Monday, June 27, 2011

Warning: You're About to Read a Plutonic Punk Astrologer. Proceed at Your Own Discretion.

I'm always surprised when people are surprised that I'm fairly Plutonically hardcore (and so is this blog). It seems evident to me, but with all the Neptunian projection that goes on on the interweb, a disclaimer under the Cardinal Grand Cross might be a good way to get it out of the way.

As is the case with most Plutonics/Scorpionics, I don't put up with any crap, and when people try to feed me crap (yes, I see them doing it, and yes, I know it's crap), I refuse it and dump it back in their laps. This generally leaves people miffed and/or stunned, but their crap is not my responsibility.

Some would call me bitchy. I prefer witchy.

That said, Plutonic/Scorpionic types are generally deeply intuitive and accepting of extremes, able to hold the energy of people in various emotional and psychological states - usually because they have experienced some variation of those states themselves. They don't shy away from the more difficult aspects of life, including death.

If you're dealing with a difficult situation (or a difficult life, period), if your life has just imploded, if you have a major case of the transformational yucks, or if you are just royally and righteously pissed off for some reason, someone with a good handle on this energy is the person you would want in your corner. You can tell them what's really going on for you - as long as it's honest and coming from your own experience - and they can not only deal but work with it intricately to help extricate you from the oppressiveness of it, all while empowering you and keeping you out of co-dependency.

It should be known that Plutonics don't let up easily. A dog with a bone. We're pretty close to relentless. We have to be. We're here to expose power dynamics that have been kept buried for millenia as well as the injurious, unjust, and deadly consequences of those buried power dynamics.

We're here to figure out what's killing us so we can expose it and stop it. We're here to reach critical mass, to hit the marks that catalyze real improvement, real change, while providing such unerring, unfaltering evidence that it breaks through the mass denial that has been crystallized into insulating, deadened shrouds.

It's no easy task.

We're working with issues that people will do everything in their power to deny. People will kill (and do) to keep this stuff covered up.

Most would rather deal with a slow, unexamined, day-to-day poisoning that does not require anything of them than be faced with the raw truth of the situation - something they would have to deal with.

Plutonics wouldn't, though. They can't. So they have to dig it out, and they're here to get all of it. Nothing half-assed will do. Any tentacle left behind will attach and re-grow.

Plutonic people can follow a thread for months or years through thorny bramble bushes, over barbed wire, through mucky gutters, past armed guards, finally reaching the root and clearing away the detritus around it. In a lot of cases, as soon as they get it cleared, along comes a boot to kick mountains of earth back over it. Then the boot plants itself in their faces.

But in other cases, not. In other cases, they find the spaces to move through and bring it up to the light of day. This is happening more and more. It's getting easier.

I'm not a fearmonger. I'm also not "negative," "dark," "pessimistic," or any of the other words used to discredit my point-of-view.

As I've said before, I don't see the world through the New Age light/dark, positive/negative filter. I believe that paradigm is an artificial one set up to keep people from their own authentic experience while denying the authentic experience of others - where the power is.

Incidentally, the denigration and demonization of "the dark" has its root in black/white racism and Aryan supremacy - something the New Age is intrinsically connected to.

From Howard Zinn's book A People's History of the United States:

"The colour black was considered distasteful in England. The Oxford English Dictionary defined it as: "Deeply stained with dirt; soiled, dirty, foul. Having dark or deadly purposes, malignant; pertaining to or involving death, deadly; baneful, disastrous, sinister. Foul, iniquitous, atrocious, horribly wicked. Indicating disgrace, censure, liability to punishment, etc."

The colour white, on the other hand, was often used, especially in poetry, to mean beauty, purity, chasteness, what's good and right."

(Black is my favourite colour.)

I'm well aware that the power and spiritual energy of righteous people is stronger than the nasty deeds and tactics being used by the criminally insane/inhumane who call themselves our leaders. That has never been in question.

But I also know the ways in which people's most potent energy and awareness is being diverted, manipulated, and used for ends that are not in their best interests.

I know fascism when I see/feel it. You can dress it up, Photoshop it, call it enlightened - it's still fascism.

So I strip the layers, bit-by-bit, as people kick and scream and fight to hold on, to stay comfortably blanketed in them.

What a Plutonic person knows is that in order for things to change this stuff has to be brought up and fully integrated into collective awareness. People have to be living as if it's real, as if it affects them, and as if the wrongs being brought down are being brought down on them - because this is the case. Decisions have to be made, courses have to be changed, using this awareness, so we keep uncovering and providing it. We keep finding the cracks to widen.

And I guess knowing it can make people feel helpless and hopeless because we're dealing with issues that don't fit into the problem-reaction-solution model - another artificial construct. There are no easy, quick-fix answers. It's almost impossibly complex, complicated, tangled.

But working with this bottom-line reality is what I find meaningful. It's what I find exciting and interesting. Sometimes it's even fun. And it's what makes me a good astrologer.

The soft, sleepy Neptunian clouds are maybe pretty to look at, but I do beauty, not pretty.

I know what has been brought down on the people on this planet, and I know what is still being brought down. The injustice of their injuries and deaths burns in me because it's my own. This is not the ancient past. We are not "ascending" out of it. We do not simply "transcend" what has gone on and what is currently going on. The slaughters and poisonings were brought down 10 years ago, 20 years ago, 40 years ago, a century or two. It's the blink of an eye. It's yesterday. It's just the other side of the Neptunian veil dropped over the eyes of the willing. It's a single step outside the Aquarian virtual realities holding rapt attention.

I know the people who have been hurt because they are me. These are the people whose hearts are with mine. What has been brought down on them has been brought down on me...on us. That's real Pisces - not the separation and transcendence and lovey lighty, awakey ascendy glossing over that's being preached and sold these days.

All this smoulders and burns until it is rectified. And until it is out in the open, understood, felt, loved, and dealt with en masse, so do I. So does anyone who feels it as their own. The Plutonics.

At this point, holding the awareness of what has gone on and what is going on is doing something. Making changes and decisions in your own life based on it is doing something. Most people are not doing so. It flits into their minds for a minute or two, maybe, and then it's onto something else.

So for all the Plutonic consciousness comrades out there:

Don't doubt yourself.
Don't ever let them reframe your experience into something more palatable and comfortable for them.
What you're doing, reaching the points of authenticity and honesty that you are reaching, is highly effective, and that's why it's such a threat to those who wish to maintain establishment status quo as you go.


Anonymous said...

hello from the United Kingdom Willow,

i lurk on this blog (have done so for a couple of years now) some very low points in my life your words have given me clarity and guidance. you won't have been aware of this - but i just wanted to share my appreciation. i'm pisces sun myself, the past 5 years have been hell and although i can sense a turn in the's just the nature of time. i don't think i am depressing or negative - just a pisces fighting to stay above the water (reality). not an easy place for me to be! not even my reality? Jesus.

your writing has helped me to stay focused - don't sell out and make it pretty.

your sister in the sea x

freeforall said...

Bravo Willow! ...from another Plutonian sistah!

Your words make me feel better today, as I came home from work feeling down, as if something is wrong with me...that I am 'too negative.' I see too much and often feel helpless...that would be my Neptunian energies!

Ah, the lovely Grand Cross is stirring up my angles lately. Staying true to myself. We will break new ground.

Jason said...

Hey Willow Aquarian here with a 4th House Uranus too. Pluto in the 3rd makes my communication and information very Plutonic. My mercury is in Pisces. I feel like crying when I read your blog. And I really am (inside). On your other post of moving around. I know what its like to move around A lot. I also have the moon on my IC move my emotional home or place of residence every couple of years. Which happens always.

I live in a HIV house in New York. I was led to believe I had it. Never took medicine like alot of my friends. Because i see most doctors as propaganda overhead for the elite.. But for 11 years im still healthy. Never got sick, just colds. they keep doggedly trying to scare me onto them. My very immature aries female doc. Probably started out her profession on a ambtion trip, empty of all human elements. Just a aries ego trip. now she hugs me after being her doc for 7 years. hmm change of heart? aries? seeing the human element now.

She doesnt know that the harder you push a 3 fixed sun ascendant and moon sign. the harder it turns to steel. I dont push back, i just become an imovable force.


on top of not only my own childhood wounding mirrored in my third and 4th houses. I also have the universal responisbility of communicating the most revulsive topics to people. After i found astrology it makes so much sense. People used to tell me I think to much that im a party pooper for quesioning everyones meth use. Driving home drunk. Ect ect.

Now i stand dumbfounded by the Medical Fraud which is HIV and AID$

Its all coming to light, Robert Gallo and the CDC have been making up diseases to keep us in a lifetime relationsip with the medical establishment here in the united states. I did alot of research before 3 years before I went to the screening of the HOUSE OF NUMBERS documantary . That just confirmed everything and then some for me. So here I sit plutonically warning people in my "HIV POSITIVE" building to stop takeing there medication. I warn the people working here that the formula there getting paid to preach by these vatican funded medical schools are dangerous. it may be keeping food on your table but is killing thousadnds across the world for us not holding those dam scientists to there claims.

People here in the (united states- that are really small state countries) Dont realize how harmful it is to believe no one is out to harm you. There are things in power and abuses going on with the food production and flouride in the water. I have to tell people this stuff. And they take out there boot. And say- but, they said, and they, they.

IM like who is they? WHO ARE THEY? ask yourself dont let people hand you a script to life!!! Our doctors here in the states are killing us slowly. Im living proof I was told I would get sick in 5-6 years and die by 10 its been 11. I was 19 when i took that stupid test which is bogus science.

Anyway thanks for the heads up. I will keep telling people about the banking system, the economy which is in a double dip recession heading for 10 year depression- while Everyone just sticks there head up there ass and expects me to talk like more positive. Cant u tell me something nice they say. Tell me something nice. I just did dammit i told u the truth. that is the nicest thing u can tell someone. they just dont get it. What can I say pluto in the 3rd house your either in or out. O dont believe astrology has an affect on you? BYE dont say i didnt tell u so.

Anonymous said...

Roar and keep on Roaring!!...says a sister Plutonic with an exact sextile of Mars(Air)and Pluto(Fire)...burning in her belly;

The latest fire of Hell: "Huge forest fire forces evacuation of Los Almos Laboratory in New Mexico."

Where tons of Plutonium and chemical waste dumps dot the landscape!!

Well, hell...Mother said that death comes in three: 1. F@ck-o-shima, 2. American Heartland Flooded reactor, and now Fire consuming Los Almos!

Are we collectively so blind. deaf and dumb not to read the signs?

web solutions said...

If X is true, then please explain why X is true.

Rob said...

I love it when you get hardcore Willow. Your words are simultaneously liberating and grounding to this Plutonic.

msfullroller said...

From another fellow Plutonian, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this post. Keep it real Sis!

And big thanks to the other Plutonians who've commented. Everyone's words have helped me a lot.

Willow said...

Agreed, ms.! The Plutonics are usually submerged under pressure. It's nice to hear the commentary.

Deb said...

Willow, this is one of your best articles ever, and not just because I'm pretty Plutonian (Sun-Pluto conjunction; Mercury + Venus in Scorpio; Moon and Mars in 8th; possibly some more stuff I'm unaware of). I think everyone can benefit a great deal from reading this post.


P.S. I happen to be wearing head-to-ankle black today. Totally unplanned.

Anonymous said...

Cancer v. Scorpio, or Moon v. Pluto

Your boyfriend or girlfriend calls you from tahiti, says they've run off with their secretary or intern or the pool boy or the ups guy, dumps you, says "see ya wouldn't want to be ya!", and now you need a shoulder to cry on? That's when you call a Cancerian. They will make you warm soup, maybe share some cookie dough with you, let you watch movies on their couch and overall make it feel better.

But what if a relative calls you and lets you know your whole family was wiped out in some horrifying disaster or civil war? That's when you call a Scorpio. (Plutonian) Cause warm soup and words aren't going to cut it in that case.

Josie said...

Ah-men sister!Being a Plutonic (4 planets in the 8th, Pluto conjunct uranus on midheaven) I have spent my entire life just as you have described: Diving headlong into "the dark" only to find that you end up in the light, a whole lot lighter. Yes, I have lost friends along the way, mostly due to their own fears. And yet, I see no other way than through it. It takes a whole lot more energy to run from the monster than it does to stop and turn around and face it head-on. What's the worst that could happen? you get eaten? Plus, when you make the shadow an ally, you gain one hell of a best friend!

Anonymous said...

What has made your site so valuable to me-you give it to us straight. can not think of a single astrologer in my life that has laid it out like you..I am talking years of written and phone dark place now,has parameters,beginnings and endings,the dignity now, of being armed to face my dark opponent..stripped bare of the frothy sweet lies it dresses on for us Willow,we hear you..kauai

shannon said...

willow and the Plutonics would be a great all Grrrl punk band! :D

Willow said...

Featuring shannon on drums.

shannon said...


Anonymous said...

Found this page googling re. my own ever plutonic ways-Sun 1degree conjunct Libra, Moon 0deg.trine Aquarius, Sun and moon rulers venus/uranus 3 deg. conjunct Scorpio,also conjunct true node in scorpio, LeoSaturn 3deg. sextile pluto, Sag.Neptune 0deg. sextile pluto, 8th house Moon, true node conjunct venus & uranus in Scorpio-can't get away from it!! Libra and Pluto-my pain around unfairness/inequality/power mongering is acute!! and although I learn to live with it, it's primal and colours every pursuit...Thanks for your views, I relate. Plutonic people can be the most ethical and bravest of people, we just won't pretend that corrupt power no matter how is dressed up is O.K...and people sense we won't make things easy/avoid and play the game....and thats whats most threatening about pluto-not that we're mean/unkind/not good but that we give the vibe, no matter what, that we expect soul authenticity, and that scares people who aren't ready...