Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mercury Direct Within Cardinal T-Square July 20: Watch the 'Hurtful Rebellion' Urges in Your Conversations

Photos: Willow

Mercury in Cancer goes direct at 1:22 p.m. CST on July 20, and just a little warning: this could be somewhat of a miserable station.

Mercury is tightly square Uranus, smoking hot coming out of its July 17 retrograde station in Aries, and this creates an erratic and manic effect on our minds. Ideas bop around in our brains relentlessly like exploding popcorn kernels. Our minds can race from one subject to another, to another, to another, seemingly with little continuity. We catch glimpses of lightning-flash insight (Uranus) that can be very challenging to translate into our everyday conversations (Mercury). The urges toward sweet tones and emotional closeness (Cancer) butt up against urges for freedom, independence, and shock value at all cost (Uranus). The desire for the familiar (Cancer) is coming into frictional contact with a body that basically likes to destroy familiarity (Uranus). This is a mental overload/emotional burnout combination.

Warning: people will be crying more easily than usual under this station.

Mercury is also opposing bad boy Pluto in Capricorn, kicking up the possibility of rage, paranoia, verbal triggers, mental pressure, detrimental thinking, and general anxiety. We can fixate on certain subjects now - especially subjects that make us feel bad. The general state of "hell in a handbasket" is preying on our minds - personally, collectively, or both.

"Mentally and emotionally difficult" sums up the positioning of our messenger planet Mercury right now, stationing within cardinal t-square. We've been thinking about how we really feel and what that means during the retrograde period (June 26 to July 20), and, as Mercury drags its heels to a stop in the zodiac and turns direct, uncomfortable conversations and challenging realizations related to that could be on the docket.

From a previous post, Mercury in Cancer Retrograde Within Cardinal T-Square: On Alert, Breaking Out of Mental Comfort Zones:

"People are more sensitive to conversations, tones, and opinions when Mercury is in a water sign, as it is now. We're very aware of our words and how our words can hurt the feelings of others, and this can keep us from having conversations we know we need to have. We may find we have to withdraw from interaction and discourse at times during the Mercury transit of Cancer, drawing our heads back into our crab shells to deal with the sensitivity and maintain emotional stability...

During the Mercury in Cancer transit, we'll be required to have conversations that unnerve us and to participate in interactions that make us or others uncomfortable. There is initiatory movement required here (cardinal energy), and we have to talk about it in order to keep things moving in the right direction...

Cancer involves emotional conditioning, especially from the early upbringing. With Mercury retrograding in Cancer within cardinal t-square, we are breaking out of communication patterns that involve manipulation, emotional blackmail, or guilt - all possible Cancer territory. We are intellectually coming to understand how our emotions can be used against us, how our fear can be used against us, how our desire for comfort can be used against us, and we're working to disengage from those sources of manipulation - personally and on a societal level."

Communicating honestly now without those layers of emotional manipulation - even the subtle ones - is our challenge.

Mercury will be slow in the zodiac for the remainder of this month, re-gaining full speed direct and leaving the retrograde shadow degrees by August 3. This keeps the squiggly-squirmy pressure on us for the rest of July. Any necessary conversations or connections previously avoided will be coming up now.

With powerhouse transpersonal planets Uranus and Pluto so strongly involved, we have the ability to hurt people quite deeply with our words and tones now. The mental and emotional territory in which we're being held can seem intolerable (Pluto), and there will be strong and immediate urges to rebel, to break away, to say anything that could move us in a different direction (Uranus).
Understand that these transpersonal planets don't care about hurt feelings. They don't care about the people you care about. The immense amount of energy coursing through our systems, our minds, and our conversations could do a lot of damage if we are not oh-so-careful with our tongues over the next couple weeks.

Don't allow these transpersonal planets to run you or your conversations. Control the energy and curb the urges to be shocking, rebellious, or hurtful. Mental comfort zones will certainly be disrupted by the Mercury contacts to Uranus and Pluto, but we don't have to make this any more difficult for people - or for ourselves - than it already is.

Mercury enters Leo August 8.


Lea said...

Thank you,Willow, for this outstanding heads - up. I have so much going on with quite a few people in the next several days and now I know what to be expecting mentally and emotionally from myself and everyone else and will be able to ride this storm, thanks to your great interpretation of this upcoming Mercury station direct. And since the little twit-trickster is my ruling planet, I will be riding it out on a bucking bronco, but I 've had practice :)
Love you and your astro-insight and wisdom.

Willow said...

Yahoooo! Ride 'em, cowgirl. :-)

Thanks, Lea.

Ruth said...

Oh lord Willow... this is going on right on my Chiron at 13 Aries.

Someone's gonna get hurt, I just hope I am not the one dealing it out! Thanks for the advice. I will really try extra hard now to keep it all verbally gentle...

Willow said...

That does sound trigger-happy, Ruth! Sending gentle and soothing thoughts your way. heehee

Anonymous said...

Forewarned is forearmed! Thanks, Willow for the heads up and insightful interpretation of Mercury stationing direct. I've already forwarded this blog post to my husband, daughter, and a friend. They thank you too! :-)

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Willow, you're helping me understand my poor husband who has been kind of an emotional roller coaster lately (Virgo with Cancer rising)- I'll try to keep calm!

Willow said...

It's hard out there for Cancer right now!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Will take it down a couple of notches :o)

Anonymous said...

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