Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mars Retrograde In Late Scorpio: A Call to Action From the Deepest Reaches of the Soul

Action planet Mars, moving retrograde, re-enters its own sign of Scorpio on May 27 (until August 2), for an inky-potent dip back into the sign of hidden context, including a direct station on June 29 at 23 degrees. 

During Mars' dip back into Scorpio, we will move back over the emotional, psychological, and energetic wakes of past actions/trajectories while also becoming aware of areas of emotional or energetic over-extension.

If we've been giving more than we're receiving or putting up with eroding bullshit of any kind, Mars re-entering late Scorpio may require a trimming of the fat.

Let go of the non-essentials. This includes issues, dynamics, and even people that take up a burdensome amount of emotional and psychological space.

This may seem a little ruthless, but the ruthlessness of Mars in Scorpio is required for survival now. Scorpio is a sign Mars rules, after all. It knows the territory. It knows the score. Yes, Mars in Scorpio is a little ruthless.

But when you're being sucked dry by surreptitious hangers-on who use your energy, talents, or skills without due return, credit, or compensation, ruthless is what you need to be.

When you're being sucked into the drama or problems of others, leaving you at an energetic shortfall, ruthless is what you need to be. 

When you're being lied to, poisoned, abused, or manipulated - as we are on Planet Earth by those who falsely claim to be our leaders - ruthless is what you need to be.

Maintain rock solid boundaries and refuse to put up with nonsense. At the very least, don’t willingly put up with it.
Mars in Scorpio is a battling placement, but the battle is going on in the hidden realms. Our intuition is the guide here, helping us manoeuvre through the dark. Every intuitive twinge tells us something important about the true reality of the situations in which we find ourselves and how best to navigate them. 

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