expect some softened edges with this one. The people who most need to catch some breaks may catch some under the influence of lovely Venus in exaltation.

As stated, the 18-degree Pisces New Moon total solar eclipse activates the Chiron-South Node conjunction in Pisces on March 8. The Sun in Pisces will conjunct Chiron and the South Node exactly March 10/11. Mercury will activate this karmic point March 17/18. And Venus will come behind, spreading some healing love balm on some old wounds, on March 29/30.

The Sun exits Pisces and enters Aries, marking equinox, on March 19.

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