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Mercury and Venus in Cancer Get the Grand Water Trines Flowing

Photos: Willow

Mercury and Venus are currently forming a gorgeous triple conjunction with Jupiter in late Gemini, and I hope some good, solid cosmic benevolence is raining down upon you! This is a meeting of the two benefics of the zodiac along with Mercury in the sign of the twins. Our conversations, connections, and communications are lovingly blessed at this time, and the good-vibe ripple effects continue...

Mercury moves from this very pleasing triple conjunction in Gemini into Cancer on May 31. Venus follows suit June 2.

As these two planets move into the sign of the crab, they kick off multiple aspects that will be repeated throughout the summer by the Moon, Sun, Mars, and Jupiter in Cancer (see the end of the article for dates). This is a combination of easy Grand Water Trines with less easy cardinal t-squares and later, Grand Crosses.

The primary "good vibes configuration" this summer is certainly the Grand Water Trine. Three flowing, 120-degree trine aspects formed by bodies in the water signs.

The base aspect in all the Grand Water Trines forming this June/July/August is the Saturn in Scorpio trine to Neptune in Pisces. Saturn and Neptune formed their first trine on October 10, 2012, just after Saturn ingressed Scorpio, and these bodies have been within orb of that trine ever since. They now move into their second exact trine (June 11), with the third (July 19) following soon after Saturn's direct station at 4 degrees Scorpio on July 7.

You can read more about the Saturn-Neptune trine effects here: Saturn in Scorpio Trine Neptune in Pisces: The Last of the Wounding Piscean Era Illusions Are Gently Purged From the System

"Spiritual and psychic elements of life are drawn almost effortlessly into even the driest and draggiest of realities. Things solidify and dissolve, solidify and dissolve, in an interwoven dance of physical and ethereal, planned and dreamed. Wood, steel, and stone are acted on by mystery, magic, and metaphysics.

Solid advancement seems just within our reach, at our fingertips, when the tide goes out yet again, washing things away, back to chaos, back to square one.

And then it’s time for another attempt, for a new set of plans, for a new angle of advancement.

If a foothold does gain traction here - finally, beyond all reason – it’s because it is infused with some 'Pisces for the Aquarian era' pixie dust. It’s a step that has found, through trial and error and otherworldly instruction, a new direction into a new framework of successful energy dynamics.

Our experience of time (Saturn) continues to reformulate. The concept of time having a static and regular nature seems to belong to a different era. Certain time segments speed by, disappear, are seemingly lost altogether, and then time slows, seems to crawl, becomes standard again. Time being relative is antiquated understatement at this point. We snap in and out of the timed reality, the linear regularity, touching down and blanketing ourselves in its weight to regain bearings. Oh, clock. Oh, watch. Pin me to this grounded life. Comfort with your tick tock tallies of life’s moments, speeding blindly past.

Progress made now is not purely linear, easily planned, or directed via desire for personal advancement alone. Things are being put in place, but the work is completed on its own timeline.
Saturn and Neptune. Neptune and Saturn. The finite and the infinite, the infinite and the finite. These two bodies will form three exact trines in these signs – October 10, 2012, June 11, 2013, and July 19, 2013. This trine is in the air for the next year, working its meandering magic.

Our challenges and responsibilities – somewhat daunting, perhaps, at the beginning of Saturn’s almost three-year trek through deep, dark Scorpio – are eased by a sense of floating Neptunian surrender and faith.

There’s only so much we can do about certain nightmare scenarios we find ourselves living through on this planet. But if we’re doing everything we can, everything on Saturn’s docket, we’re also very aware that the loving and benevolent universe (AKA God) picks up the slack. We’re digging in to the nitty gritty as Saturn transits Scorpio, going third-eye deep, peeling away the artifice – but when we’ve dug in as far as we can go, there is both assistance and guidance through the intricate and sometimes arduous matrices.

The stone-cold, ground-zero Scorpionic realities are softened here with just an impression of a glimpse of a wink from the universe. A feather lying in our path, an animal guide making itself known, a glimmer of the faerie folk in a mischievous smile, a remembered dream tying it all together. A reminder that no matter how bad it is, it’s still OK – as long as we’re living and working within soul-deep reality. We’ve come to this point together, and we move through it together.

Our structural realities (Saturn) are in a state of sometimes traumatic morph (Scorpio) as global seismic shifts indicated by the Uranus-Pluto square series drop the bottom out in certain areas and open new opportunities amongst the wreckage in others.

This Saturn-Neptune trine indicates that the progress being made in our lives and the opportunities opening to us now, though potentially scary and uncertain, are moving us toward our dreams, one step at a time.

We’re working (Saturn) for these dreams (Neptune), but they're new dreams.

We’ve stepped firmly onto the water-bearer side of the Pisces/Aquarius divide, and our dreamy ideals take on a new flavour. Our best case scenarios have reformulated, sometimes dramatically.

As Saturn trines Neptune, it is also trine wounded healer Chiron in Pisces. The first exact Saturn-Chiron trine is November 16, 2012. In order to make progress now, we have to be willing to give up some long-held dreams that have not proven viable, and this can be painful. The old ideals have become pale, brittle, faded, whisper-thin. Many of the Piscean-era dreams are going up in smoke, dissipating into thin air after years or decades or centuries of cherished hopefulness and longing."

The first aspect formed by the current transit of Mercury through Cancer is the flowing and graceful Grand Water Trine with Saturn Rx in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces on June 3-4. Mercury then moves quickly into a more stressed and pressurized cardinal t-square formation with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn June 7 and 8.

Venus in Cancer repeats the Grand Water Trine with Saturn and Neptune June 7, moving into cardinal t-square with Uranus and Pluto June 11 and 12.

And all this is precursor to the main event: a Grand Water Trine formed by Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces on July 17 - 18, which morphs into a cardinal t-square with Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto in August.

From a previous post October 22, 2012 outlining the major aspects up ahead: Saturn Trine Neptune Ripple Effects: Magically Delicious Grand Water Trines Morph into Cardinal T-Squares June Through August 2013
"The good celestial vibes from the current Saturn-Neptune trine emanate through the end of 2012 and into the fall of 2013. There are threads, both ethereal and material, connecting the benefits we are receiving under this trine now with gifts and blessings - potentially beyond what we can currently imagine - bestowed next spring and summer.

Jupiter, the planet of luck, expansion, blessings, gifts, the broadening of horizons, wisdom, and faith, moves from the sign of its detriment, Gemini, to the sign of its exaltation, Cancer, on June 26, 2013 where it will remain until July 16, 2014. 

Jupiter in the sign of its exaltation indicates a year-long period of strong cosmic grace amongst the difficult transitions and movements indicated by the ongoing series of Uranus in Aries – Pluto in Capricorn squares.

From this much stronger, exalted position, Jupiter is going to get a lot done, and it shines its benevolent light on almost every aspect of life on Planet Earth during its year-long transit of the sign of the crab.

Benefic Jupiter will form a gorgeous, glowing Grand Water Trine with Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces July 17 and 18, 2013, along with a series of more challenging cardinal t-squares and cardinal Grand Crosses during its transit of reflective, Moon-ruled Cancer.

In fact, the Saturn-Neptune trine we are currently experiencing expands into a series of magically delicious Grand Water Trines next spring/summer as the personal planets (the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, and Mars), along with Jupiter, move through Cancer, forming the final leg of the water triad and dividing the zodiac into three 120-degree parts.

Throughout June, July, and August, 2013, we will experience, in waves, multiple Grand Water Trine formations that morph quickly into cardinal t-squares. 

As the planets move to 4/5 degrees Cancer, they form the easy and flowing Grand Trines with Saturn and Neptune in water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Anyone with natal placements in the early degrees of water or, to a secondary degree, earth signs should be particularly experiencing the good graces. 

As the planets continue into the 9 to 12 degree range of Cancer, they then become part of more tense, stressful, and challenging t-squares (180- and 90-degree aspects) in the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn. People with natal placements near this range of the cardinal signs will be feeling the pressure and the impetus to act. 

The water signs relate to emotion, intuition, spirit, metaphysics, inner guidance, and the unseen realms. The cardinal signs relate to initiation, action, new directions, leadership, and decision-making. The movement initiated this June-August is guided and informed by water wisdom of all varieties. 

These are waves of flowing water magic followed by more tense, dynamic, and active configurations. We drift and meander and soak up the blessings of the Grand Trines, but are then required almost immediately to put them to good use. Things are uplifting, flowing, bursting with good vibes. We're buzzing with new dreams, renewed faith, and a sense of loving cosmic connection and grace. The water in each and every cell is singing beautiful harmonies - and then we are challenged to do something with it. 

Considering all the benevolence the universe is showering down on us with these waves of gorgeous Grand Water Trine, it had better be something substantial.

The multiple Grand Water Trines soften the edges considerably next spring and summer, easing frayed nerves caused by the almost constant cardinal square tension and stress we've been working with now for the past three years.

Benefits and cosmic grace will be coming to us through the feminine/yin qualities of Cancer: emotional connection, nurturing, comforting, caring, gentleness. These are all things we can use more of during the cardinal square years, and Jupiter in Cancer provides. Psychic abilities will be keen under all the water aspects, and an awareness of emotional/inner guidance will be particularly acute. 

We will have expanded opportunities to experience home and family under transiting Jupiter in Cancer that are quite exciting, with renewed faith and inspiration found in those things as we are prompted to live our very own "family philosophies." The nests we set up, expand, and commit to during this transit provide interest, faith, and fortification for what's up ahead. 

Luck comes to us through family during Jupiter in Cancer - both birth and chosen. Our sense of family expands to suit a new era flavoured by Aquarius, and we are able to find a sense of belonging where there was only cold isolation and anomie previously. The idea of family and home continues to expand (Jupiter) under the Aquarian umbrella, and friends become family. Home bases can be set up and secured under these transits with like-minded souls who become family to us. The wisdom in our hearts guides the process.

During the transit of Jupiter in Cancer, things we learned and wisdom we gathered during the experiences of our early upbringing become aces in the hole. Under this transit, we come into wisdom and a big-picture understanding about some emotionally tough experiences we've had, especially early experiences of family and home that have stuck with us.

Anyone who has refused to sacrifice emotional health for career advancement, soul security for monetary gain, or inner work for public image will be reaping the benefits of those choices. People who have followed the guidance of the inner voice and the emotional cues, as those around them favoured blind ambition, at-all-costs gains, and destructive advancement, will be in the sweet spot during the Jupiter transit of Cancer. 

We're moving through some often rough waters on this planet and will continue to do so, but the blessings and grace coming to us through these Grand Water Trines do a lot to comfort and protect us along the way. 

Grand Water Trines Morphing into Cardinal T-Squares – June through August, 2013

Mercury and Venus, conjunct in Cancer, form the first wave in early June.

Mercury in Grand Water Trine - June 3 – 4
Mercury in cardinal t-square - June 7 and 8

Venus in Grand Water Trine - June 7
Venus in cardinal t-square - June 11 and 12

Sun in Grand Water Trine - June 26 
(This formation is made a kite by the Capricorn Full Moon June 23.)
Sun in cardinal t-square - July 2 to 4

Mars and Jupiter, conjunct in Cancer, form the final wave in July and August.

Jupiter in Grand Water Trine - July 17 and 18
Jupiter in cardinal t-square - August 7 through 21

Mars in Grand Water Trine - July 20
Mars in cardinal t-square - July 27 through August 1

The Moon in Cancer will form very fast-moving Grand Trine and t-square configurations June 10, July 7, and August 3/4, 2013.

Jupiter in Cancer Forming Multiple Cardinal Grand Crosses - August 2013 to April 2014

In addition to the Grand Water Trine and cardinal t-square it forms next July and August, Jupiter in Cancer will star in a series of five cardinal Grand Crosses involving Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, and the personal planets (Venus, Mercury, the Sun, and Mars) in Libra.

Grand Crosses are made up of two oppositions or four squares and usually occur in signs of the same quality (cardinal, mutable, or fixed). In this case, the tense, clashing, and highly dynamic configurations are happening in the cardinal signs, indicating (yet more) grand-scale new directions, new frameworks, and new leadership emerging under pressurized circumstances, both personal and global, micro and macro. The friction creates movement and growth. 

The first cardinal Grand Cross involves Venus in Libra and forms August 23 – 28, 2013.

The second involves Mercury in Libra and forms September 13 – 19, 2013.

The third involves the Sun in Libra and forms October 1 – 12, 2013.

The final two cardinal Grand Crosses involve Mars in Libra – both direct and retrograde. The first Grand Cross forms with Mars direct between December 23, 2013 and January 8, 2014. 

The final Grand Cross forms April 21 – 24, 2014 and is exact, as all four bodies – Mars Rx in Libra, Jupiter in Cancer, Uranus in Aries, and Pluto in Capricorn – will be at 13 degrees of the cardinal signs.

Did I mention Jupiter was going to be a busy little beaver during its transit of Cancer? It's hitting all the marks from this exalted position and playing a part in all proceedings. The cardinal Grand Crosses (or Grand Squares) kick the global and personal re-structuring up to fevered pitch yet again, and we're going to need every last bit of Jupiterian blessing from its position of exaltation.


Cardinal Grand Crosses 2013 and 2014" 

The Grand Water Trines we will experience June through August 2013 are sure to be overly hyped in the astrological discourse of the day. However, these flowing and easy aspects quickly morph into more challenging and tense configurations, forcing us to stay on our toes. This isn't all loved-up, blissed-out, groovy water energy. We're challenged to do something with this ease and grace, especially as Mars and Jupiter conjoin in Cancer and get in on the action (July 17 - 22). As we soak up the good vibes this summer, we are also made acutely aware of the pressurized and less-than-ideal circumstances we find ourselves in on Planet Earth. Backs are still against walls under the Uranus-Pluto square series - the water trines just help us flow into new position this spring and summer.

Neptune is currently stationing retrograde at 5 degrees Pisces (June 7), slowing to motionless in the zodiac and permeating the astro atmosphere with its potent themes. You can read more about the Neptune stationing effects here: Neptune Stations Direct and Brings the Foggy, the Floaty, the Wispy, and the Surreal.

Don't become too intoxicated by all the Grand Water Trine hype. In this stationing state, Neptune is just begging for something new (or old) over which to get starry-eyed. Remember the ever-enticing dangling Neptunian carrots, however, and stay focused on reality. The best use of this water energy is to fold it into the overall scene, accessing the pixie dust when you can but not allowing that pixie dust to throw you off course entirely.

Major progress is possible this spring and summer. Many sticky emotional situations can be eased. Many family issues can be resolved. We can put down new roots or reconnect with old ones in ever-shifting soil, and they'll grab hold. New homes, nests, and families can bring new inspiration, optimism, and comfort for the next 12-year Jupiter cycle. But it all requires our awareness and our effort.

Don't be diverted from the major progress unfolding now in your life and on our planet. Initiate new frameworks this summer that will draw your family - blood and otherwise - into a more integrated and cohesive group. Expand the nucleus of your family to include new members, new forms, new rules.

Emotions guide us. The wisdom of our emotional world, our emotional cues, shows us the way. The invisible, unspoken undulations of the crab, the primal and mysterious draws, the mystical Moon-communion.

Magic is real, reality is magic, and it's all real this summer. Have fun.


janne said...

For me, the triple conjunction is on my NN in the 8th. Not surprisingly, I recently had an opportunity to perhaps get laid. Unfortunately, this is also a time of Venus/Mercury opposition and my PF is right between my Venus and Mercury, so the moment we got down to talking about astrology, she got angry with me because I was talking about something she didn't understand and had no intention to ever understand. According to her, I was trying to make her look stupid. No I wasn't, I was just trying to talk my way inside her panties, but who's going to believe my explanations? Not her, anyway, so no luck in love, once again. My chart can turn good luck into bad, faster than you can say, "Hey, WTF?". Yeah, no sex since 2009. Fuck.

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Wishing you your hearts' desires and destiny bringing you your arrangements...

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Ah for a soothing, grace filled shower! It's been several long years of exhaustion and attrition, culminating in losing one of my main jobs last December, which has been hell, but really a blessing in disguise. But suddenly, just in the last week or so, so many doors that were tightly closed are beginning to open - and there's a bit of pixie dust in the air. Thank you so much, Willow, for this truly wonderful piece.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your posts aboutboth Jupiter transiting Cancer and the Grand Water Trine. Jupiter will be transiting my 8th house Cancer as it conjuncts my natal 5 degree Uranus in that same house. Is this a transit to welcome or be wary of? The Grand Water trine will affect my 4th(Neptune), 8th (Jupiter)and 12th(Saturn) which I have read has not happened since the summer of 1967..a time when I was starting college and the world was opening up for me. I hope at this later time in my life, I can re-direct my life.

Willow said...

I only analyze personal charts in paid readings. Sorry, Anon.

janne said...

I think I can only concur.

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You are the best Astrology read on the web..no doubt about it!

Thank you for your insights & thorough research you do into the current astrological climate.


Willow said...

Thank-you for the compliment, Trina!

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Willow!!!! Wow, what a time traveler you are woman, blessings, blessings, blessings.
Really inspiring for me, an astro student, love your narrative!
Where in Canada are you?

Love and respect,

Marianella from Colombia!

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Had to add:
This is some serious astrology Willow! really informed and meditated, you can tell that you live for thisss jaja!

Willow said...

I'm currently in Saskatchewan, Canada, Marianella.

I don't think I live for this, but I do do it to earn a living!

Anonymous said...

My Scorpio so died October 10 right when he hit his Scorpio return 11 20 1985..He was murdered by a meth squad. Horrible story ..anyway wondering since he died on October 10 will I finally find out and put all the pieces together maybe now?
He died on his sisters birthday ,my daughter she died less than 4 months before on June 14th..They were soul mates for real..WILL we go back to revisit that day he died now???

I love your brain often go look for you~ Be always fearless