Friday, February 13, 2015

"Pisces For the Aquarian Era" and More Post-Pisces Clearance on the Love Front

 Pisces Season. Sleepy. Shh.
Photo: Willow

We are now moving into a 29-degree Aquarius New Moon on February 18 (5:47 p.m. CST) - the bookend New Moon to the zero-degree Aquarius New Moon we experienced January 20.

New Moons indicate new cycles opening and something fresh about to unfold, especially related to emotions and emotional patterns. With bookend New Moons in Aquarius, we are developing and securing an emotional anchor that will carry us through the turbulence and into the new astrological era.

Now, according to my data, this February 18 New Moon occurs on the very last breath of Aquarius, at the very last possible moment of the sign. Other people are calling this a zero-degree Pisces New Moon.

To me, it doesn't really matter all that much. We are in a major "change of eras" transition and a major clearing of the emotional slate as we move through the first months of 2015. It's a little messy, a little confusing, but a lot exhilarating. And it likely isn't necessary to quibble over the details.

What we can be sure of is that this New Moon keeps those "change of era" themes rolling.

From now through the 29-degree Aquarius New Moon, both relationship-related planets, Venus and Mars, are traveling through oh-so-karmic late Pisces. It requires nothing less than Uranian dynamite charges to break up and change the dynamics and patterns held here. Lucky for us, Uranus is in very strong and influential position at the moment. You can read more about the effects of the strong Uranus energy during the first months of 2015 in this post: "Powerfully-Positioned Uranus in Aries Leads the Charge Through Aquarius Season."

As we move into Pisces season 2015 (February 18 - March 20), we're making the final transition into a new expression for the sign of Pisces - Pisces for the astrological Aquarian era. This is true for all 12 of the zodiac signs. The way we express them in the new era is different, and we are tasked with experimenting and figuring out what will be successful in every passing moment. Challenging!

But Pisces may just be the trickiest sign to transition, caught as it is so often in the attachment to old-era love ideals, dreams, and illusions. The cycles of bliss then torment, hope then despair. And repeat. And repeat. And repeat.

The 29-degree New Moon in Aquarius propels us into a highly-potent Pisces season. But it is a Pisces season coloured by necessary change from start to finish. We are tasked with transitioning the expression of the sign of Pisces over the next lunar month (and beyond), and this particularly involves hopes, dreams, relationships, and ideals of love.

During the astrological Piscean era, we learned such nuggets of wisdom as: Love hurts. Love scars. Love wounds. You have to suffer for love. The more you suffer, the deeper your love. If it doesn't torment and mistreat you, it isn't real love.

Well, sorry, Roy Orbison, but your beautiful song has now passed into the classics, a song for an old era. (I'm sure you would be glad to hear that, anyway.)

Pisces is known for the heroic lengths it will go to in order to long and pine and sigh and hurt and torture itself over ideas and ideals of love and over the projected object of its affection.

Old school Pisces wants complete immersion in love and in a loved one. Always. And forever. It wants to be wrapped up in a cocoon of unending love, adoration, and support from the universe and from other people. It wants to do a continual backstroke in the auric field of the one it desires. Blissful communion and spiritual ecstasy with nothing reality-based that might burst its bubble. 

But we're moving on from that as the dominant ideal for love. Those things exist in love, certainly, but they are no longer the singular ideal for which we are holding out.

That old school love ideal ain't coming back (thank goodness), and those who are wasting time waiting on it will be moved into the new era via Uranian shocks to the system, like it or not. 

There is no time, no energy, no inclination left to torture ourselves over anyone else or over any outdated ideals for love.

If you haven't noticed by now, it isn't actually about that individual. It's about figuring out the energy and the dynamics that are stirred by that individual, outsmarting them, and then moving through them until you're free.

Under the astrological Aquarian era, Pisces loves freely, just as it always did. But Pisces must also ensure that loving someone does not drag it into the same old traps. The pure and open-hearted love given so generously by Pisces must be applied a little more intelligently, with a little more discernment, with a bit higher standards.

Pisces loves as openly and fully and divinely as it ever did under the astrological Aquarian era, but it does so without preconceived expectations about what that will mean or what that will bring in return.

The intent behind the love has to be cleared.

We do not love to obligate others to us. We do not love only so that we can receive love in return. We do not love only to help or heal or prop others up. We do not love because we feel guilty or beholden or sorry for someone. We do not love simply so that we don't have to move forward.

Under the current scene, if it hurts, it isn't love. If it hurts, it's an old Neptunian trick you have to figure out, an old Piscean-era construct, a mirage you need to move through.

Or on the other hand, if it hurts, it may be a point of too-extreme detachment, too much cold Aquarius, too hard an angle. Going too far into the Aquarian extreme can be just as painful, requiring the correct application of Piscean love to bridge the gap. Pisces is the sign of union, remember, the last sign of the zodiac, the sign that brings it all together.

So on the Piscean end of things, if it hurts, you need to let it go. You need to detach from it. You need to re-formulate, distract yourself, propel yourself beyond it.

But on the Aquarian end of things, if it hurts, you need to make the loving connection, build the bridge, bring it back to love, bring it back to union and communion. You need to hold space for the love that fills the cracks and makes us whole again.

With the transiting North Node of the Moon in Libra into November 2015, maintaining the right Aquarius-Pisces balance, particularly in relationships, is key.

We have one last week with Venus and Mars in Pisces stirring the old-era dynamics, and then something shifts.

Mars enters Aries February 19, and Venus enters Aries February 20. They form a conjunction at 1-degree Aries on February 21 (11:13 p.m.) that kicks off a fresh new direction in relationships, love, sex, values, money matters, and personal goals. This is a "first day of spring" vibe coming into our interpersonal relations, a major propulsion into new territory. Ride the wave. Fight for it, even.

From their conjunction February 21, Venus and Mars will continue through Aries and trigger the Uranus-Pluto square. Venus forms a conjunction to Uranus in Aries and a square to Pluto in Capricorn March 4. Mars follows suit March 11.

Honestly, anything could happen this March with the final Uranus-Pluto square at 15 Aries/Capricorn on March 16 and a New Moon total solar eclipse on 29 degrees Pisces, the last degree of the zodiac, on March 20. There is a definite shake-up and re-positioning in relationships and money matters this March, and it is all-encompassing. Our personal directions and goals could change - and then change again - on a dime. We're moving through very unstable and changeable energy this March. Don't fight it. Just go with it as cheerfully as possible.

If anything descends on your heart like a wet paper bag this Pisces season, fight your way out of it. It's just a wet paper bag. It's easy to break free from - as long as you're willing to try.

Don't roll over and play dead. Don't weep about the hopelessness of the situation. At least, don't indulge in those things for long.

Strong-arm that motherfucker. Show this dead-end Pisces energy you mean business. Grab it by the short and curlies, show it who's boss, and then show it the door. This will be easier once Venus and Mars form their conjunction at 1 degree Aries on February 21.

The Piscean era is over - if we make it so.

So let's make it so.

Laugh at the silly little Neptune tricks. Don't allow them to take you down. Don't allow them to erode your self-confidence or sense of well-being.

Communication planet Mercury is now direct (as of February 11) in early Aquarius. As I wrote about previously, there are some cautions related to this extended Mercurial stay in Aquarius, especially with the potency of dispositor Uranus in Aries right now:

"[Mercury in Aquarius] will bring us information, insight, and perspective about the way forward from here. We will be wrapping our minds around the changes we have been through, the changes we are experiencing now, and the changes that are yet to come. We are being informed of the new blueprints - and of last-minute changes to those new blueprints. It is a challenge to stay up-to-date with everything that is unfolding...

The perspective and new ideas we come to through this Mercury retrograde are quite vast and long-reaching. We may be able to see years, decades, or even centuries down the road. Mercury will transit Aquarius until March 11, so we have an extended period of time to mentally integrate the continually-unfolding scenarios. 

But Mercury in Aquarius disposited by Uranus in Aries in its current position indicates a definite possibility of mental circuitry overload, and this possibility is also extended into early March. There is some mental burnout possible...

Shut off the damn cell phones! Shut off the computer for a while. Stay off social media for a couple days - or more.

Limiting technology time is one way to protect our tired synapses, especially in the days surrounding the Mercury stations.

We have to apply our own versions of "surge protectors" to our brains and nervous systems over the next three months in order to counteract the intense Uranian charge. We can only stay wired for so long until it starts to have adverse effects.

Uranus is conjunct the South Node in Aries, which means we have to balance that erratic and at times overwhelming charge via the Libra North Node. Keeping our balance while maintaining a sense of peace amidst any turmoil and upheaval is our soul-level challenge now. This is our path to success."

Happy Pisces Season, all!


Anonymous said...

Just perfect! You are simple the best!!Lucia

Greg F said...

Hi Willow,

On this eve of Valentine's Day, I read the Wikipedia version of his life. There were many associated with the name, as the article mentions.

My favorite St. Valentine story is about the one who married couples that were 'in love' despite their parents' misgivings. A Piscean hangover, I suppose.

I love this article, Willow. Thank you for your amazing insight. Have a wonderful weekend.


Anonymous said...

so good- Thanks Willow!

Willow said...

Thank-you, guys! Happy Valentine's.

Jessiemo said...

the piscean love model ending is so true. for the first time in my life i'm quite cool about a (piscean) boyfriend flaking out and disappearing. i.e. dumping me. i no longer feel it's got anything to do with me being all wrong as i used to do. quite sanguine. of course i'm older but it's lovely to feel this way. i felt sad for a while but also could live days normally. i have some Aquarian coolth and individuality. and he was a big love.

Teresa said...

Very inspiring piece, Willow! Loved it! Happy Heart Day.

Jason said...

Sorry for writing so much, I know Im a little wierd...LOL umm, I think I did this right, although it could be my Mercury opp Jupiter. I have read that since Leo Rules the Heart, Leo Ascsendant mates are a little lacking in that area. And I feel that. I have to show them ways of love. & sometimes this means shutting of the sunshine when they act up.

I understand he has Saturn Syndrome and he has been doing a pretty good job of keeping it to a minimum. He also has Mars Opposite Sun and Mars in the 10th, so he starts to not rule his stars and find me more something of his old pals at the office of the Mainstream News Corps.

He forgets that I AM NOT THEM! I have the most uncompetitive 9 life path/Mars In Virgo. Im just not here to win. I just want to get the job done/ have frauds come into the collective. But he sees himself doing "less"- less passionate, less able to wade through the frauds I point out. And he thinks he's less for that. But I cannot help it. And I have to help people and we have to survivie so I have to point stuff out., ITs really real out there right now and being a 9 life path is hard. He a 6, which is equally of value, and a 9 cannot be if it cant regain some sense of family, he does not realize how much of a support he is. & he needs to be proud of what he has done.

I cant help it if im more of a people person. But I forgive that, and he has an 11th house Moon that, after running through the other planets first, gets to his moon and sees the bigger picture. He calms down and start to truly value him self- Not in relation to others, and not in relation to others work as a Virgo South Node would.

Because, I do need some sense of a family member being proud of me and not a threat when you do not get hired and your mate does, it just ain't fair to and play busy. So we are on speaking terms after my INFJ door slam. And I like that he lets me do my underground bomb explode anger thing, and then we go back to what we said about the long haul.

He knows this is his last chance with someone so young and of my disposition. He thinks I do not look up to him, but I do. In a way he will probably not understand until he passes on. I think like a lot of Gemini's, just get used for the busyness by less than honest organizations in there early life. And Im trying to get him to rely on the untapped Pisces ASC North Node. People have told him those traits are not of value. He will have much more fun, not having to win/work in a Virgoian sense all the time.

Work CAN be fun, and driving by deep Piscean compassion for others. Not just looking to the government or the white man for another a job he will grow to dispise. He we need people strong enough to do "nothing" and not have to be anything, people need to feel value sans resumes and work history's. He even admitted this is what he really likes to do the most! And Im gonna help him learn some of that with my own Pisces Placements.

**Happy V day Everyone, just a side note if my writing is too much. Totally understand! if no one reads it or you are storied out from clients. / or want to post it. Its therapy just writing it, and helps me know where Im going. I have no idea with Mercury In Pisces what is ok. Or overwhelming, appropriate, or too much. Just go with my gut. lol


Jason said...

O just one last thing not about relationships! lol. something so scarily syncroncitous during the retrograde, Larry- A feb 5th Aquarian and I, Feb 7 both lost our keys, A N D our food card, at the at the same time!?! The day he went to go get a new card. I gave up looking for mine and went to go get a new one a few hours later. Since I was tired from key searching the other days. Funny thing is we are not that close so I did'nt lose it with him, I will share why.

He is a level Pluto Hoarder, to the point that he "cleans" his apt by putting things in the hallway to do it, ok some might say I'm OCD clean. Appears because i'm too organized. LOL If your not bored yet- I was scared to look in the closet the first couple times I visited, I thought it was pointless as it would look the same, YOU KNOW AQUARIANS LOVE SUPRISES and this guy does EVERYTIME! the top of his closet, and inside was nice! this is the one very small closet, is all WE get, i understand it ain't easy.

But my God im saying this with the most sincere Piscean Compassion, but the top of the shelf had NOTHING ON IT but a fan, Yet, his ENITIRE room has NO space to move in. Full of multiple chairs piled on, papers and anything you could think of, for a single room occupancy. He has mirror quirk, and sets them on the floor. I hear breaking mirrors in the middle of the night, and him setting each piece (high Im sure) in to the bin with a single hand as I look out to make sure he has not gone bleeding everywhere. He hangs nothing on the wall. So, No I did not lose my keys "partying up" with him.

I nearly lost my cool just being in his apt from the not just hoarding, but pure unsanitary conditions, I have tried to help him a few times, once taking a putird, black sour modly bag of bread out to throw in the garbage, which was just there with other rotting stuff, to see what his reaction would be and if I could help em. To move some things, This is after knowing him 5 years, but he acts just like those people on Youtube, and his hospitality turns to brunt anger and more future plans!

I told him he is never going to get to his future wall collage plans, because he always brings in a new piece of street furniture. Which- brings more confusion and, also adds to our chance of getting bed bugs!! I told him to make a square with tape keep the sentimentals, what does not fit in the square, do not bring in. He says all the time, I have to get outta that room. so I tried. Yes I did, 3 times He nods yes, and is sometimes corgal about it. But. It is interesting to say the least. It is just so.. so odd as he sounds SOOO normal if you talk to him and he's sober. You would never know, so it is just, I cannot find the link inside my mind where you can know about the depths of government corruption carry on swimming conversations, but not be able to let go of things. keep the closet immaculate but the room you live in?

But, he has a scorpio ASC. his room is on the side that has NO Sun. It faces another building, a brick wall is all you see, which I used to have when I first lived here, but once the building manager a Leo, seen I was a tenant she would like people to see, she moved me on the floor that they take people for viewing future residence and the office. For a while she would bring people to see my APT as the viewing apt, but lets face it, I have Scorpio IC and Moon, I did not take well to her want for long, as that was much of a compliment, I still needed and need to heal privately. My space is pretty personal, but it was nice to know (ESP for a Leo Ascendant) Someone wants to show you off. But oddly the darkness, I think his ASC actually likes it, Where I enjoy the street, playing house music for the artists walking by and Sunshine for meh Leo ASC.

Its just so cool. Everything is in its place, and the Universe Really Loves Us!a

Anonymous said...

You write so beautifully and thoughtfully and potently, Willow - thanks for the wonderful insights.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, helpful post, Willow - I see a lot of kicking & screaming (evident behind peoples' words & actions) that tells me many are really trying to hang on to the Pisces sacrificial love-energy, often to their detriment. Surely, I did my share of that kind of romance when I was young, but am much more comfortable with working to balance the idealism with the reater clarity of Aquarius. But I do hope we don't all become too hard-edged pragmatic, with a rather utilitarian view of our relationships. We need to keep some of that Piscean energy, too. I've in the past been hurt by that utilitarian attitude in a partner - I have no one close in my life at present, but would settle for nothing less than a balance.
Thank-you for fostering some thinking through of all this.

Louise said...

Willow, you spoke straight to my 12th floor! Thank you! You are amazing....