Monday, August 13, 2018

Dark Moon Podcast #3 - Deconstructing the Cult Mind and Pyramid Scheme Power

I'm happy to announce that Dark Moon Podcast Episode #3 has just hit YouTube. In this podcast, Yerevan and I are joined by Jon Darkly, and we discuss:

"Deconstructing the Cult Mind and Pyramid Scheme Power"

The conversation we had was quite powerful in a quiet and on-the-downlow sort of way (my favourite). Thank-you to Yerevan and Jon for joining me in this podcast, and thank-you to Jon for recording the show after Yerevan and I ran into yet more technical difficulty.  

You can find previous episodes of Dark Moon Podcast here:

Dark Moon #1 (May 15, 2018) - "Uranus Ingresses and Timed War Attacks"

Dark Moon #2 (June 10, 2018) - "Bayer-Monsanto Merger & Plant Communication"


Anonymous said...

I do not have twitter. Took it down. Had an anti-nuclear website, that was attacked and destroyed. I just want to thank you and cecalli helper for your valient efforts at #fukushima. I am glad cecalli got her twityer back. Look at #fukushima these days since what you and cecalli did. There are at least 3 times as many very serios antinuclear posters there now. That includes organic slant. THANKYOU

Willow said...

Oh, I'm really glad to hear that! It was a fun solidarity exercise.

And discovering the only Fukushima concept album during the Tweet Storm was a high point! Check it out, people. By Organic Slant: