Friday, April 1, 2011

A Message From Our Starry Brethren at the Galactic Centre

As the North Node in Sagittarius completes its pass over the Galactic Centre, we thank the lower vibrating human beings whose Higher Selves agreed for them to be sacrificed recently in the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan, in the bombings in Libya and in the current waves of starvation on the planet.

We thank the world leaders for acting to bring about the glorious shift currently underway, though the ignorance of the masses protesting their actions makes their job a difficult one.

These sacrifices are necessary to reach the next level of reality on this planet, and all who vibrate at a higher level will be kept safe and separate from them. The planet is being remade harmonically for all those who exist at this higher vibrational level. It is simply the next step in the Evolution of Human Consciousness. Throughout these "housekeeping" changes, keep your attention attuned to the Light. Darkness is illusory and is falling away rapidly. In the end, all paths lead to the glory of Oneness, and in time, even lower vibrating human beings will awake to this Higher Reality and find acceptance of this.

The 3D sacrifice of lower vibrations is pure illusion. Those who have reached the highest spiritual points know this and hold the vibration for those who are yet to understand. We thank all those (lightworkers, darkworkers, rainbowworkers, bridgeworkers) who work so diligently to wake and enlighten human beings who have not yet reached this awareness. You are in service to Light and Oneness and will be rewarded for your efforts, as you sacrifice your own personal comfort by living among lower vibrating human beings for the benefit of their enlightenment process.

There are those who will awaken and make the shift and those who will remain in density. This is up to each individual. The most recent shedding and release of density allows for the Aries New Moon with Mars and Uranus conjunct to propel us into our birthright fifth dimensional reality. We leave the third dimension Earth and its inhabitants behind now along with the problems of the denser-minded human condition. Glorious Day!

Because of the spiritual purity we have now achieved, we are able to attract to us the lives and destinies of our dreams. We are able to manifest our every desire instantly. We will no longer come into contact with anything upsetting or distasteful. There will be no disharmony, no disagreement, no poverty or pollution. There is only Light, Oneness, Harmonic Unity and Fully Manifested Abundance to enjoy and share as we shift into our full destiny with our fellow Enlightened Beings.


Love & Light

APRIL FOOL'S from Willow's Web!


Willow said...

That was kind of scary.

Elaine said...

oh, this is such a treasure! I really appreciate that you have the guts to say what you do. Thanks Willow!

Anonymous said...


the BCth said...

I appreciate your channeling this trickster demon for great justice and epic lulz in the name of the April Fool... but damn, Willow, I didn't know you had it in you! A cookie to the demon for its performance, and I hope you didn't break anything in the process. ;)

wv bender LOL

shannon said...

i started reading this and thought, what the heck happened to our Willow! She's f-ing lost it!
yr a hoot. happy april fool's day!

Willow said...

Definite dark moon in Pisces April Foolery purge!

It really was kind of scary.

Still, I've been laughing my ass off about it all day.

shannon said...

it's hilarious and your wrote it so well!
(that is the scary part! ) :-)

Deb said...

Ha ha ha! Willow, I thought for a second there you had a little too much to drink (just kidding)!

Jeez, talk about thinking you're in the wrong house.

Brilliant. Brilliantly done.

virglibrscorp said...

lol...was incredulous for a bit there Willow.. ;)

Anonymous said...

Whoooooof! I was constantly looking for those quotation marks, thinking you forgot them ... and some last paragraph at the bottom, without those marks :-)

freeforall said...

LOL! Wondered what you had been smoking for a minute there! Then I thought you must have copied/pasted this from some other astrological blog.

Trickster Mercury just into its retrograde, LOL!

Anonymous said...

I love the prankster quality of this post! LOL! Good one, Willow!

Hannibal said...

LOL! I guess you've just pissed off de ascended masters! Maybe that's why you were scared.

Unknown said...

That was at wild as it gets….LOL!

For a second there, I Thought: “I have to re-open my blog immediately!” Thanks BTW for still having me on your blog roll: It’s an honour.

It is still my intension to re-open it again, but I’ve had some rough month’s and am still recovering from a major shoulder injury.

Thanks for giving me one hell of a laugh and totally bringing me back into my centre again on a tricky day.

Love & Light to you too LOL!

Willow said...

Take your time and recover well, Fauve! The astro blogosphere will wait for you. Thanks for the comment and glad it gave you a laugh!

savia said...

Hilarious! I couldn't even read the whole thing because my eyes glazed over from all the new age bullshit. Well done!!

Anonymous said...