Thursday, November 3, 2011

Neptunian Sobriety Tests Brought to You By the Astrological Aquarian Era

Neptune is currently stationing and will go direct at 28 degrees Aquarius November 9 before making a final pass over the 29th degree - the degree of the astrological era shift - in January/February, 2012.

Neptunian concentrations are running very high.

Considering the dangers associated with the tail-end Piscean era, Neptunian sobriety tests will be collected over the next few weeks in order to make the public aware of who among it is hitting the sauce a little too hard.

"I'm sorry, Sir, but have you been inhaling tail-end Piscean era ether and then operating your life? You know that's a danger to the public as well as to yourself, Sir."

Anyone found to have excessive amounts of tail-end Piscean era Neptunian ether in their systems will be asked to postpone any and all major life decisions (and even some basic daily tasks) for at least 48 hours until he or she has sufficiently sobered up.

The following are some tell-tale signs of excessive imbibing:

1) A bad case of the Spirit Eyes. Sometimes erroneously referred to as 'enlightened' or 'unconditionally loving.' Really, they're just glazed.

2) A slip of stale Piscean era terminology. Examples include "creating reality," "manifesting abundance," "releasing limiting beliefs," "awakening," "transcending," "chakra clearing," "indigo," "spiritual warrior," "twin flame," "Pleiadian royalty," "fifth dimension," "oneness," "harmonics," "kismetic," etc.

3) Inability to carry on basic conversations without quoting at least one guru type and getting a far-away look in the eyes indicating "I've checked out." (variation: see Spirit Eyes)

4) Inability to complete mundane daily tasks such as bill paying, washing dishes or making it to appointments on time due to being excessively hopped up on Ascension, Awakening, Enlightenment, Rapture, or 2012.

5) Reaction to basic facts and realities of life with accusations of "negativity," "darkness," "ignorance," "unenlightenment," or "vibe-killer."

6) Delusional commentary related to oneself or one's group being "the chosen ones," "enlightened/awakened/ascending," "moving to 5D," or any variation of spiritually hierarchical Messiah Complex that triggers knee-jerk reactions of eye rolling and "You have to be fucking kidding me" from onlookers.

7) Inability to utilize the following basic skills: discernment, critical thinking, judgement of character, saying no to multi-level marketing schemes.

If you have a tail-end Pisces Neptunian ether problem, please do not attempt major life decisions while under the influence. Seek help, and for the love of all that is holy, do not seek it from the New Age establishment.

If anyone you know has a tail-end Pisces Neptunian ether problem, do not take the individual's word at face value while he or she is under the influence, as cognizance cannot be guaranteed.

This has been a Public Service Announcement brought to you by the astrological Aquarian era.


Anonymous said...

LOL!!! My oh my Willow what would we do with out you? I thought I was losing my mind but know I see everyone is just plain high from all that Pisces Neptunian ether inhalation thing going on! Thanks for the heads up.

Lea said...

Cute. True. I might be under the influence still and needed the heads-up.Thanks. ;-)

Deb said...

You're purple!

Not bad :). I like it. I liked the green, too.

Um, I've been feeling a lot more focused and confident and grounded lately, and I'm really grateful for it all, and I ain't letting any Neptoons get in my way. Had a Neptoon tell me that I was "missed terribly" the other day.

I asked "why" instead of saying "oh, how nice" or "I missed you, too" or something else pleasant because the person in question had been kind of a douche.
And left it at that.

Thanks for the announcement, Willow. Appreciated for sure! Good luck, too :).

-- Deb

freeforall said...

LOL! Excellent!

Anonymous said...

Needed this, thanks! :D

Patricia said...

Wow! When will it be over I"ve been stuck in this neptune nonsense for way too long. Thanks though for giving me an explanation for why my contacts are rose colored! Lol

Willow said...

I guess it depends what you're hopped up on. The effects of the Neptune station should be lessened within a couple weeks.

But if it's tail-end Pisces, in general, you might be working your way out of it for a while yet.

Anonymous said...

But won't the Neptunian/Pisces stuff get even worse when Neptune finally settles into Pisces?

Willow said...

Not for the people who get on top of it/peel it away now.

We're at a divergence point. Major one.

TheHoneyBadgerSpeaketh said...

I once tried dining on pleiadian royalty. Was bored with my usual fare so I figured "why the heck not?" lord have mercy that was a bad idea. they didn't taste like anything in particular but within a few minutes of the first bite I was all quessy and dizzy and shit. woke up the next day with something akin to a horrible hangover. took days and a whole bottle of milk thistle before I could even get out and about. ended up having to be on so grapefruit seed extract (for the parasites) long enough I think almost single handedly resusciated the housing bubble in south florida.

Willow said...


Man, that Honey Badger has some A-1 material.

Mary-A. said...

Effing brilliant!

Willow said...

heehee...thanks, MA.

Anonymous said...


Willow said...