Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Conspiracy Theorist? Do the Research

I'd like to throw a little disclaimer down here that I'm not a conspiracy theorist. In fact, that's a term used to discredit people who have questions and information that threaten the status quo, so I dislike it being used in reference to me quite intensely.

Nothing I present on this blog remains in the realm of conspiracy theory. Anyone can do the research into any of the subjects presented here and will find them to be quite well-known and well-documented. Not within the mainstream, sure. But that's really beside the point. The mainstream has never been well-informed, as far as I can surmise. (And not purely through fault of its own...)

In actual fact, though, subjects like the Bilderberg Group and the so-called "elites" have often made it into the mainstream media of late...

Reality is stranger than fiction. I couldn't make this shit up.


Anonymous said...

Willow, I totally agree. Most people wimp out of doing research, which is natural to Scorpios.

Most people are too friggin' lazy to read, research, and form their own opinions.

Anyone who takes the time to dig around will find the backup for your subjects and may even educate themselves in the process!

Willow said...

Thanks for your comment.

I think the problem is that a lot of this information is tightly controlled and most is even actively kept from people. So yes, the information that is actually dug up is not the entire story. It's the aspects of the situations that people are able to uncover. But it's enough to disprove the official line in most cases and warrant further investigation.

So yeah...writing these subjects off as "conspiracy theory" really bugs me, and I really resent being referred to as a conspiracy theorist. :(

Anonymous said...

'conspiracy theorist' - yet another elite/very aware - wannabe phrase! Sure doesn't seem to be a lack of the like - to oh so subtly? keep the crazee goin'!

How about coinin' a few for souls that burn to live an authentic, keenly aware life!?

Willow said...

Now that I could get behind!

We drastically need some new terms here!

Jeannette said...

How about Aware ;)

Andygrrrl said...

erm...is this a reference to me?

If so, my apologies. I was mostly just tossing off a post and being thoughtless.

If not, well, still. My bad.

The funny thing is, it's not even that I disagree with you. I'm pretty sure most people would apply the "conspiracy theorist" label to me as well, if they could see inside my head. It's just I had this roommate who thought Dick Cheney was a Reptiloid and that the flu was the government practicing chemical warfare on its citizens...yeah. Bad experience. So I get a bit twitchy whenever these kind of discussions occur, even as I'm agreeing with people.

Still, it's no excuse for being insulting. I'm sorry. FWIW, I've found your blog incredibly helpful in deepening my understanding of astrology.

freeforall said...

Anonymous July 7th, 9:22 pm

Don't mean to be contentious, but why do we need labels at all? Categorizing (labelling) kills curiosity, as we can simply ignore people after we label them and stick them in a pigeonhole.

As a Scorp, I laugh my head off at people who label me, because just when they think they have me pegged, I do something that totally unconventional that disrupts their categorization of me. It's great fun actually! It also helps that I have Sun, Mercury, and Neptune square a 10th-house Uranus. I would not trade this glorious aspect for anything.

My best recommendation is to laugh at the labels. Such a cheap shortcut to understanding an individual! The last retreat of the truly lazy and apathetic. Pity them, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Conspiracy shouldn't be a theory or something that only a 'loonie' can point out. It is, in fact, a reality which occurs every time someone - or a group of someone's commits a crime or attempts to cover one up, or supress some information of some kind.

I particularly admire the 'lunacy' of the US Government's 9/11 conspiracy theory. One which we all know and 'love' and tends to have enough holes to compete with a seive.

Of course, the Government are not lunatics, are they? That makes them.... ah, well... hmmm.

Willow said...

Yes, that's true...it's more how the term "conspiracy theorist" is used than the term itself. The tone and context...

It brings up the same feeling for me as the term "rants," which I also dislike immensely.

Both these terms are often used to subtly discredit/undermine people who are bringing up things the collective would prefer not to deal with. Or as a sort of apologist stance from the person him/herself.

"Oh, she's one of THOSE!" [wink, wink]

How we use language is very powerful...and very subtle. Which is why I'm pretty vigilant on this front...

Anonymous said...

YOU AMAZE ME. THE only astrologer who talks about this shit. I say the same thing! WHY would I make this up. U think I WANT to ppl 2 think I'm crazy!!! Lol!