Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Saturn Turns Direct in Scorpio: Watch the Offloading of Dreaded Responsibilities

Saturn is currently stationing in Scorpio and will go direct just after midnight on July 8. As it drags its heels to a stop in the zodiac, it permeates the overall astro scene with its themes - its dreaded, depressing, arduous, isn't-that-a-bummer themes.

Saturn is the planet that (eventually) leads us to position, advancement, success, prestige, and recognition in the public realm. It spurs us to reach our grandest potential in these human forms. But it rides our asses like a rented mule in the process.

Since entering Scorpio in October 2012, Saturn has been doing a slow dredge within the structural set-ups of our lives and of our societies, at large. It has drawn out into our concrete realities certain emotional and psychological truths that have up until now been submerged or semi-submerged. We are now aware of the deep, dark, disturbing subtext in ways we weren't before. Our awareness of underlying energy dynamics has increased. We've honed and utilized our X-Ray vision. Whip-smart, razor-sharp.

And for those who already skillfully traipsed around in the Scorpionic nether-realms, new position, advancement, stability, and validation have come with this transit.

We've had a period of waiting, restructuring, and sober second thought as Saturn went retrograde over the first leg of Scorpio February 18 to July 8, 2013, particularly related to career. This period now draws to a close.

Saturn is now stationing direct, about to move full speed ahead into the ongoing process of structural metamorphosis underway on this planet and in our lives.

Career progress that has been stalled but still percolating beneath the surface can now unfold in earnest. Steps people have been mulling over to cement advancement and position can now start to be taken.

There is a more overt jockeying for position and power underway as of July 8. A new pecking order formulating. Be aware of this.

At the same time, Saturn in Scorpio in mutual reception to Pluto in Capricorn indicates that the structures as they exist (Saturn/Capricorn) have become hell (Scorpio/Pluto). People's responsibilities within those structures have become hell - though this is often kept hidden, contained. Obligations within these past-their-prime Pluto in Capricorn-era structures have become enervating traps to the point that people will gnaw their own legs off to get out of them. The more people deny the underlying situations, the more desperate and disturbed they become, until they'll do pretty much anything to hand it off to someone else.

This direct station increases the pressure and makes it difficult for people to pretend. If inherent problems are being ignored, keeping up the shiny, happy public face will be challenging, to say the least. Some will crumble under the pressure. At its extreme, this station will have people wishing for sweet, sweet death rather than face the lack of passion, interest, or integrity in their careers and in the structures in which they participate. Keep an eye on mental and emotional health, and take the pressure off others (if deserving) when you can.

One of the things to watch out for during the entire transit of Saturn through Scorpio (October 2012 to September 2015) is the offloading of responsibilities as the structures continue their slow collapse.

People will be trying with all their stealthy, wily, and crafty might to get out from under energetic obligations that are draining them.

From now into mid-July particularly, as Saturn stations and the drudgery and bullshit become intolerable, people will be attempting to offload their dreaded responsibilities onto you, and they'll be willing to pull some pretty underhanded moves to get you to bite.

These aren't just concrete responsibilities. They're also heavy loads of the emotional, psychological, or psychic variety. A weight people can no longer sustain. Secrets people can no longer contain.

People are going to be pulling some pretty desperate and funky manoeuvres to pass the buck. However, the passing of the buck is the last thing we need. The passing of the buck has gotten us into the mess we're in on this planet today.

There's the lazy way to deal with the Saturn in Scorpio restructuring themes, and there's the right way.

The right way involves confronting the dynamics head-on, treating them as if they are real (they are), addressing them but also getting yourself out of their reach whenever possible.

Responsibly transforming the current structures and power hierarchies into something different, into something that works better for all involved, takes time and effort. Rather than committing that time and effort, people will simply try to plop the whole kit and caboodle onto you. They'll try to slide out from under the weight of their obligations, dropping them on your lap.

Again, these are responsibilities and obligations (Saturn) that have become enervating hell (Scorpio). Unless you want to start a stack of new responsibilities from a point of "enervating hell," it is not advisable to put yourself under this weight. Pluto in Scorpios, this is particularly directed to you right now.

Don't allow people to offload on you, and if you are trying to offload on others, stop. It isn't going to work.

The full psychological, emotional, and energetic weight of the responsibilities being offloaded are unbearable. They cannot by borne. By anyone.

Saturn in Scorpio indicates a time of restricted energy - especially emotional or psychological support energy. The hidden glue that holds everything together. There is not enough energy to continue to prop up and sustain the current structures or the way things are being done. These things are corrupt to the point of inherent dysfunction and toxicity. We've been pushed to a point of multi-level crisis, to the end of the road for the current way of things, and offloading the current situations onto other people will only create breakdowns.

No one can step into the current structures and responsibilities and maintain them. We are living during the Pluto in Capricorn years, and the structures themselves need to change - dramatically and from the inside out.

There is a leveling of hierarchy required here, a sharing of rewards and profits, a redistribution of responsibility, recognition, prestige, power. There are changes required here that must be triggered by people getting down to brass tacks. We have to get down to how we really feel about things, how we've really felt, perhaps, for years or decades now, and we have to allow the accessing of these suppressed feelings to fuel the ongoing process of structural metamorphosis experienced during the Saturn-Pluto mutual reception.

The Pluto in Leos are looking to retire or at the very least, to be unburdened of their heavy loads.

But their structural reality does not translate to other generations.

We don't simply step into the shoes of the Pluto in Leos. We morph the structures, the responsibilities, the power, and the rules so that they're alive, adaptable, and responsive to us and to our needs.

This is one of the primary failures of the structures as they currently exist: the needs of the human beings within those structures have not been taken fully into account.

There is next-to-no emotional or psychological support for people within the current structures, even as those people are eroded terribly by structural dysfunction, corruption, and illegitimacy. There is no allowance for emotional, mental, psychic, or soul health within these rigid, top-down business and governmental set-ups.

And this is where things are breaking down - at the hidden emotional, psychological, psychic, and soul levels. At the energetic level. People can no longer suppress and carry on, as they've been trained to do. We're hitting the brick wall on multiple fronts, on most fronts, and it is going on all over this planet.

It's crucially important during Saturn in Scorpio that you take on only the responsibilities that feel right in your soul to take on. Don't fall for the little tricks of Scorpionic persuasion, attempting to lure you into taking on too much. Don't allow people to unburden themselves on you, unless you know it's the right thing to do.

Take on the burden for another person against your ultimate will, and watch yourself falter and crumble under its weight. Watch yourself fail, as you've been set up to fail.

Alternatively, there are many people scrambling for footing and position during Saturn's transit of Scorpio. Often, these are people who have not been fully responsible with Scorpio energy in the past.

From a previous post:

"Under Saturn's thumb over the next years, misuses and abuses of power will be put in check. The results of underlying dynamics we've been (even unknowingly) furthering will start to surface. Issues falsely believed long-resolved will be stirred, like hot spots after a brush fire re-igniting. We'll be confronted with our misunderstandings of the way energy really works. We'll come into contact with the consequences of the way we've been living our lives - for good or ill."

People are trying to advance themselves using your energy, your talent, your hard work, and your position. Understand this. Keep a wary eye on this. And withdraw your energy and support from these misguided souls wherever possible.

All in all, the Saturn direct station July 8 looks fairly blessed, occurring as it does within Grand Water Trine with Jupiter in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces. All three bodies are in early water, and there is a freshness, an innocence, and an exuberance to this configuration that is lovely, indeed. We are being lovingly assisted by the universe with the very complex challenges with which we are currently faced.

If we keep an eye on the thorny Saturn in Scorpio issues, as well as on an emotionally manipulative/vicious tendency with Black Moon Lilith conjunct Jupiter in early Cancer, this one should be fairly smooth.

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Anonymous said...

Journalist Michael Hastings was killed in a fiery car crash in L.A. on Tues. (6/18). Nearby witnesses heard a loud explosion and the engine was thrown about 100 feet from the car. (that's the current info, anyway) The timing lines up with many themes in your post. Hastings wrote the article that led to Gen. McChrystal's fall from grace. He was working on a domestic spying story when he died. Investigative journalists and social activists: a dying breed? Thanks for the great work, Willow! (P.S. Synchronicty anyone? the wv is 'Revolution')

Willow said...


Lisa in Boston said...

This is another terrific post, Willow. Not only is your insight jaw-dropping and your discernment of aspect energy spot-on, you just say it better than pretty much anyone out there. TBH, my only thought re: the upcoming grand water trine has been "I'm gonna need a bigger boat," but I think that's just me, falling prey to stationary Saturn! Your writing helps me get a handle on why I might feel that way. Thank you for your consistent, helpful depth perception.

Willow said...

Thank-you, Lisa in Boston!

Anonymous said...

The first few paragraphs about retro Saturn and its effects on career and job advancement is the reality I have been facing since January 2013. Within the past week, the situation looks brighter for me as Saturn is transiting my 12th house Scorpio and trining 8th house Uranus. I may have a job at an organization that works with psychoanalytic training which seems to me a perfect 12th house trait.

AnonGirl said...

Please dont ever stop writing. Know that your writing is crucial in these times. People need to hear these things, and there aren't many people to talk to or places to go where we can hear this. Saturn into Scorpio made the world a lonely place for a lot of us. Certainly for me, I'm a Pluto/Saturn Scorpio natally. I'm working for a really shitty institution that is overworking and underpaying me, but as soon as I come by disposable income I'm buying a voluntary subscription. Your insights are crucial.

Firehorse said...

Thank you for putting into words some of the sticky energetic situations I have been attempting to side-step lately. I have been spending a lot on maintaining boundaries and saying to "no" to people who are not used to hearing that, and boy does the anger come out, and the hooks, trying to get me to bite. The funny thing is the most vicious "unloading" attempts are being made by Libras in my life. Keep up the most excellent messages, I've been trying to wrap my head around what's been going on and you pegged it. It also doesn't help that I am in the healing professions (veterinarian) and people pull the guilt card all the time. Happy solstice!

janne said...

For me, this occurs in the 12th, a couple of degrees off my AC. Around the time Saturn direct last hit my AC, a very good, but aging Capricorn friend of mine died. I expect nothing less this time. As it happens, Pluto will soon enough be turning direct on my Sun, while in mutual reception with Saturn. By now, I know the drill already: Prepare for friends and relatives dying or turning into frenemies, prepare to have your 2nd house obliterated by Pluto, wait for Saturn to freeze your 1st. Sadly, no amount of preparation or effort makes the slightest bit of difference. Since I now have nothing left to destroy, but life and limb, plus a tent in the woods and some belongings, it's not hard to guess what comes next; either somebody burns down my tent or I lose life/limb. Not much else to take away anymore. I'm too emotionally crippled to care anymore, so do your worst, Saturn and Pluto.

Anonymous said...

That's a tremendous post. I've found myself withdrawing help from a lot of people since saturn moved into scorpio. I thought it was because it's my 7th house but perhaps instinctively I saw what's been coming.

Over the past year I've come to realise that what all organisations I've seen are missing is support. Change is inevitable, so how you get people through that change is hugely important. Everything I've witnessed is that support and caring have been sadly lacking through these times.


Chris said...

This is a really well written article that reflects my experience(and others too, it seems. excellent.

All the best,


Anonymous said...

Very perceptive article. Thank you. I totally get the 'unloading'. I have a natal Saturn in Scorpio (conjunct Juno, no less) and taking responsibility for others has been a life theme for me, assisted by a 1H/7H nodal axis and a Libra Sun conjunct Venus in 10H, it's starting to feel like it's my life's work. Believe me, the Saturn rewards have not been abundantly forthcoming. Now, approaching my 2nd Saturn return (of three), I really do not feel as though I can do that any longer-physically, emotionally or spiritually. But, it seems, this is all I know so it's hard to break free and envision a different life. Saturn says hard work and it is hard work saying "no". Scorpio says rebirth and then, almost immediately, slips into my 12th house of confinements, like I have to be in limbo for awhile before I can be reborn.

Thank you again for your sage advice. What you describe here is truly what I've been struggling with and I was having a conflict with 'not offending anyone' Venus in Libra. I do appreciate the reaffirmation.

Anonymous said...

OMG! This so completely nails what's been going on with me since October! First, the website I worked on got sold to a new owner in October, then my workload doubled (with the addition of all sorts of strange tasks I didn't have the background to handle), then the back end 'system' began to crumble, work relationships gone to bullying & maximum toxicity... I fell apart under the load in January, and quit that place about February 18. Since then, I've had much therapy. And none of it explained what happened as clearly as this post. What a life saver! Thanks, & Rock On!

Anonymous said...

I have Pluto in Scorpio, i was born 1985.

Just want to wish everyone else out there that is part of this generation all the best of luck through this transit. Its been tough for me, just about every astrology website out there (besides here at Willow's) that has avid followers that like to comment on blog posts, have so far divulged their distaste & hatred for the Pluto in Scorpio generation. & i am starting to feel the pure weight of this. Internally & externally. Psychologically & mentally. Im feeling the of loading of others projections, & its being directly targeted straight to my fellow Pluto Scorpio generation.

I am withdrawing from now onwards, from these toxic websites that breed intolerance for different star signs, planetary placements, skin color, race or gender etc etc..

I'm just so tired of it.

Thanks Willow again for your wonderfully real & truthful, no BS written piece on this tough astrological climate. The web needs astrologers like you!


Willow said...

How can you hate an entire astrological generation of people? What, "I hate anyone between the ages of 18 and 30 right now. Anyone!"


Yes, keep on rocking, Pluto in Scorpios!

Saturn is still getting back up to full speed ahead again after the direct station, so things could seem bleak-ish right now with no end in sight.

There will be relief, however. Saturn gets back up to full speed starting in mid-August, and things should start picking up steam heading into the fall equinox conjunction of Saturn, the North Node, and Venus at 8 degrees Scorpio, exactly sextile Pluto in Capricorn.

Thanks for writing, Trina.

Vaughn said...

This is cool!

Saturn in Scorpio 1985 said...

Thanks for replying Willow, its rare to find an astrologer with the amount of talent & style you possess in your articles.
I always feel at home when i come here. This site shits all over all the other sugar coated astrology sites around the web!

Always appreciative of your insights & analysis!


Anonymous said...

Gee whiz. This is so spot on its not even funny. Sun, Mars, Neptune in Scorpio. Work in local government. Restructure brought new manager and colleague. Both doing their damnedest to undermine me. All my hard work, talent, creativity taken as own for manager to look good advance their standing. Me instead of being recognised being put under intense performance review. Work picked apart, nothing constructive to say. Gruelling times. No psychological emotional support in the face of that. Professional self esteem taking a bashing, stumbling under the scrutiny. It is relentless. BUT I am determined to stay strong, learn the lessons of structure required, not easy for a creative type, and keep putting one foot in front of the other. I will not succumb and I will not leave (which I am sure what is the intent) at least until I find somewhere I want to go cos I actually like my job a lot !!