Friday, January 16, 2015

Powerfully-Positioned Uranus in Aries Leads the Charge Through Aquarius Season

We move through the zero-degree Aquarius New Moon portal on January 20 like a shot.

The velocity with which things are moving now and for the following three months is astounding - but we need all this velocity in order to break through.

We are changing the blueprints, changing the rules, and changing set patterns. These are patterns that have been continued for generations, for thousands of years in many cases, and we need the big, bold Uranian charge, as ruler of Aquarius, to both disrupt these patterns and to propel us forward into something new, beyond old traps and sticking points.

So you see, the disruption of the standard ways is necessary now, nothing to mourn or lament.

Things are busting loose on Planet Earth over the next three months, and there's no going back. If you've been following the true narrative on this planet, you'll realize we don't want to go back. We have nothing to go back to. Despite the temptations of nostalgia, there has never been a fully satisfactory time on this planet.

We have to keep moving. And move we will.

This Aquarius season is disposited (heavily influenced) by electric rabble rouser Uranus in Aries conjunct the South Node of the Moon and tightly square Pluto in Capricorn. Intense. Powerful. The moving of mountains.

Uranus forms an exact conjunction to the South Node in Aries on January 20 - on the day of the zero-degree Aquarius New Moon (occurring at 7:14 a.m. CST) - and this aspect produces the dominant themes for the following 28-day lunar cycle.

Uranus is also hurtling into the seventh and final Uranus-Pluto square, exact on March 16, 2015 - the first square in the series where both Uranus and Pluto will be moving direct.

We're spinning things off left and right as we move into new era energetics - in our selves, in our lives, in our relationships, in our families, businesses, societies, and institutions. There isn't one area of life that is left untouched by this final square aspect between the planet of revolution and the planet of transformation.

As the energetics change on the planet, there are requirements for new physical energy sources, as well.

Long-suppressed clean and renewable energy technologies will be forced to the surface as we officially hit the wall with old energy sources that are deadly, toxic, and unimaginably destructive to life on this planet.

Ceres in Capricorn Activates the Uranus-Pluto Square: the Purchasing Power of Mothers Can Change the World

There are also new-era requirements related to the fuel we use to energize our bodies - our food. Agriculture-related dwarf planet Ceres is currently transiting Capricorn and brings its themes into play as it forms a square to Uranus in Aries (February 12) and a conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn (February 15). This indicates an official push-coming-to-shove moment for food and the business of agriculture and food production. It indicates an acute period of time when individuals will have to take increased responsibility for the health and safety of the food they purchase and eat - because the structures as they exist have abnegated that responsibility in favour of profit (or even something more sinister...).

Ceres in Capricorn activating the Uranus-Pluto square indicates a time when individuals must get very serious about the food they are ingesting, as many food sources are being poisoned in invisible ways (via genetically modified organisms, chemical pesticides and herbicides, radioactive fallout, additives, colourants, preservatives, processing, and by other methods).

With Mars in Pisces conjunct wounded healer Chiron (exact January 31), food sensitivities and reactions will be on the rise. Bodies will be breaking down under the stress, and cleaner, healthier alternatives will have to be explored.

This activation by Earth Mama Ceres of the Uranus-Pluto (Uranium-Plutonium) square indicates a good time to eliminate the foods that are most likely to be contaminated by radioactive fallout from Fukushima and other sources. The major one there is food from the sea. 

This Ceres activation also provides an opportunity to break from corporate agriculture, sourcing food that is organic or farmed up to organic standards, including from local sources.

Stickers/bumper stickers - $5

At the same time, we must understand that all non-genetically modified and organic agriculture is under direct attack by the continued infiltration of GMOs and particularly by the introduction of genetically modified alfalfa, a foundation stone for non-GM and organic agriculture. I've written extensively about GM alfalfa in the past and continue my campaign to ban this untested, feral, perennial genetically modified crop. The continued spread of GM alfalfa could quite literally mean the end of most, if not all, organic and non-GM agriculture and food. Spring 2015 will be a critical point when all anti-GMO opponents must be vocal and engaged.

As Ceres moves into position, individuals will be taking on new sovereignty and responsibility related to the foods they ingest, no longer blindly leaving it up to supermarkets or restaurants.

Purchasing power is a major theme here, and it is the purchasing habits of mothers (Ceres), in particular, that have the greatest potential effect. Mothers generally make the decisions about the food for their families. In capitalist societies, change the way you spend your money, change the products you purchase, and you change the world.

As an example, Wiesenhof, the top poultry producer in Germany, recently stopped using GMO feed for its chickens due to increasing customer demand for non-GMO poultry and eggs.

"Wiesenhof’s decision is a direct result of pressure from the top German supermarkets. In late August the supermarkets, with a broad consensus, demanded the German Poultry Association (ZDG) to stop using GMO feed for both egg and poultry meat production, starting from January 1st 2015."

German customers demanded non-GMO poultry and eggs from the supermarkets, and the supermarkets, in turn, demanded that from the poultry and egg producers.

Hit them at their bottom line. Purchasing power talks - and gets things done - during the Pluto in Capricorn years. (It is just unfortunate that ethics, health, and common sense do not have more sway...) 

If you think it can't be done elsewhere, you're wrong. 

The demand for organic and non-GM foods produces new sources and new infrastructure for their access and distribution.

For example, after my repeated requests, my local grocery store is now carrying free run eggs and will order organic eggs in if there are enough purchasers. This is a very conservative and traditional area, strongly involved with oil and chemical-intensive and GM agriculture, and it is decidedly resistant to organics and to anything outside the conventional system. All it took was a progressive grocery store manager and one motivated customer (your anarchist astro-reporter) to turn the tide - even if just slightly - in this area.

It is small changes adding up that produce the momentum to turn the tide. And it all starts with one motivated individual. Uranus in Aries.

"I can't do anything about it, anyway," is not an excuse that will fly under these transits.

We are building the community and networks we need one individual at a time.

Some Extreme Uranian Energetics to Navigate


With Uranus in Aries so strong, things are wired. We're wired. We will have immense surges of energy running through our systems at various times over the next three months. Again, this is beneficial for propelling us into necessary new territory. These energy surges provide the strength, the motivation, and the forward propulsion we need to move out of the Piscean-era dead zones and toward a future that we actually want to live through on this planet.

But strong Uranus energy also has some cautions. Uranus has a tendency to run us, to overwhelm the circuitry - especially the mental circuitry and nervous system. Flashes of Uranian insight can be temporarily blinding, causing headaches, eye strain, or other issues. The extreme surges of energy can be exhausting to our biological systems. In short, intense Uranus energy can just be too much.

With Saturn sitting on the early degrees of Sagittarius, there is wisdom in standing still, in allowing the rush of super-charged motion and events and energy to just pass us by. There is wisdom in meditation and in nature. There is wisdom in focusing only on the things that are most personally meaningful to us, sloughing off all else.

Just as we hurtle through the zero-degree Aquarius New Moon portal on January 20, communication and transportation planet Mercury comes to a standstill in the sign, stationing retrograde January 21 (9:54 a.m.).

Are we moving forward, or are we reviewing?


There is a bit of a stop-and-start effect as we move through this lunar cycle.

The Mercury retrograde period (January 21 to February 11 from 17 to 1 degrees Aquarius) will bring us information, insight, and perspective about the way forward from here. We will be wrapping our minds around the changes we have been through, the changes we are experiencing now, and the changes that are yet to come. We are being informed of the new blueprints - and of last-minute changes to those new blueprints. It is a challenge to stay up-to-date and up-to-speed with everything that is unfolding, and the Mercury retrograde in Aquarius assists us in that pursuit by slowing things down and going back over some things we may have missed the first time.

The perspective and new ideas we come to through this Mercury retrograde are quite vast and long-reaching. We may be able to see years, decades, or even centuries down the road. Mercury will transit Aquarius until March 11, so we have an extended period of time to mentally integrate the continually-unfolding scenarios. 

But Mercury in Aquarius disposited by Uranus in Aries in its current position indicates a definite possibility of mental circuitry overload, and this possibility is also extended into early March. There is some mental burnout possible, especially if we continue to push for information or connection as we move through the January 21 Mercury retrograde station or the February 11 direct station.

Shut off the damn cell phones! Shut off the computer for a while. Stay off social media for a couple days - or more.

Limiting technology time is one way to protect our tired synapses, especially in the days surrounding the Mercury stations.

We have to apply our own versions of "surge protectors" to our brains and nervous systems over the next three months in order to counteract the intense Uranian charge. We can only stay wired for so long until it starts to have adverse effects.

Uranus is conjunct the South Node in Aries, which means we have to balance that erratic and at times overwhelming charge via the Libra North Node. Keeping our balance while maintaining a sense of peace amidst any turmoil and upheaval is our soul-level challenge now. This is our path to success.

Also watch your anger. There is plenty to be angry about on this planet, and we are made even more aware of this as Uranus pushes into the final square to Pluto in Capricorn. Corruption abounds. A sickening lack of responsibility, legitimacy, and humanity abounds in positions of power. But with Uranus in Aries conjunct the South Node, our anger tends to go to detrimental extremes. It snowballs. It goes nuclear. There are too many individual incidents about which to be angry.

As we are working to balance our systems (Libra North Node), protecting ourselves from overload and exhaustion, we must be careful to avoid enraging trigger subjects that serve only to waste our time and energy.

Is it worth getting pissed about? Do you really care that much, or are you allowing something or someone to get under your skin? Is it productive anger, or is it anger that is being stirred without a viable outlet?

The stirring of anger in the populace (via the exposure of various enraging events involving lies, manipulation, violence, destruction, and corruption from the power structures) will be used as a tactic over the next three months. If the powers-that-be (and their controlled opposition agents) are in control of our anger, they can misdirect it, exhaust it, dissipate it, and squander its potential to create real and necessary change.

Anger is a powerful motivating force, and it is a force that, if applied correctly, gets things done in a way that no other emotion can. Don't allow your anger-fuel to be manipulated. Make sure you are applying it practically and toward just the right ends. Don't get caught up in the details. We're penetrating the roots here, the real, systemic causes of our righteous rage. Keep the big picture battle in mind, and don't exhaust yourself each step of the way.

What is Mercury Retrograde?


Greg F said...

Dear Willow,

Thanks for your words of wisdom, as always.

I am angry. Very angry at American politics. Wall Street bought our last election, and the next two years are going to be hell for the disabled, the retired, and the poor.

I hope our people wake up during this Uranus-Pluto square and take back their government, but most want to live in the Matrix, regretfully.

Here's to you, my favorite anarchist astrologer! Thanks so much.

IfYouDontKnowYourAssBetterCallSomebody said...


"For example, after my repeated requests, my local grocery store is now carrying free run eggs and will order organic eggs in if there are enough purchasers. This is a very conservative and traditional area, strongly involved with oil and chemical-intensive and GM agriculture, and it is decidedly resistant to organics and to anything outside the conventional system. All it took was a progressive grocery store manager and one motivated customer (your anarchist astro-reporter) to turn the tide - even if just slightly - in this area."

"It is small changes adding up that produce the momentum to turn the tide. And it all starts with one motivated individual. Uranus in Aries."

Anonymous said...

Beautiful as usual~~~~

Anonymous said...

as above said ,,, thanks

Jason said...

Yes, the last paragraph is so me, Mars in Virgo Conjunct Jupiter. lol. I can get angry about time management. Or things not going as planned. But it has to be in a efficient way.

I guess this is the placement of fighting for workers rights among others. & why I got out of the game early. I just got that I was not going anywhere fast. Like my mom, who was a Virgo and worked her whole life.

But the Pluto Uranus Trauma, Wow! I mean its exactly like a car accident or hurricane. In the midst. It's so ungraspable. Till it " blows over" -only then we can begin to see the devastation and begin rebuilding.

I used to think you could "get it" while it was going on. Seems its just too much information for the brain to comprehend. So the mind shuts off, till you wake up in the hospital without remembering the actual crash, free to assess the situation from a less traumatic place.

Funny how disasters work, thats why I have always been so into watching them unfold. Well Pluto Mercury Contacts will do that too.

LOL Lots of Luv....

Anonymous said...

I'd like to comment on an excellent point in this post about Uranian energy making us wired; yet a good play would be to let it wash over us and remain still. The energy is immense. It IS too much. Willow is absolutely right in saying there needs to be change, there is nothing to go back to, it's all rubble behind. But Sat in Sag; take the Uranian energy, see where it wants to propel you, and before you throw everything in the car and leave town, before you make your stand, before you rush to that fork in the road, make a solid plan. I really think that making the point of just absorbing the energy as opposed to it completely hurling you into massive rapid change is prudent and sage. Let the Uranian energy plant the seed, the idea,
then flesh it out after the Merc Retro. Sync up your
intent with the coming springtime for better results.
Good luck to everyone.