Saturday, July 9, 2011

Venus Opposite Pluto and The Royal Divide

Thankfully, mercifully, "The Royals" have departed. Maybe my gag reflex can finally relax.

Since the Canada Day New Moon eclipse within Cardinal Grand Cross July 1, the Stockholm Syndrome of this nation has reached frenzied pitch, fuelled by newlyweds Wills and Kate traversing the country. Breathless, starry-eyed royal subject after breathless, starry-eyed royal subject gushed into the cameras about every detail of the experience as they lined up for a glimpse of the duo. From coast to coast to coast, the mainstream media showed a transfixed public, drunk on celebrity, designer blazers and the newest diversion from what's really going on in this country/on this planet.

This past Canada Day was a historic one with an eclipse within Cardinal Grand Cross formation falling on the day of Canada's "birth." In Cancer, this has to do with "family" and opposite Pluto, it has to do with corrupt hierarchical power structures. Sounds about right. These are definitely some sick and twisted family dynamics. I wrote about them in a post this past Victoria Day, and the themes remain:

A diversionary and symbolic visit by the British Royals as "yet another shout out to Canada's toxic Mummy Dearest mother figure and the overlying and underlying power structures of the British we watch powerful, murderous figures dupe the mainstream into thinking they warrant our celebration."

(Adding to the Plutonic creep-out factor, let's recall Ms. Kate is currently wearing Diana's ring.)

This eclipse was prime time energy-wise for the new generation of British power to mark its territory in Canada, eclipsing the old and charming its subjects with beauty, money and powerful celebrity.

As usual, I'm on the surreal and isolated Plutonic end of the spectrum: what most find beautiful, wonderful and attractive (Venus), I find repulsive, horrifying and anger-inducing (Pluto). People's values (Venus) turn my stomach (Pluto). The seedy underbelly of the situation, hidden to most of the transfixed onlookers, is all I can see. The glowing observations of people ignorant or in denial of the Plutonic layers hit me in overwhelming waves like the smell of rotten meat.

The spell broke yesterday as Venus in Cancer opposed Pluto in Capricorn, and Wills and Kate departed for Los Angeles, California.

I have to say I found Wills' parting words just a little ominous:

"Our promise to that we shall return."


Deb said...

We're on the same page-- I've been so nauseated this week by stupidity people find interesting, entertaining, and valuable.

Thought it was just me. Thank goodness for the brave Scorpio in you, I can't stress that enough!

The royal douchinesses are in California now. Hopefully they'll end their trip there. I think the great journey is over tomorrow, hallelujah...


Anonymous said...

The world resource wars have started.I have read the future investments are physical investments-land,minerals,water,timber, when virtual money collapses.Canada qualifies as a rich resource target.The visit was symbolic in who wears the pants around there.It may be lonely for you Willow,but I am so fortunate to hear a real alternative view these days..Hawaii is to be deep ocean mined in the future soon and irrevocably polluted so the masses can have more tech toys that need these minerals..I still am so surprised there is no uprising..floride?..Prozac?.fear of losing what little one has?...kauai

Willow said...

Yeah, it was a highly symbolic "pants-wearing" trip and all about the resources and strategic control, to be sure.

The water's a big one...and don't forget uranium!

Ruth said...

you should have been here in UK for the wedding, Willow (or rather, be glad you weren't!!)
A day of massive public spending, sentimentalism and vomit-inducing 'traditional British values' as the Cameron government slashed spending on essential public services and Murdoch newspapers continued to spread lies about the 'scrounging' poor and disabled.

The same Murdoch papers are now thoroughly in the sh** due to the phone hacking scandal (very Cardinal Cross, all this....and I think you said something about mercury being involved atm?) and the Murdoch-run Daily Mail ran a cover yesterday of a stick-thin Kate in a white dress alongside the headline 'low fat diets cause cancer'

You couldn't make this stuff up.

Just be glad you're not British, we have to put up with this fawning crap all the time AND PAY FOR IT!!! :-D

Willow said...

Oh, man, I know. You poor bastards.