Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Jupiter Enters Leo and the Rock & Roll in Our Hearts & Souls Will Never Die

Painting by GMacP

The biggest planet in the solar system, Jupiter, entered the sign of big personalities, big star power, and big creative endeavours, Leo, early on July 16 where it will remain until entering Virgo on August 11, 2015.

Expansion planet Jupiter entering the sign of the actor, the artist, the comedian, and the child-at-heart indicates a year of sexy, sizzling style, playfulness, pizzaz, and parties. Big colour. Big drama.

Most of all, it indicates a year of more fun, and most everyone could use more of that amidst the various hellrides we've been on in recent years (decades, centuries, and millenia).

We have a deep wellspring of "humour as precious, healing elixir" to draw from as Jupiter transits Leo, and black humour gets us through even the toughest and tightest of spots - where we are now.

Just when we think we're down and out, when we feel absolutely crushed under the weight of oppressive circumstances, we find something that tickles our fancy. We see something that makes us smile - maybe a child, maybe a pet, maybe a comical situation. We find the joke or the self-deprecating comment that sets us free. We find the buried flame and coax it back to life. This is the grace that Jupiter in Leo bestows upon us this year. These are our blessings: the ability to laugh in the faces of power-hungry dickheads and their needless, idiotic cruelty. The ability to mock and satirize those who falsely believe they can snuff out our flames with violence, hatred, and inhumanity.

We are buoyed throughout this year by the continual realization of how fucking funny human beings are. We're buoyed by the realization of how funny we are, how funny our friends are. We amuse ourselves and our friends this year, rejecting the shallow corporate versions of celebrity and entertainment.

With Jupiter transiting Leo, the inspiration to create is upon us. The inspiration to create something BIG is upon us.

And the Leo New Moon at 3 degrees conjunct Jupiter in Leo on July 26 (4:42 p.m. CST) officially kicks this year of creative expansion off with a bang. 

Jupiter in Leo reminds you to be the star that you are, the star that you were put on this Earth to be, because no one else can do it like you can.

But with Saturn transiting Scorpio (not leaving the sign entirely until September 2015), resources and energy are oh-so-limited. This means: what we create had better be good. It had better cut to the chase. It had better tap the deepest and richest veins of soul. It had better be sizzling hot, meaningful, and influential in creating the change we need to see on this spinning wheel. It had better say something that's aching to be said. Anything less is a waste of limited resources and creative juice.

Create a path to a future you'd like to live through on this planet. Create the new-era interpersonal dynamics that bring us into a better world.

We won't get the big reality check on the "catalytic relevancy" front until the very end of Jupiter's transit of Leo, when it (along with Venus in Leo) squares Saturn in Scorpio at 28 degrees of the signs on August 3, 2015. So it's in our best interests to hone our creative expressions to the most white-hot relevant and meaningful all along the way...

Relevant art, expression, and creativity can change the world. This is the potential we hold in our hearts and hands this year. 

But self-flagellating, useless, and/or strictly-for-profit art, expression, and creativity help kill the world. Creativity without soul, without catalytic relevance to the times, is dead, pointless, unnecessary. It's a vanity project. It's a cardboard cut-out. Throw a match on it.

Big egos without even bigger benevolence are a gargantuan bore.

This year, we work to stay on the most cutting-edge, relevant side of things. This is the only place we want to be.

We start to tap our deepest and most catalytic creative motivations as Jupiter in Leo moves into a square to Mars in Scorpio, exact on August 1, 2014. We want the guts and the glory and the truest soul-stuff, and we eliminate all else coming out of this square. We are driven by our motivations for change, change, the deepest and most necessary of change.    

Rock and roll is alive in our hearts and souls this year in more immediate ways than usual. The force of creation propelled through us can never die. It lives on and on and on without end.

Show this planet what sings through you. Show your ballsy, beautiful rebellion to those hierarchical powers-that-be who want to exterminate your shining light, who want to make you the same as everyone else. Jupiter in Leo forms a gorgeous, edgy fire trine to Uranus in Aries that is in effect for most of the year-long transit. This trine will be exact September 25, 2014, March 3, 2015, and June 22, 2015.

We are now rushing heart-first into this year of creative revolution, into this year of collective, creative rebel yell. 

Let's rock this little planet. Let's show them how it's done. 


Lea said...

Jupiter itself is smiling, Willow, as it hears this welcome into the sign of the expansive heart potential. A place Jupiter calls home when allowed to puff out its chest and get moving!. Your welcome post has kicked it up even another notches as Jupiter says--that's right, baby. Time to get down.....:) Beautiful post. Right on. And: Here we go!

Jason said...

Beautiful Post, & Thanks for still being here for us through such trying circumstances as a flood.

Been waiting for my 2nd Jupiter ASC transit. The last one I Ran away from my last CPS group home. That was my first taste of freedom under some of the most oppressive circumstances. The contrasts of freedom when you do not have any most of your childhood are almost psychologically inexplainable.

Im hoping for a similar revival of my my Career from all the HIV Mishap Trauma I have absorbed.
Its really hard to pit your dreams in light of such a death sentence. on top of my childhood stuff, Glad I trusted my Uranian Scorpio Moon Instincts and never touched the Meds.

& since Im the type of person that bears witness to all tragedy around the world- I was stuck in this a paradox after learning of such dark ways of people. What gives me the right? To celebrate and play music amid such pain?

But Im choosing life creativity as a creative step of love, I think all the babies I seen in wars and children I still continue to see want me not to take for granted what they were never given the chance to do. I will try my hardest to give some to charity to go to something involved in this.

Thank you for reminding me of what we really do.

Rock on! Wrote this while Body Power: Dancing In the Tears of Night.

So Synchronicity matched by internet radio :)

TG said...

HOLY SHIT, Gmac! Your painting is gorgeous!

I love this blog.

-- TG

Willow said...

Thanks for the comments, guys! Happy Jupiter in Leo. Lots of love, love, love to you all.

And TG: Isn't it?!? This is one of the first paintings she EVER DID, too. She is an absolute natural. I'm always freaking out about how good she is and how she should paint as a side gig. She gave this one and another beauty to me, and I will cherish them always. They bring so much life to a place!

Looking forward to your North Bay Astrology debut tomorrow, too! Have fun with Matty Matterson.

Greg F said...

Thanks for this, Willow,and I'm glad you're back home.

Hopefully, Jupiter in Leo is a breakout year for me. I'm trying to start a new career as a screenwriter, and it's in my ninth, conjunct Pluto later this year.

Bless you and you kitties,

Willow said...

I hope this is the breakout year for you, too, Greg F.!

I hope the right eyes come across your work. :-)