Thursday, January 1, 2009

Divine in '09! (??)

My apologies Interweb astro lovers...there's only a very limited January update right now. The mutable squares combined with the conjunctions of the personal planets to Pluto in Capricorn last month coincided with some massive shit-hitting-fan-type scenarios for me. (I'm sure for all of us.) Life (especially work) is demanding 100% of my focus and energy at the moment, and I'm tapped out.

The pre-Christmas jewellery-making frenzy I did at the store where I work caused some wrist problems for me that continue...manifesting, true to form, at the Gemini Full Moon Mutable Grand Cross. So I have to be very careful.

The owner had a mini-stroke at work on Dec. 23 (the day after Sun conjunct Pluto in Capricorn). He was in the hospital all week, and I ran the store by myself over Christmas.

So...exhaustion. I've been pushed past my healthy limits and have to shape up on that front. To find a new balance and work with dignity. That's my hope for all of us this year.

I've written about the Saturn - Uranus oppositions. I've written about Pluto in Capricorn. And I've written about tail-end Pisces heading into Aquarius. These are still the major themes we're dealing with now. (You can search the blog for more info.)

Saturn went retrograde in Virgo Dec. 31, heading to its second opposition with Uranus in Pisces on February 5. Revolutionizing our structures...dissolving what doesn't work anymore.

Mercury goes retrograde January 10.

So we're going back over all this.

We enter January with a stellium of planets in Capricorn (the Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto) and a strong Aquarian presence (the North Node, Mercury, Venus and Neptune).

Jupiter also heads into Aquarius for a year-long stay January 5...increasing consciousness and understanding of the way forward to an egalitarian humanitarian paradigm that works for everyone.

All the planets in Capricorn have been infused with Plutonic energy from their conjunctions to Pluto in December. Hidden (only to some, I might add) dynamics in our power structures/authoritarian hierarchies coming to the surface. (The biggest white collar crime in history going down with taxpayers money being funnelled to strategically chosen banks and businesses being one form.) Pressure building to an explosive point if we don't dig in with that Virgo energy and get things functioning in a more holistically pleasing way. Rebalancing of masculine and feminine.

And as always, we have to be responsible for when/what we assist and when we withdraw our services...Saturn in Virgo will hammer this home. The energy is there only for masterful application of practical service...only what's necessary and most effective. The rest must be let go of...

We must listen to the quiet voice of feminine wisdom...continuing to rush ahead with her advice unheeded will be catastrophic.

For those who are wise, there is a different way forward, and we must take it. The alternative is not a good one. For the rest...continued forcing of the issue. Continued violence and destruction of life. Use of fear and coercion to control other people. You see this on the world stage. The violence predicted in December certainly happened. And it goes all the way back to our personal lives. So now we choose better.

There's a very nice New Moon solar eclipse in Aquarius January 26...also Chinese New Year. This should be a clearing of sorts of the Capricornian issues...and a infusion of new Aquarian energy to bolster our reserves. Looking forward to that!

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