Friday, October 26, 2012

The Blood Moon Opposite Sun-Saturn in Scorpio: Every Nook and Corner is Lit. Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide.

Photo: Willow
The Moon grows full this weekend as we come out of the first conjunction of the Sun and Saturn in Scorpio for 28 years. The full change of season cannot be denied, nor can the full change in tone indicated by the Sun and Saturn coming together in this deep, dark sign.

We slip into the dark half this All Hallow's Eve and, in effect, don't fully emerge until Saturn surfaces in Sagittarius almost three years hence.

The Taurus Full Moon falls at 6 degrees and is fullest on the nights of October 28 and 29. This Full Moon, the second after autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere, is referred to as the Hunter's Moon or more dramatically as the Blood Moon. The moniker is apropos as the Moon pushes to its fullest point opposite the Sun in Scorpio - the sign associated with childbirth, midwifery, and surgery.

From bloody birth to bloody death and everything in between.

The Hunter's Moon follows the Harvest Moon (the first Full Moon after autumnal equinox) and precedes the Beaver or Mourning Moon. These Full Moons are special in that the Moon rises earlier and sets later than usual. The Moon is visible in the sky longer, and we are, therefore, under the moonbeams longer.

These Moons correspond with the Full Moons after March equinox in the southern hemisphere.

The extra light from these Full Moons was said to have helped farmers get their harvests in and hunters track their prey in the effort to stockpile food for the winter. Hence the names.

The Hunter's Moon is a spooky Moon for more reasons than one. It ushers in Hallowe'en this year, the day the veil between living and dead is said to be at its thinnest. But that isn't exactly it, is it?

Traditionally, blood runs at this Moon. Teeth are bared. There are few places to run and few places to hide for the animals that find themselves hunted prey under this Moon.

This is a fitting metaphor as the calm and collected Taurus Full Moon shines down in a maximized duration of light opposite the Sun and, this year, Saturn in Scorpio - the sign that exposes secrets, hiding places, and dark underbellies.

Scorpio and its co-ruling planet Pluto both confront with the knowledge that there's nowhere to run and nowhere to hide from the underlying realities and dynamics of life on this planet. They dog our asses like a hunter dogs his or her prey, ensuring there is, ultimately, no escape from the things we must sense, see, and address.

For some, this is terrifying. For some, liberating. For most, it's a mixture of both.

Hunting requires patience, a calm demeanour, a steady hand. It takes a quiet endurance to expose things that don't want to be exposed. The exalted Taurus Moon has these qualities in spades.

This Taurus Full Moon, this Hunter's Moon, this Blood Moon, has senses heightened, including the sixth. Goosebumps. Hair standing on end. Electricity in the air. It lights up the nighttime hours seamlessly, and there is truly no reprieve from the consciousness it bathes us in under the moonbeams.

Underlying loyalties shake out under this Moon, and we start to get a clearer picture of where people stand as we head deeper into Saturn in Scorpio. Incompatibilities glossed over during Saturn in Libra are pushed to the surface, like it or not. Crossed motivations send up sparks. Lips will curl, unconsciously, showing our fangs if we come too near those with whom we lack inherent common ground. The ties that bound friendly allies during Saturn in Libra snap like dry, autumn twigs under Saturn in Scorpio. Soul compatibility is something altogether different.

The Blood Moon is followed by a New Moon total solar eclipse at 21 degrees Scorpio on November 13, conjunct fixed star Alpha Serpentis (Unukalhai). The Alpha Snake. This fixed star is considered by most to be an unfortunate influence. In sidereal astrology, it has been associated with suicide, insanity, accidents, love problems, loss, and earthquakes. This one has it all!

But awareness of this potentially sinister layer of things does a lot to disarm it.

An eclipse is a sort of super-charged New or Full Moon, a generally unstable "backdrop change" indicator. This one will be visible in parts of Australia, New Caledonia, New Zealand, South America, and Antarctica. As you can imagine, in Scorpio conjunct the big, bad Alpha Snake as well as the Scorpio North Node, things really shake out at this New Moon. Soul-deep incompatibilities go from cracks, to divisions, to chasms. There can be no doubt where we stand on the other side of this New Moon portal.

If there is any doubt, it can kick up all kinds of problems.

The wacky, dominance-hungry occultists will be drawing all sorts of nasty energy onto the planet through this New Moon, all hot and bothered over the serpent imagery. The myths talk about a period of snake-worship secretly brought to Earth. Under worship of the God of the snakes, this period brings evil, crime, unhappiness, bad weather, and death. Stirring up hell for the people.

Detrimental trajectories will be set by some coming out of this New Moon, and with a Mercury-Neptune square strongly colouring the proceedings, there is a tendency to be unknowingly drawn in.

Mercury in Sagittarius will be exactly square Neptune in Pisces on the day of the Taurus Full Moon (October 29), and it will retrograde into this exact square again on the day of the Scorpio New Moon (November 13). This one is working us over a bit. You can read more here.

The Mercury-Neptune squares have "glamourous, media-driven mindfuck" written all over them. But it's more than that. It's psychic media. It's messages sent through those channels. Manipulation of mass psychic energy and impressions. The power of suggestion, particularly from those considered glamourous, star-like, special, heroic, truth-telling - but also in our day-to-day interactions. Communication that attempts to slip things by us. Chatty deception.

Watch the stories and narratives being furthered at this time. The mass media drones on in new frequency, as does the pseudo-alternative media. Diversionary "exo-political" stories supposedly telling us what's really going on on this planet open into new chapters. New Age gurus shape shift into something more hip to the now. Snake oil alchemically transforms into something delicious, tantalizing, and **NEW**.

That's what people are always searching for, isn't it? Something **NEW**?

**NEW** and improved versions of fascist spiritualism, including in the political realms, will be "trending," to use the vernacular. "Swallow this very old product with the exciting new flavouring down whole."

Neptune is stationing to go direct November 11 at zero Pisces, permeating the atmosphere with its wool-over-eyes themes and ensuring the Kool-Aid is especially potent. People can be very impressionable over the next few weeks, very easily led and misled. Ideas can be planted en masse. Things can be slipped by. Consensus reality is particularly malleable and can be manufactured and shaped to benefit certain factions.

The United States presidential election falls between Blood Moon and Scorpio New Moon, between the two Mercury-Neptune squares.

Know where you stand, where your loyalties fall, and don't let anything slip through your own New Moon portal. Run a Neptunian sobriety test or two. Let intuition guide, moulting anything (and anyone) that could keep you from the right Scorpionic trajectory coming out of this New Moon.

Photo: Willow


Deb said...

Couldn't help it.

Great article, Willow. Spookarific!

Lea said...

Hi Willow,
Just wanting to touch base and thank you (beyond what words can express) for your blog articles and the two readings I am working with right now that you gave me recently. Almost daily I am correlating what is happening with this Saturn through Scorpio transit and how it is affecting my natal chart, and with the BML influence that is becoming very strong for me right now, and all the other transits that you are mentioning in theses stellar articles (and all your reference articles which I am also referring to) to mainly keep me from getting "sucker-punched" by something that surprises me and then I will speak inappropriately (always my first response, it seems--that BML opposite Uranus and Merc and activated by Jupiter in various ways) has me on my toes daily now as I ramp up into some real challenges and tests that are coming my way outwardly and inwardly, it appears.
Just a check in from an ever grateful reader and recipient of your your gifted analysis and understanding of the earth and the heavens today.

Willow said...

Thank-you for the update, Lea! It sounds as if you are doing great through all these "trigger transits."

Not an easy stretch, to be sure, but you'll make it through with flying colours.

Willow said...

I have a feeling this is HAARP-icane Sandy coming ashore.

The timing is suspect.

And there was a 7.7 earthquake along the British Columbia coast, which is rare. Aftershocks are still registering.