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An Alchemical Social and Professional Mix Percolates As We Head to Equinox

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As we move into September, the Grand Water Trine summer of 2013 is officially winding down. The good vibes that buoyed us from Jupiter and the personal planets in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces have now mostly dissipated, and we are left with a more challenging series of cardinal Grand Crosses to navigate between August 2013 and April 2014. I hope you soaked up all the water magic you could this summer - we're going to need it!
We're now in the thick of Virgo season, harvest time, with the Sun and Mercury travelling through the sometimes persnickety sign of the virgin. Our focus for most of this month is on work, diligent effort, and attention to detail in preparation for the long winter ahead - physical and/or metaphorical.

A Virgo New Moon at 13 degrees, opposite Chiron Rx in Pisces, occurs September 5 (6:36 a.m. CST), and we open into new work, new roles, and a newly streamlined modus operandi. We're honing, purifying, and perfecting our skills as we move through this New Moon doorway, increasing effectiveness and eliminating unproductive efforts.

However, we also have to ask ourselves how we are so-very-effectively directing our personal efforts at this time.

(The Nazis were highly effective, too, after all. Efficacy is not always a good thing - Pluto in Virgos, I'm especially looking at you right now.)

The opposition to wounded healer Chiron in Pisces at the time of the New Moon indicates that we're working to heal the gaping psychic/spiritual wounds carried forward by humanity at this time, or we're working to support systems and ideas that cause further damage, tossing more salt in the collective wounds.

This New Moon is a time to get very clear on which effort you would like to support with your own time, focus, work, and energy. The condition and orientation of our souls at this crisis time on the planet are of utmost importance. We don't have as much time as we may have thought.

As we move through this clean-and-clear Virgo New Moon portal, small adjustments to our courses can create lasting improvements, particularly for physical and psychic health.

If there are changes you know you need to make in lifestyle or mindset, there's no better time than the present to implement them, propelled by this New Moon.

In light of recent information coming from Fukushima, eliminating certain foods in an effort to decrease the possibility of radioactive contamination may be wise.
The dominant formation in the zodiac this Virgo season is a cardinal Grand Cross involving ruling planet Mercury in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries and square Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn.

Mercury enters Libra September 9 (until September 29), and the Grand Cross tensions will be on our minds, colouring our communications and sociability almost immediately. Mercury in Libra likes to keep things social, lovely, nice, harmonious. But under the friction, pressure, and mental stress of this Grand Cross, keeping our tones sociable, or taking others into consideration at all, could prove tricky.

This tight and highly-strung Grand Cross is in effect most intensely September 14 - 19, as we head into a highly-charged fall equinox in the northern hemisphere. The pressure created will spur new interactions, relationships, and social leadership during the final quarter of 2013.

New leaders could emerge in more visible ways as the Sun in Libra re-activates the Grand Cross October 1 - 12.

People will be making up their minds in relationships, formulating plans, and taking part in some difficult conversations with Mercury in Grand Cross September 14 - 19. We have to move if we want to relieve the stress of the Grand Cross configuration, but with a "back against the wall/Do Not Enter" feeling almost everywhere we turn, determining exactly which move to make and which relationships to bolster will not be simple.

The Mercury-triggered Grand Cross indicates we have a lot on our minds this September, with a lot of complexity to balance mentally and socially. With transpersonal planets Uranus and Pluto involved in square aspect, this particularly relates to the multi-layered, "breaking point" global scenarios currently unfolding. (Fukushima, more orchestrated warfare, the attempted takeover of the food supply by GMO corporations, the attempted criminalization of farmer's markets, local food, and herbal medicine, groundwater contamination and instability from widespread fracking, poisoned air, water, food, and medicine, hyper inflation and manipulation of the money system/stock markets, housing crises, homelessness, joblessness, increasing mental illness and chronic fatigue, state-spying on citizens, attacks on women's reproductive rights, an inhumane global agenda, and general tyranny of all stripes - to name but a few.)

The writing is on the wall as we head to fall equinox in the northern hemisphere. It's up to us to figure out our context within the orchestrated global events unfolding - and what to do about it.

Talking about it and maintaining social contact - though potentially difficult and highly-charged - helps to take the edge off.

This September, we're also grinding out a Mars in Leo square to Saturn in Scorpio (exact September 9 at 7 degrees Leo/Scorpio). This square constricts our will, our actions, and the expression of our personalities throughout the month. We're being held in place - frustratingly, at times - until Saturn says we've earned our acclaim, our applause, our praise, and our attention from others, right down to the last consideration.

Mars in Leo may have us wanting to party and live it up this month, but the square to Saturn in Scorpio requires that we keep in mind the soulful context, the serious context, the life-and-death context.

Hard-assed Saturn in Scorpio asks: What right do you have to party and gallivant and show off in your stylish, stylish life when so many on this planet are in a state of absolute misery? What right do you have to live it up when your joy is so often played out on the backs of those not so fortunate?

Are you using your creative gifts and personal artistry in the deepest, most soulful ways you can, addressing the pertinent issues of our times? And if not, what good are your efforts at this crisis time on the planet?

Mars in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio throughout the month indicates: it's time to stop screwing around.

Those who are used to getting what they want with a free course will find this square particularly intolerable at times. Watch for temper tantrums! Leo is the sign of the child, after all, and this month, many adults will be reverting.

Self-control and control of our egos under the irritation and friction of the Saturn square will be required throughout the month. This is a real "bite your tongue" aspect, exacerbated by Mercury within Grand Cross. Speak up when you know you have to, but don't be goaded into the dramas of others.

Mars in Leo trines Uranus in Aries September 14, and we do get some assistance with the Aquarian shift. The old school egos can't stop us now...

As we enter September, Saturn has just gotten back up to full speed direct in Scorpio after its July 8 station. You can read about some of those direct station themes here: Saturn Turns Direct in Scorpio: Watch the Offloading of Dreaded Responsibilities.

Saturn now moves quickly into a Saturn-Venus-North Node conjunction at 8 degrees Scorpio, which will be exactly sextile Pluto at 8 degrees Capricorn (September 18 - 20). These aspects are particularly potent, as Pluto stations direct on September 20 and is permeating the astro atmosphere with its deep, dark, down-and-dirty themes (especially in family, business, and government) throughout the month.

From the last Pluto stationing direct article:

"Feeling nauseated, greasy, triggered, paranoid, exhausted, poisoned, irritable, low on tolerance, ready to blow, and as if you are energetically moulting are all par for the course during a Pluto station."

As we enter September under social, professional, familial, and global tensions that do not appear to be letting up any time soon, we're on the lookout for the right energy, the right combinations, and the right fusions to get us through the next stretch.

The only way past it is through it, so we're on the lookout for the people and scenarios that will mutually bolster us, support us, and help us through in both immediate terms and over the long run.
We're in a highly alchemical time period this September (and not just because we're being irradiated by the Fukushima nuclear disaster). We're heading into a potent fall equinox under the influence of the Saturn-Venus-North Node conjunction, the Mercury in Libra-triggered cardinal Grand Cross, as well as a highly sensitive Full Moon at 26 degrees Pisces on September 18/19 (exact at 6:13 a.m. CST on Sept. 19). This Pisces Full Moon marks an emotional end point for the astrological Piscean era, and there could be waterworks as people's shredded, end-of-era emotions fill to the brim and spill over... 

Things are being pushed to a head this equinox, and it will take all our Libran social prowess and all our Scorpionic energetic mastery to keep things  in any state of balance or harmony at all.

As we move to equinox, the Sun is losing some of its potency in the northern hemisphere, the days and nights are balancing, and we're looking for just the right social and professional mix and balance ourselves.

The mergers and partnerships that come together naturally this fall (catalyzed by the Venus-Saturn-North Node conjunction in Scorpio) have the potential to bring long-term and mutual benefits, advancement, and gain. Puzzle pieces can come together now in ways that feel natural, right. People can gel in ways we were not expecting.

That said, the wrong elements, people, or energies coming together this fall have the possibility of either immediate "powder keg" blowouts or a slow erosion and collapse. Be careful, oh-so-careful, about whom you choose as an ally this fall. Also be careful about who seems to be choosing you as an ally! 
We're putting down a new foundation here, particularly supportive of our emotional and psychological health as we continue through rough terrain on this planet.

If we fold dirty, charged, or unresolved energy into the mix for those foundations, we run the risk of investing our precious time, energy, and money in situations that are ultimately untenable. If we refuse to speak up about our misgivings, if we go along for the ride because we think it's easier, if we cave to our fears, we run the risk of a long, arduous, and costly extrication process later on.

Recall that Venus will be in the sign of its detriment, Scorpio, as it comes together with Saturn and the North Node on September 18. This is one of the trickiest placements for the love and relationship planet, indicating that the relational contracts and structuring underway now are complex, complicated, soulful, layered, and require our utmost consciousness every step of the way. No stone unturned. Venus leaves domicile Libra, entering detrimental Scorpio on September 11, where it will stay until October 7.

Feel out what the Scorpio in your natal chart is trying to do. Get a feel for whatever is attempting to come together, and either assist it or limit it.

If something doesn't feel right, wait. Investigate. Examine. Feel it out. Get to the roots. Draw it up to the surface. Address it. Resolve it before you commit, especially if you're signing a contract or committing money or resources.

This Scorpionic digging process may take a lot of work, but putting in the effort now to get the energy just right pays off over the long run.

Since September/October of 2012, Saturn and the North Node in Scorpio have been honing our intuition to a laser-like point. We've been challenged to listen to our intuition down to the slightest breath of trouble and to make decisions based on our Scorpionic spidey sense. We've been challenged to navigate Scorpionic tendencies to paranoia and detrimental thinking, moving through fears and miscues.

We've been challenged to see and understand how energy really works, rather than how we wish it worked.

How we and others really feel, deep down, about the realities before us is the key navigation point now.

As Saturn conjuncts the North Node, an event that occurs about once every 11 years, the energetic foundation has to be just right.
From October 14 to November 26, 2013, Saturn will move through degrees of the zodiac to which it will not return during its next retrograde period (March 1 to July 19, 2014). Saturn will move in one pass through the degrees 11 through 16 Scorpio. Anyone with natal planets on these degrees of Scorpio or on the same degrees of the other fixed signs should be most markedly involved in the structural movements and the "coming together" following fall equinox.

If all our energetic ducks are in a row and if all the power dynamics have been worked out satisfactorily, this time period (Oct. 14 - Nov. 26) can result in some fairly easy progress with natural next steps occurring with projects and in career.

People will be moving into more structured and solid positions of authority this fall quarter, and this particularly includes positions involving shared power, money, and resources.

Under the ongoing stressors, people who have not fully earned their authority or positions, who have not set the right energetic foundations, will soon be in over their heads, however.

With Saturn conjunct the North Node this fall, be careful not to take on too much, too fast - no matter how promising things seem. The commitments we make or deepen this fall could be life changing and deeply altering for us over the long term. We must be very careful to follow our intuition down to the last little twinge regarding decisions and commitments made at this time, particularly involving legal contracts and money. 
Mercury will be retrograde in Scorpio October 21 to November 10, 2013,  at the same time as Saturn moves in one pass over those degrees, and it will conjunct Saturn in Scorpio three times. This indicates a time of caution, information-gathering, and sober second thought related to commitments, responsibilities, shared resources, and mergers of a personal or business kind. Again, don't jump in too fast, no matter how exciting the opportunity seems.
As of September 30, 2013, we have completed the first decan (third) of the transit of Saturn through Scorpio. By the end of this month, the first leg is over. Remember to take a breath and give yourselves a pat on the back.

The movement and development we experience (pleasant or unpleasant) as Saturn traverses 11 through 16 Scorpio this October/November is a direct result of our efforts during the first leg of Saturn in Scorpio. We can experience almost effortless progress, as things alchemically fall into place. And we can also experience areas of frustration where we feel stuck or oppressed. Areas where we're feeling stuck or oppressed will require more effort and attention during the final two decans of Saturn in Scorpio.
As of September 30, Saturn has also moved out of the most purely Scorpionic energy, the first decan (or 10 degrees) of the sign, and into the second decan of Scorpio. The second decan of Scorpio is the Piscean decan, and it is most strongly influenced by that sign. The combination of these energies requires the mastery of a psychic surgeon, determining areas of decay and attachment that must be pared away. We must penetrate to the true core of any remaining Piscean-era illusions, delusions, deceptions, or areas of wishful thinking during Saturn's transit of these degrees (September 30, 2013 to October 5, 2014). We must re-direct and reconfigure dreams, hopes, spirituality, and our love for life on this planet. We must shape-shift, changing the ways in which we apply our highest spiritual principles as we move through the shifting sands at the beginning of the astrological Aquarian era.
If we have successfully met the challenges of the first leg of Saturn through Scorpio, we should see some progress, advancement, solidification, and a time when things "gel" during the final quarter of 2013. This may come about gradually, more slowly than we were expecting or hoping, but remember: it's never a good idea to rush Saturn.

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Anonymous said...

Astounding work, as always. It's a delight to reading your articles Willow!

Willow said...

Why, thank-you very much!

Velvet said...

Great Post Willow.
Do you have the weed knapweed around you? Here in Montana they have tried to destroy it as a noxious weed, but an old herbal book from the 50s says it is an antidote to radiation poisoning. Keep seeing its role in uptaking radiation from the soil.Thought you might find that interesting.

Willow said...

I haven't heard of knapweed in these parts, but that is great to know. Nature is trying to counter-balance things - if we'd let it.

Sadly, a double dose of Roundup is probably what they will do with it!

nancy said...

You present a very intelligent & thoughtful astrology. Good to simmer on this...Thank you.

Lea said...

Willow, the depth and richness of this articulate astrology is breath -taking. Perhaps because my natal chart is so bound up by this current astrology (for the past how many years? (lol) and on into the future), as I have said before, I mark my calendar with your "heads ups". Your work is priceless to me ...
Knapweed? Thank you Velvet--my "mentor" Jehtro Kloss is nearby. I will look it up..

Willow said...

Lea, thank-you so much. And thank-you for your continued support of this site. I appreciate it so much.

I LOVE the knapweed thing, too.

Sofia said...

Hi Willow just an other amazing article once again you deserve so much more recognition please let me know how else i can support you,on the beginning of the article you mentioned the "guys" pluto in virgo's you hit me on the gut with that:at the last new moon in leo in my 12th house i discovered a person close to me playing black magic on me what i have felt all along but at this time i was able to prove it he placed an ancient rare the hermit tarot card underneath my sleeping area i have a freind who put a protection on me,but as everythin had fall into places i realised this asshole started the entire stuff at the november 13th solar eclipse last year he is a scorpio he's 1st house 85% is ruled by scorpio with 5 planets in it neptune,jupiter,moon,venus,sun in this order,whatever iwill have my way with him very soon and he will regret he ever met,i'm a pschycic to i have neptune in my 4th house in sagi,and of course he have pluto in virgo squared by retrograde mars from the 8th house,he is one of the people who's gonna be punished very much under the mutual reception of saturn/pluto not gonna stick around to see it a have bigger things to worry about,thank you for the wonderful article as alway:Loyal reader:Sofia Ruha

Willow said...

Ew, Sofia, that guy is vile!

Anyone, and I mean anyone, who uses dirty magic is absolute scum with zero understanding of how energy really works - as you know.

I'm glad you got rid of him!

Skeevy buggers.

Greg F said...

Thanks for another great article Willow.

I am especially interested in how the Mercury-Saturn lineups in Scorpio will be affecting me. My natal Mercury is at 11 Scorpio, in my 11th house, in the shadow of the last Saturn retrograde, and in the middle of the next Mercury retrograde. Maybe an older friend will arise, or maybe a younger one?

Thanks for all you do!

Jason said...

Hey willow great article, and thanks for turning me on to Alex Jones being controlled opposition. As my Pallas Athene contacts are pretty good, And I have Pluto mercury Trine and Pluto Sun, It didn't take me that long to see they really are.

Also studied the way MARK DICE AND MIKE ADAMS Talk. Are they syamise twins? lol Same blanks dissasociative stares at the camera and yell yell yell act like you care care care. how slick! Theres no natrual ebb and flow to there output. What a world, what a world. It really needs us more than ever.

enjoyed seeing / listening to you on Matts Program too. The paintball Piscean Era Aquarian Era Couple thing was really funny. Thanks for helping me be able to always find truth here unlike some astrology blogs, I cant thank you enough.

Anonymous said...

This deep & detailed post is just excellent, Willow. Thank-you!
With Saturn hanging around my Scorpio moon, & square my Leo Mars/Pluto, currently transited by Mars - whew! Been dealing with a lot of memory material, along with the very physical garden harvest/canning work - & planning a large art project this fall. My moon is in my 5th house - & yes, the project will be a lot of work.

Thanks for the heads-up re making deals this fall, as I may be looking at some business stuff - careful homework etc. applies.

Anonymous said...

"Feeling nauseated, greasy, triggered, paranoid, exhausted, poisoned, irritable, low on tolerance, ready to blow, and as if you are energetically moulting are all par for the course during a Pluto station."

Starting to feel a little of this already.

A Pluto station right at this Saturn/North Node/Venus conjunction.
What could be dredged up?