Friday, November 7, 2008

My Scorpionic Spidey Sense Doesn't Register Much Change...

So Saturn and Uranus have completed their first opposition. Obama's been elected Pressie of the U.S. of A. The White Cats are presiding over Mouseland (Tommy Douglas reference). 
And now as Mercury digs in in Scorpio, information starts coming out about who was really elected - outside of the election campaign best face forward and the vote-getting blah blah blah. 
I have to say, watching Obama's acceptance speech, I felt...well...not much. I knew the parts of the speech that were designed to tug at my heart strings and fill my eyes with hopeful tears. But it just didn't happen. I just couldn't quite buy what he was selling. Call me cynical. I think I just keep my eye on the prize. And I know that this man, despite what he says, is not the change I need to see. He doesn't even begin to touch the change I need to see.
I knew from the election campaign that Obama was planning to continue the U.S.' imperialist wars. He reassured American Jews that Israel would continue enjoying its "protection" - ie. use of military might to enforce it's self-declared borders against Palestinians. 
He spoke out about the "threat" that Iran poses to U.S. security and safety. 
He refused to commit to withdrawing troops from Iraq or Afghanistan. 
Basically, I felt it was going to be more of the same: full-scale "War on Terror." With the terrorists being anyone who disagrees with the way the U.S. does things, anyone who disagrees with the New World Order agenda. 
Obama has appointed Israeli citizen Rahm Emmanuel as his Chief of Staff, previously a senior advisor to Bill Clinton. 
From an article by Jerry White: 
"During his run for Congress in 2002, Emmanuel broke ranks with the Democratic congressional delegation from Illinois and supported the authorization of the war against Iraq, explicitly backing President Bush. Rising to the fourth-highest position in the House Democratic leadership, Emmanuel played a key role in the passage of the $700 billion Wall Street bailout. 
Emmanuel has close ties to Israel and is a leading member of the right-wing Democratic Leadership Council, which includes figures such as the Clintons and Senator Joseph Lieberman. He is expected to play a key role in the selection of cabinet appointees, including the Treasury and defense secretaries. These posts are expected to be announced quickly, in order to reassure the markets and the foreign policy and military establishment."
Again...I don't see much change here. 
The election banked on racial tensions, playing the race card to get people believing. But our problems go far beyond race... 
Information is also coming to the surface about tension between McCain's people and Palin's people during the election campaign. 
Apparently, Palin wasn't sure which countries are in NAFTA ("North American Free Trade Agreement" - What countries are in North America, Sarah?) 
She also wasn't sure that Africa was a continent. 
Are you smarter than a fifth grader, Mrs. Palin? 
The thing I found odd was that her evangelical religious beliefs never made any headlines. Obama's religious background sure did, but the fact that Palin aligns herself with an Armageddonist church in Alaska that believes we are heading into "end times" and that Alaska will become a "refuge state" for people fleeing the Armageddon? Not a whiff of it in the mainstream media. 
Anyway, none of this surprises me. 
As I said in the November Astro Perspective, the revolution isn't going to be led by anyone but you and me. It comes from us, and we have to stay true to the course, going only where we know in our guts is the right place to go. And above all...being true to ourselves. 
The revolution will not be televised! :)

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Same feelings over here, I SOOOOOOOOO agree with you!