Friday, August 7, 2015

A Magical Leo New Moon Brings Beautiful Blessings and Big, Bold Love

 Photos: Willow

We are currently heading to a 21-degree Leo New Moon on August 14 (8:53 a.m. CST), which will occur conjunct love-and-beauty planet Venus, moving retrograde in Leo at 23 degrees. This is a pile-up in the heavens of the Sun, Moon, and Venus. Two yins and a yang. Gorgeous.

This makes for a positively magical weekend August 14 - 16, as Venus Rx then backs into its interior conjunction to the Sun at 22 degrees Leo on August 15 (1:22 p.m.).

The August 15 Sun-Venus interior conjunction is an important point in the Venus retrograde process, marking the official kick-off of the next Venus (love, relationship, money, values) cycle, coloured strongly by Leo. We are truly leading with the heart - and being led by our hearts - over the next 18 months.

The Sun-Venus interior conjunction in Leo also marks the official conclusion of the Venus in Capricorn-flavoured themes, initiated by the last Venus retrograde, which occurred in steadfast and hard-nosed Capricorn in December 2013/January 2014.

The Venus in Capricorn themes were highly productive in setting new standards and rules in relationships of all kinds, setting ourselves up for long-term relational success for a new astrological era. We made major progress over the past 18 months as we re-structured relationships according to the true circumstances on Planet Earth. Realism in love and relationship were favoured over romanticized Hollywood ideals. Career progress and financial stabilization were also important themes, ensuring more egalitarian and less dependent relationship structures moving forward.

The Venus in Capricorn-flavoured themes for love, relationship, and money were also quite dry, however. Nose-to-the-grindstone, don't let up, keep working, no complaining, swallow your loneliness, outpace the competitors.

So the release of the Venus in Capricorn themes (while highly productive and necessary) comes as quite a relief for our lovely Venus.

To a great extent, as of August 15, the hardest structural work has been completed. The new-era relationship foundations have been solidified. Now we get to play a little bit more. We get to have a little more fun. We get to enjoy some personal style, some talent, some sass.

In short, we get to be a little more Leonine and a little less Saturnine for the next 18 months, and that is truly cause for celebration.

Leo loves a party!

The 21st degree of Leo, where the August 14 New Moon falls, is also the degree of the first conjunction (of three) of Lesser Benefic planet Venus and Greater Benefic planet Jupiter that was experienced on July 1, 2015. The 21-degree Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Leo was visible in the night's sky, and there was certainly a feeling that we were witnessing (and living through) something amazing on Planet Earth at that time.

The blessings, creative mojo, and expansion of the heart that were experienced under that gorgeous Venus-Jupiter conjunction July 1 now come front-and-centre again.

Whatever good stuff was happening in your life around July 1 will be picked up again at this Leo New Moon, and it will be carried through the entire 28-day lunar cycle until the Virgo New Moon partial solar eclipse on September 13 changes gears again.

Suffice it to say, this is a big, bold New Moon in Leo, which opens the big, bold, creative, and heart-centred 28-day lunar cycle that follows. We can expect a little drama here. Let's just hope it's the fun kind.

We are compelled to follow the depths and richness of our heart-of-hearts now. We are compelled to act according to the big love contained within us, just aching to burst forth in all its colour and glory.

The practical outlets for all that big, bold, love are on their way, as well...

If the fiery passion of all this Leo was just a bit much to bear (and it really was getting intense there for a while with those squares to Saturn in Scorpio, wasn't it?), never fear. Communication planet Mercury moves into grounded and clear-headed Virgo today at 1:15 p.m. This cools our brains a little with more practical and mundane considerations.

Greater Benefic Jupiter will also move into Virgo very soon, on August 11 (5:11 a.m.), waiting on Venus to catch up (along with Mars) for the final conjunction at 15 degrees Virgo on October 25.

Enjoy the fire, passion, and blessings of this very special Leo season while they last.  

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