Friday, October 16, 2015

A Venus-Mars-Jupiter Conjunction in Virgo Sets a New (And More Low-Key) Tone

The planet of expansion, benefits, and wisdom, Jupiter, entered Virgo on August 11, 2015 where it has been quietly working away ever since.

With Greater Benefic Jupiter transiting practical and down-to-earth Virgo until September 2016, benefits are reaped for humility, attention to detail, efficiency, moderation, preparation, and hard work.

None of those things are naturally associated with Jupiter, however, a planet with the keywords: big, grand, expansive, jovial, and exuberant. Jupiter likes to go big or go home. It wants to drink the sweet, sweet nectar of every last experience it can experience on this planet...and then some.

But in Virgo, and with restrictive Saturn transiting Jupiter's sign of Sagittarius at the very same time, our lust for life has to be refined a little (or a lot, depending on the person and the degree of life-lusting we're talking about).

This year, while Jupiter is transiting Virgo, we're rewarded for putting health, work, and service considerations first.

We're rewarded for foregoing that last cocktail, that last doughnut, or that last hour of late-night reading in favour of some extra rest and rejuvenation. (We're rewarded even more if we cut our vices and indulgences out altogether...)

Virgo is a sign that loves to work. For the most part, it rests only so that it can get back to work. It takes care of health only so that it can be a lean, mean, optimum working machine.

("BOR-ING!" says Jupiter.)

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