Friday, February 12, 2016

Mars Retrograde 2016: a Re-Direction of Passions

Mars is referred to as the action planet, relating to physical energy, personal direction, goals, will, anger, aggression, sex drive, sexuality, the way we move, and the way we do things, in general.

One of the primary astrological events for 2016 is a Mars retrograde period from April 17 to June 29 when Mars will appear to re-trace its steps in backward motion through the zodiac. 

Mars retrogrades occur once every two years. With the upcoming retrograde period from 8 degrees Sagittarius to 23 degrees Scorpio, the path we are actively carving through life will be changing - or at the very least, deepening - in 2016, becoming more fully aligned with our personal belief systems, faith, and truth.

Both Sagittarius and Scorpio are known as quite passionate signs, and this Mars retrograde period indicates a time of “passions directed and re-directed.” 

In Sagittarius, Mars is actively seeking meaningful experiences that boost inspiration, exhilaration, joy, and faith, as well as deepening our knowledge of the truth.  

In Scorpio, Mars desires to know stone, cold reality, right down to its deep, dark (and sometimes ugly) core. Mars in Scorpio leaves no stone left unturned.

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