Friday, March 21, 2014

The Cardinal Grand Cross Report

This is an excerpt from The Cardinal Grand Cross Report on the exact configuration forming April 20 - 23, 2014. It is 3,500+ words and can be purchased for $8.00.

"The Aries New Moon on March 30 (12:45 p.m.) occurs within cardinal t-square formation, conjunct revolutionary Uranus in Aries and square both Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn. This New Moon in the warrior sign blazes new emotional trail, kicking off an extremely potent month for new initiatives, new direction, and new leadership on multiple fronts. Successfully navigating the month of April 2014 is going to take courage, vision, and the willingness to move on from old emotional quagmire subjects. This New Moon in Aries infuses us with all this and more. 

We’re all ready for a change as spring rolls in in the northern hemisphere, so why not make it a big one?

The workplace, the home life, personal and professional relationships, and even our sense of who we are are all between the cross-hairs this upcoming month. These things are being shaped and moulded and tempered on all fronts by the pressures of the exact Grand Cross configuration, made up of two oppositions (180-degree aspects) or four squares (90-degree aspects) by bodies at 13 degrees of the cardinal signs.

New directions are being chosen or forced. New partnerships are coming into being out of desire or necessity. New power structures are being catalyzed for good or ill..."

What readers are saying about the Cardinal Grand Cross Report: 

"Willow! Wow! You have thrown a spotlight/searchlight over a minefield covered with barbed wire that I will now have consciousness to pick my way through in the coming days and weeks. To me this is absolutely awesome reporting and interpreting for what we are headed into this spring."


Anonymous said...

Thanks Willow for writing this. I've been looking forward to your insight into this event. There has been a lot of 'hoo-ha' circulating. I value the depth and integrity you bring to your work. It resonates strongly for me.

Willow said...

Thanks, Anon.

Tara Jayaratnam said...

Hi Willow

Is this report sent to subscribers or should we pay $8.00 to read it?


Willow said...

This one is a pay-for article for patrons, too, Tara.

Donna F. said...

After reading the Cardinal Grand Cross Report, I found myself feeling energized and ready to carve out my own path while the Old Paradigm does its death dance. You hit a wonderful balance, Willow--yes, it's gonna get interesting (in the Chinese sense of the word) out there, the Old Guard ain't gonna release their claws voluntarily, and they're clinging to that old game of "privilege takes all". But change is indeed underway as more people realize that the only way to win at a rigged game is--not to play. It'll take work, but then so do most things that are worthwhile.

I'm actually looking forward to April! (Remind me I said that...) :)

Thanks for the much-needed boost, Willow. I'm so glad our paths have crossed!

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to pay for this via debit transfer?
I don't have a credit card...
I think the guide thru this event is worth 8$ BTW....

Willow said...

Sure, I think you can just send it through to my e-mail address:

willowsweb [at]