Sunday, December 7, 2014

An Alex Jones Co. Rat is Sniffed Out in Ferguson, Missouri

Video has been released on YouTube of a Ferguson, Missouri resident heckling a "reporter" for Alex Jones. It can be viewed here.

Alex Jones and crew are currently working the "Darren Wilson self-defense" angle very hard, brainwashing their followers into believing that deadly force was warranted in the killing of 18-year-old, unarmed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri in August 2014.

From a previous post:

"Michael Brown was gunned down by police officer Darren Wilson. Wilson shot to kill, firing six shots into the unarmed boy's body with the sixth and final shot through the head. Wilson committed murder, and now he is getting away with it. These are the facts, no matter how they are being justified by middle-class white people, by controlled opposition agents like Alex Jones, or by anyone who prefers to live in ignorance of what's really going on on this planet."

The heckling of the Alex Jones "reporter" appears to have occurred around November 25, the day communication-and-media planet Mercury formed a smoking-hot conjunction to Saturn in Scorpio.

Mercury conjunct Saturn in Scorpio: outing embedded fakes and manipulators in media establishments.

The rats are officially being sniffed out, and this particularly involves embedded, undercover rats (Scorpio) in pseudo-alternative media (Mercury). 

At the time of the heckling, we were just coming out of a zero-degree Sagittarius New Moon on November 22, opening a 28-day cycle related to the surfacing of new and hard-won truth, guided by emotions and intuition as much as anything else.

As Alex Jones and Crew tout themselves as "Truthtellers (TM)," the outing of these individuals is particularly apropos for this Sagittarius-coloured lunar cycle. Sagittarius is the zodiac sign most often associated with truth and the speaking of truth.

The influence of Mercury conjunct Saturn in Scorpio at the time of the Sagittarius New Moon indicated that some digging beneath the surface and some outing of underlying motivations/allegiances were required in order to work the real truth up to the surface.

I wrote about the controlled opposition operative that is Alex Jones and Crew in this article from May 15, 2014: Anarcho-Capitalism is a Fraud

Alex Jones and Crew call themselves "libertarian capitalists," you see. They tout the all-knowing, all-powerful "free market" as the solution to all humanity's ills.

All we need to do is get rid of government, they say, and business will take care of the rest, creating a utopia of freedom and plenty for all.


As capitalists, Alex Jones and Crew are fans of unequal power dynamics. This is how capitalism works. They're fans of a system where a few people are owners and the rest of us work for them, under their rules.

From the previous post:

"Capitalism is based on a system of inherent inequality where one group (the owners/capital-holders) profit from the labour of another group (the workers/capital-deficient)...also referred to as the bourgeoisie and the proletariat.

Most often, the bourgeoisie own the businesses because they have increased access to capital and resources. This is why they are able to be in the position of business owners rather than labourers.

Capitalism is based on a money system, and that is inherently coercive. Some people will have increased power and liberty over others simply because they have more money/resources or more access to money/resources.

People will also be doing things they wouldn't naturally do simply because this is how they have to make money to survive...

In a capitalist system, labourers can be (and are) directed to engage in tremendously destructive practises simply because this is the will of the owner, this is the practise of the business, and this is how they earn their daily bread. Activities that have a negative human, social, or community value can have a very high dollar value...

On the other hand, there are many crucial forms of work that are not considered economically viable or important under a capitalist system. If it doesn't make money, it is considered less valuable. It's as simple as that. This, too, does not address the problematic under-valuing of certain types of "hidden" labour (including service work, cooking, cleaning, sewing, childcare, elder care, spiritual support work, community-building, therapeutic services, energy work, and many forms of traditionally female work). The capitalist system does not address the idea that not all things of value can have a dollar amount applied to them.

In a capitalist system, workers are operating, ultimately, under the will of the owners, not under their own wills, supreme and sovereign...

The owners capitalize (earn profits) on the labour of the workers. The goal of most capitalists is to not have to do a whole hell of a lot but to have the profits rolling in - profits they earn simply by directing and controlling the labour and efforts of the proletariat.

The owners control the activities of the business through right of ownership, which means the workers have less of a say in decisions that directly affect them. Workers are forced to take a stronger interest in the lives and opinions of the owners than vice versa. Workers are forced to support the goals of the owners even if it is not in their own best interests to do so. Workers have to follow the orders and direction of the owners, rather than being self-directed...

Unemployment is built right into the capitalist system - it's the right of the owners to hire and fire at will...

This is the case unless all citizens have equal access to capital and resources, and that just isn't a tenet of the capitalist system. Only some people are owners. That's how it works...

There is no such thing as a "free" capitalist market, as all capitalist markets will be manipulated by people who have the resources to manipulate them.

Injustice, cruelty, and a dog-eat-dog mentality are all fine and dandy in a capitalist system - as long as these things can be capitalized on. Capitalizing on the "weaknesses" or disadvantages of your competitors is also built right into the capitalist system and is just "good business sense."   

As capitalists, Alex Jones and Crew are big fans of private property rights. And in order for the owners to protect their vastly more valuable property from the disenfranchised workers labouring increasingly for subsistence or below-subsistence wages, they need a violent police force on their side.

So you see, Alex Jones and Crew, as proponents of a capitalist system based on money, private property ownership, and unequal power dynamics, have a vested interest in police officers like Darren Wilson being allowed to use deadly force in cases where it is not warranted, including in situations related to property crime.

Because black people in the United States, coming out of a brutal, subjugated history as slaves in that country, are proportionally more likely to be poor and to lack capital and resources, Alex Jones and Crew have a vested interest in police being allowed to use deadly force in that particular community.

This is why Alex Jones and Crew reinforce the rights of police to use deadly force in situations where it is not warranted. They are attempting to normalize police murders and brutality against the people so that the general public will come to accept it as "business as usual."

As poverty and unemployment increase - again, built right into the current system - police will be allowed to use increasingly brutal and deadly force against desperate people trying to survive. This protects the interests of the wealthy "elites" over the interests of the public, struggling for survival. 

This is why Alex Jones and Crew, along with mainstream media outlets, put so much emphasis on the looting and property crime that occurred in Ferguson, Missouri, distracting from the real issues, including murder by police and systemic poverty.

Alex Jones and Crew tout themselves as Truthtellers (TM), but like all gatekeepers and controlled opposition agents, they surround their kernels of truth with a controlling, manipulative, and pro-establishment agenda.

Just a spoonful of truth helps the controlled opposition agenda go down.

Do not be fooled, like so many millions of others have, by these controlled opposition agents of Big Business and the establishment elite.

Their messages are laced with poison. Their agenda is not in your best interests.

Expose these rats, repeatedly, and you free the minds of millions of their mesmerized followers.

The zero-degree Sagittarius New Moon cycle related to the surfacing of new and hard-won truth continues into the zero-degree Capricorn New Moon at solstice on December 21.


Jason said...

"Do not be fooled, like so many millions of others have" I can't be anymore since I am a devout Willow's Webidian. I was fooled, but thankful Aqua's dont stay that way for long... lol.

Willow said...

I wish my ex-bf would have listened to me. Instead, he fell for Alex & Co. hook, line, and sinker and tried to convince me that I should be more like AJ so I could get more readers.


Not. Going. To. Happen.

whowanstoCknOW said...

what's really scary is that Alex Jones could easily have a good shot at running for president during the Pluto in Aquarius years when Pluto goes over his Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius. (He'll be in his 50s by then) the worst the economy gets the more disaffected, alienated young men there are, the more power AJC accrues.

Willow said...

Let's just call that the worst case/nightmare scenario for Pluto in Aquarius...and hope it does not come to pass.

Jason said...

Yea my ego is not so wrapped up that I cannot admit being wrong, a fool is not such a bad thing. Even in the Tarot he is looked upon with a childlike revere,

People doing the fooling on the other hand, are.

Dirk Diggler said...

it's a shame bc if I remember correctly at one pt Alex Jones was doing good work exposing military lies and the whole DU debacle -- that was like 5 years ago when we were actively looking into all that but a lot can shift in 5 years -- but even back then he showed his free market slant though thru his baiting of Michael Moore (who himself isnt'a huge saint but still, the way it was done was typical wing nuttery in action)

Wow I didn't know that story re the ex BF and AJ. WHen was that?

Willow said...

That's pretty much how controlled opposition works. They expose certain issues and tell certain truths - it's just that they don't ever really expose the full roots and they also wrap their own dirty agenda up with it. (ie. "free market" capitalism and also anti-feminism, a push for the "traditional nuclear family" and traditional gender roles, stuff like that.)

I'm sure AJ started out legit but at some point, they got to him or he got mixed up with some manipulative forces. And now he is full-on "one of them," there's no doubt in my mind.

The ex-bf started being brainwashed by AJ and also another "philosopher" who works with AJ about a year or so ago. Now, he is spouting full-on AJ-promoted propaganda. You can really pick up on the underlying message being promoted by having a convo with him...very misogynistic and "free market rules" stuff.

Dirk Diggler said...

it's really becoming crystallized to me that the biggest obstacle to consciousness raising and true social justice is any measurable level of external success (damn that 10th house anyhow!) It all becomes corroded - I just simply see no way around it. Either thru having to make concessions with existing power structures, or psychological weakness (all too human, alas) that leads one to 'sell out' or become damaged in some way, etc etc. it seems the only way ahead is to remain unknown, underground. On the other hand that means scant resources and highly diminished ability to have influence/change things, etc. A conundrum.

I know not one person, not one, who has maintained their fire & integrity after having reached the level of success necessary to really make a large scale social impact. NOt one. I challenge anyone to name one

Willow said...


Willow said...

Though I do think underground people influence the right people, so to speak. What appears to be a small amount of influence on the surface is actually a huge catalyzing influence (underlying it all) for necessary change.

If you influence and bolster the real movers and shakers, under the facade level, you are really doing something powerful.

That's why I keep going, despite the difficulty.

Well, that, and I don't really have a choice. ha.

I love the underground, the anarchists, the punks, the people who spit in the face of it all and stay true no matter what.

I love the hardcores.

I wouldn't want to be popular, at this point. It wouldn't be me. It would be exhausting trying to pretend I care about the pointless crap most people care about.

Willow said...

I read somewhere a long time ago that the "establishment elite" had divided into two groups that are now battling each other for control/supremacy.

One group wants massive depopulation (ie. is trying to kill humans off en masse).

The other group doesn't want to kill everybody off, it just wants to control everybody.

I'd say Alex Jones is in cahoots with the second group.

Anonymous said...

8/9 times out of 10 people who say they're "for the free market!" is code for "these bitches need to shut up and get back where they belong in the back of the bus"

(excuse my language)