Tuesday, April 24, 2018

New Age Windbags Will Be New Age Windbags

Plagiarists and PowerPoint Presentations and Puffed-up Egos, oh my!

I recently discovered a New Age individual who has ripped off my New Age critiques from articles I wrote and posted on the blog in 2009 and 2010.

Not only did this dude-bro use my work without giving acknowledgment, he actually turned it into a personal cash cow, creating a five-hour (!!!) PowerPoint presentation to take on the road in a multi-city lecture circuit in 2013/2014. 

I seriously couldn't make this stuff up if I tried...

To hear this guy preaching about morality and defending the truth in his YouTube videos was quite surreal, as I saw my critiques appear one-by-one on his PowerPoint slides and heard my analysis, albeit in watered-down and co-opted fashion, coming from his mouth. 

This dude has lifted analysis from multiple articles on my blog, including "The Vilification of Virgoan Analysis and Scorpionic Intuition Within the New Age Meme Complex," originally posted on the blog June 1, 2009, and "Time to Beat a Dead Horse! Aquarius and the End of Spiritual Hierarchy," originally posted on the blog March 4, 2009. 

He has drawn from other articles, including New Age Solipsism published May 29, 2009 - an idea from here, a critique from there. He has even used the same (fairly obscure) terminology I used (solipsism, moral relativism, etc.).

I wrote the first two articles for "free" and left them on the blog for the public from 2009 to 2016, when I compiled them into a zine. The articles are still on the blog (now hidden), and I also emailed a copy of them to myself in 2010, so I have proof that these articles were written and published far before his little New Age Rockstar Multi-City Tour.

So I offered my New Age critique to the public for free for seven years and still have many Deconstructing New Age articles available on the blog because I know how important this type of critique is.

And this guy takes that information, that very potent information, my very potent information, and makes a big name for himself with it, traveling around as if he's a big deal, as if he has legitimate things to say to people.

I've written in the past about Big Name Astrologers using the work of ghost writers and ghost readers to bolster their own bloated public personas and platforms.

This would be an example of that. A guy with a pretty big idea of himself stealing my work, my energy, my perspective, and feeling he will get away with it because he's more popular than I am. 

(Remember, kids: what's popular is rarely true; what's true is rarely popular.)

For all the people who shelled out good money to hear this guy regurgitating my critiques in NewAgeSpeak for five straight hours, my sincere apologies! 

You could have learned the real information in my zine (and on my blog) in 10 minutes from the comforts of your own home.

If you really want to assist the truth in coming out, buy the zine from the original author of the articles, from the real New Age critic who has been doing this down-and-dirty work, almost entirely for "free," for 13 years now. Don't shell out good money or God forbid even travel to hear this yahoo or yahoos like him regurgitate stolen and co-opted information.

This guy is not a real New Age critic. He's New Age himself. There are many ways to tell: his speech, his guru-sized ego, his "expanding consciousness/Higher Consciousness" ideology, the way he capitalizes random words that don't need to be capitalized.

But the biggest tell is that for every critique he (I) made, he added a "New Age Correction."

A true New Age critic knows that there is no "correcting" this system of heinous mind control. There is no reforming it around the edges. There is only the repeated exposing of it and the gradual elimination of its influence.

I've been stolen from before, including by a Big Name New Ager (part one and part two) and by a previous patron, and I've called it out when I've come across it. 

The stealing of creative work is rampant on this here interwebs, and we have to call this stuff out when we can. There are some dirty, dirty, dirty things going on, like a New Age dude-bro making fat cash and a fat name for himself on Willow's Web Astrology work.

That won't stand. 

"There is hardly any mental misery worse than that of having our own serious phrases, our own rooted beliefs, caricatured by a charlatan or a hireling."

- George Eliot/Mary Anne Evans

I wrote the following article after a run-in with a Big Name Astrologer with New Age tendencies who will remain nameless. It's still true today and will be true every day I'm on this Earth: My Black Moon Lilith in Leo Would Like to Say Something...


Anonymous said...

I hope he doesn't get away with it. Grrrrr.
Unfortunately, a lot of frauds in the 'spiritual' field. I don't trust about 40% of them, at least. For reasons, the spiritual field attracts people with personality disorders, a lot.
I hope the guy gets some kind of universal punishment for it.

Anonymous said...

What an asshole. Why some people will spend more time stealing than doing their own work, is beyond me.

Sheila Grace said...

Huh, quick scan of promotional marketing says; smarmy self appointed SJ (meyers-briggs) gate keeper of 'morality' with all the attendant CV requisites; memberships, clubs, groups, books, tours, presentations. More like gee who paid the way for globe hopping in the name of geology?
Another New Age 'presenter' and gate keeper for those who want to save the Earth and eat her too - and don't forget to cherry pick spirituality and reinvent one's self after finishing up a tour that looks more like an economic hit man CV. As we approach the limits to growth, and, err, decline in FF and thus the shiny Industrial Revolution, the seller's of plagiarized spiritual snake oil will probably increase as pablum for the frightened non-critical thinkers. The "thaumaturgists-for-hire" are nothing new in the quest for directing herd thinking - and I'll credit that quote to John M. Greer

nancy said...

Sorry this happened to you. Takes a lot of hubris to do that and some people really do excel at having it!

Willow said...

Thanks, nancy.

And thanks for the support, commenters.