Friday, July 16, 2010

Post-Eclipse Emotional Backdrop Transformations and What the Crab Can No Longer Deny

We're on the other side of the third set of eclipses on the Cancer/Capricorn polarity, which began in the Summer of 2009, and our underlying foundational emotional realities have officially shifted. What it means to call this planet home (however temporarily we call it that) has shifted.

Previously held safe havens - both physical and emotional - have evaporated into thin air. Bulldozed unceremoniously. Razed to the ground or poisoned beyond the point of being habitable.

With the Sun in late Cancer, we can see quite clearly (for those who wish to look) that the complete transformation of the energy of that sign is deeply underway, acted upon relentlessly by the unearthing of stark collective realities from the other end of the spectrum and Pluto in Capricorn.

As a Scorpio stellium in the 4th house, life taught me up to now that no matter what hell scenes existed around me and no matter how tumultuous my emotional reactions to those scenes, there was a safe haven deep inside me that was always there. I was always connected to it and all I had to do was go inside to feel it, know it. To know that I was connected to something much bigger than this single life on this planet.

And then I was slipped poison by the Nazis at Big Pharma. They penetrated that safe haven and attacked right to the core, right to that safe place where I could previously calm and still myself. And that place was turned into a nightmarish hell zone, reflecting exactly what was and is going on externally all over this planet.

This scene, I think, is indicative of a broader process going on. As Pluto razes and (hopefully) resurrects our entire structural reality on this planet over the next decade-and-a-half, the opposite sign of Cancer is inextricably linked to that process and will come out of the Plutonic alchemical fires no less changed.

The crab can only retreat so far - its natural inclination. At the point that the external threat penetrates it's shell, it's home, it's body, it's self, it must take action. Cancer is a cardinal sign after all. But a security-clinging cardinal sign. A sign that must be poked and prodded into action in a lot of ways. A sign that seems to only take action when it is absolutely forced to.

And its lack of action up until this point has been fully complicit with the horrors being wrought by the corrupt power structures around this planet.

Socially privileged parents living in safe, little bubbles. Believing, falsely, that the very act of producing their precious offspring warrants them safety and security somehow above and beyond the other members of this planet.

Maintaining the false understanding that the soldiers, the police, the governments, the rules, the banks, the money are "keeping them and their's safe." Protecting the sanctity of these nuclear family bubbles. Feathering the nests. Their Cancerian shells.

Or maybe not truly believing that, but going along with it all the same.

Happy to paint pictures with the kids, make mud pies in the yard, to shut out any unpleasantness, to keep it "out there."

While soldiers are killing, irradiating, and destroying the families of people in other parts of the world. Keeping them safe. While soldiers themselves are being killed, irradiated, destroyed "keeping them safe."

While more than 1,000 peaceful demonstrators in Toronto are brutalized, strip searched, strangled, mocked, threatened, tossed into unmarked vans and illegally detained by police for hours on end. Cordoned off by police officers and then illegally forced to provide identification and have their bags searched in order to leave the area. Lied to by police and city officials about supposed new rules that allow these breaches of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The "protected" obediently train their eyes on agents provocateur on the payroll to break windows and stage violence and light purposefully abandoned police cars on fire. They snuggle in with the kiddies in front of the telly as martial law "keeps them safe." They watch United States Marine Corps helicopters flying over Canadian airspace and feel all warm and fuzzy that they're being taken care of on all fronts.

Separating themselves from the mothers and fathers and grandmothers and grandfathers peacefully protesting the murderous tyranny of the world governments.

Separating themselves from the mothers giving birth to children deformed from exposure to depleted uranium or Agent Orange or any number of chemical weapons. Even when it's mothers in their own country. That's them. This is us.

Driving SUVs to and from soccer practises, art lessons, play dates, all the while cluck clucking and tsk tsking about what's going on in the Gulf.

Filling swimming pools and watering lawns to outdo neighbours and golfing every Saturday. While three billion people don't have enough clean water to drink to keep themselves healthy. While Palestinians are slowly being tortured by thirst.

Doesn't matter what Daddy (or Mummy) does from 9 to 5 every day as long as there is money to support this (slowly rotting) dream. Mortgage scams, Ponzi schemes, poisonous oil regimes, toxic pharmaceuticals companies, crooked stock markets. Doesn't matter who the employer is as long as the income keeps streaming in. No questions asked. As long as they get their two days off per week in their little bubbles, it doesn't matter a good Goddamn what goes on the other five days.

So very separated, so very detached. That's them. This is us.

A false protection offered them on a silver platter through the destruction of the sanctity of browner, blacker, poorer families all around the world.

The false Cancerian world of precious pure white babies, birthday parties with bouncy castles, designer strollers filled with bored-looking toddlers.

We all know Johnson & Johnson as the baby corporation. What most people probably don't know is that it produces the most heinous and toxic fluoroquinolone antibiotic, Levaquin. This drug has destroyed the lives of thousands of people now struggling to recover from complete systemic poisoning.

And yet, the mothers on the advertisements keep smiling down on their lovely little tots, scrubbed clean with No More Tears shampoo and Head-to-Toe baby wash.

No one can scrub this shit clean.

Toxic rains are being reported in Ohio and Tennessee and Miami.

Our home has been penetrated. Our Earth. Our selves.

It seems to me we should have moved on long ago. To the new spaces that full awareness bring. But the clinging, the holding, the denial has stopped us from that.

There is only so far Cancerian denial can take us. We're at the Do Not Pass Go point.

The natural inclinations, the natural rhythms have been purposefully, poisonously disrupted. Weather patterns are being manipulated and so are the underlying energetic patterns related to being a natural human being.

To continue as if nothing is amiss at this point becomes more and more insane.

We see the fishermen of the Gulf coast trying to keep their life rhythms, the only rhythms they've ever known. The rhythms ingrained through generations. And the farmers attempt the same thing.

We see Gulf fishermen going out to sea now, allowing themselves to be employed by devils who have destroyed their ways of life. And they're getting sick. Just as the clean-up crews of the Exxon Valdez spill got sick. Many later died.

BP has denied the clean-up workers respirators or full protective gear as it would be bad for PR. Ha. Add this to their crimes against humanity, just as the conspirators and perpetrators of 9/11 can add the sickness and deaths of thousands of rescue workers who breathed in toxic dust in New York City to their list.

And then there is the long-term social deterioration. The divorces, bankruptcies, suicides. Just ask the people along Prince William Sound, Alaska. Twenty-one years later, they are still bearing the brunt of it.

The rhythms are rapidly, unnaturally changing, and we must be aware of the full extent of it.

There's a deep primal knowledge trying to surface. We have to dig way down to find it. It's the thinnest of threads at this point, dragging us out of the muck but only if we hang on for dear life and follow its lead to a tee.

Accepting this mess is not easy - especially for those who have worked their entire lives to try to head this off. We didn't. We couldn't. And now we have to remember Plan B. We have to remember why we agreed to be here for this, what our end of the deal is. And complete it.


Anonymous said...

Governments and corporations, so sickened by greed and power cannot help. The collective power of individuals can and it is for us to reclaim our power. This is happening on all levels ...revolving...from the bottom up.
My dog died this week and I had a dream as she went on her journey. I was deep beneath the earth and scared until I saw this great flowing river of gold - Lulungwa Mangakatsi - so beautiful. I thought of Pluto and the treasures that lie in the darkness.
Thank you for your article.

Anon said...

“And its lack of action up until this point has been fully complicit with the horrors being wrought by the corrupt power structures around this planet.” That is true...

“Separating themselves from the mothers giving birth to children deformed from exposure to depleted uranium” Well, let me say that there is an Italian scholar, **Emilio Del Giudice**, that openly exposed his searches about the so-called “depleted uranium” which, from his searches, derives froma reaction due to cold fusion badly focued on military goals...
Make a search about him...

“Driving SUVs to and from soccer practises, art lessons, play dates, all the while cluck clucking and tsk tsking about what's going on in the Gulf.”
Well, fof how long will we be hearing this song, this “let us close our eyes and make that never has happened”, but I do not think it can last much time still...

msfullroller said...

Willow, you such and awesome, straight no chaser way with words. It's funny that on Skywriter's blog, she did a post a few days ago asking why Cancer is not a popular sign. Your post lays out exactly what I was trying to say in my reply to that post.

Sis, thank you again for this blog. I want you to not forget that you are much much appreciated. I don't always comment because many times I don't know what to say but I read every single post.

J in Ohio said...

I had been worried about oil and corexit evaporating into the atmosphere and coming down as toxic rain since this disaster began, but I had no idea it had already made it into Ohio (Cincinnati area). Watching that YouTube video you posted makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. It's one thing to know about something being in the works, but it is something else entirely when it happens, and hits home. Seeing that video makes me realize that there really isn't any escaping it, even though I was already aware of what was happening.

The problem, Willow, as you so beautifully described it is those people who aren't even there yet, who don't even comprehend the magnitude of our situation. They don't know, and worse, they don't WANT to know. That, unfortunately is a long standing issue in this Cancer Sun nation. Ignorance is bliss on both the personal and international level, a fantasy which the US has been able to maintain for so long, thanks largely in part due to geography-- bordered by two massive oceans and a sympathetic Cancerian Sun nation to the north (and a Capricorn Sun nation figuratively and literally under our boot to the south)--safely ensconced within a giant geographic "shell" of sorts and protected from that wretched world and all those poor and dirty brown people on the outside.

I'm not sure what precisely it will take to rock this country out of its shell, but I would guess, as you suggested, that the oceans ceasing to be our protection and in turn becoming a purveyor of death and destruction may finally do the ultimate trick.

Willow said...

J, there isn't a conclusive link between the Corexit and the rain in Ohio, as far as I know. It's still possible it's coming from another source. I do find it chilling that all three of those videos show similar powdery residue and holes burned into the plants.

Yes, the levels of complacency and willful ignorance in my own Cancer Sun nation are truly beyond belief. The Cancerian denial - so amazingly difficult to get past that shell. Thanks for describing it in your comment so well.

Anonymous said...

So,lonely traveller,finally we meet at the end of the extra mile. There is a hint of suspicion in your gaze.I cast my eyes downwards,bow my head a little.Tears well up from my cold heart.A teardrop falls to the ground from my left cheek,then another from the right. As I lift my eyes,a smile begins to form in the corners of your mouth.We are good now.

sevensistersastrology said...

This post hit me so hard emotionally....that it made me cry.

Willow said...

I'm sorry. :-(

It was kind of a crapola one to write, also. I'm always on the Plutonic side of things, so there are balancing aspects to this, for sure.

But yeah. This is Pluto stripping things bare, I think. It really is a little harsh.

Willow said...


Pam G said...

Thanks for helping people get out of denial by pulling all this shit together. That's what needed on a mass consciousness level to change the paradigm. Brady sez it took the Holocaust and atomic bombing of Japan to realize that we never want to go there again. Maybe all this shit is just what we need to upend the business and economic system, including the dependence on oil and fossil fuels. Saturn ingress into Libra might also restroe some cooperation. Hope helps!

sevensistersastrology said...

It was harsh...but harsh is exactly what we all need to wake up into reality.

I know about the plutonian side of things too...with my Scorp. moon and venus in 8th opposite pluto...ugh